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Hitlist - Titles w/subject : X153000

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  1. Annual Report of the Planning Board Peak District National Park (1953-1981)
ISSN: X780271539
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  2. Annual Report to the Committee of Free Public Museums of the City of Liverpool (1853-1959)
ISSN: X780233696
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  3. Annual Report to the Libraries Museums & Arts Committee City of Liverpool (1960-970)
ISSN: X780234773
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  4. Bradford Scientific Journal (1904-1912)
ISSN: X78029945X
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  5. Halifax Naturalist (1896-1904)
ISSN: X780290371
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  6. Journal Liverpool Geological Association (1880-19)
ISSN: X780248855
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  7. Journal Manchester Geological Association (1927-1950)
ISSN: X78024888X
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  8. Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society (1885-196)
ISSN: X780248871
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  9. Liverpool and Manchester Geological Journal (1952-1963)
ISSN: X780347659
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  10. Memoirs & Proceedings of the Manchester Literary & Philosophical Society (1785-)
ISSN: X780322788
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  11. Museum Handbooks Manchester Museum Owens College (18 -19)
ISSN: X780254006
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  12. Newsletter Peak District Mines Historical Society Ltd (1975-)
ISSN: X780223194
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  13. North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies (1961-1986)
ISSN: X780223232
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  14. Notes from the Manchester Museum (1896-1937)
ISSN: X780255339
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  15. Proceedings of the Liverpool Geological Association New Series (1903-1910)
ISSN: X780257560
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  16. Proceedings of the Liverpool Geological Society (1860-1951)
ISSN: X780257579
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  17. Staffordshire Studies (1988-)
ISSN: 09501630
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  18. Transactions Liverpool Geological Association (1880-1890)
ISSN: X780268325
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  19. Transactions of the Chesterfield and Derbyshire Institute of Mining Civil and Mechanical Engineers (187 -189)
ISSN: X780268058
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  20. Transactions of the Leeds Geological Association (1883-1968)
ISSN: X780268317
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