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Hitlist - Titles w/subject : Dolerite

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Reserve a copy 1. Chemical characteristics of the Thinhope Burn Sill in the north-west Alston Block : British Geological Survey report WP/91/005 (1991)
Bateson, J.H.; Roberts, P.D.; British Geological Survey
ISBN: X780670107
Copies: 3
Bateson, J.H. (J. Howard (BGS) (Author)WP/91/005Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. Composition of a dolerite dyke, Mingulay, Outer Hebrides : [correspondence] : Mineralogical Magazine 37(287) 1969 p.427-428
Bowes, D.R.; Hopgood, A.M.
ISBN: X78104580X
Copies: 1
Bowes, D.R. (Author)00329Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. The dolerite isles of the north Minch : Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 56(30) 1931 p.753-766
Walker, F.
ISBN: X781047543
Copies: 1
Walker, F. (Frederick), 1898-1968 (Author)01130Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  4. Early-middle Jurassic dolerite dykes from western Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica) : identifying mantle sources in the Karoo large igneous province
Riley, T.R.; Leat, P.T.; Curtis, M.L.; Millar, I.L.; Duncan, R.A.; Fazel, A.
In: In: Journal of Petrology Vol. 46 pt/no 7 (2005) p 1489-1524, p 1489-1524
Riley, T.R. (Teal R.) (Author)00264Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
  5. Emplacement mechanism of the Great Whin and Midland Valley dolerite sills
Goulty, N.R.
In: Journal of the Geological Society of London Vol. 162 pt/no 6 (2005) p. 1047-1056, p. 1047-1056
Goulty, N.R. (Author)00565Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  6. Hydrothermal alteration of dolerite wallrock within the Ible Sill, Derbyshire : Mercian Geologist 9, (1), 1983 41-48,[1]leaf of plates : ill,map
Walters, S.G.; Ineson, P.R.
In: Mercian Geologist, vol.9 No.1, p41-48
Walters, S.G. (Author)00322Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  7. Late magmatism of the Galway granite batholith : 2 : composite dolerite-rhyolite dikes
Mohr, P.
In: In: Irish Journal of Earth Sciences Vol. 22 (2004) p 15-32, p 15-32
Mohr, P. (Paul) (Author)01260Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 8. Nephelin in dolerit am kazzenbukkel (1822)
Leonhard, K.C.V.; Gmelin, H.
Copies: 1
Leonhard, K.C.V. (K. C. von), 1779-1862 (Author)409-ABooks/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 9. The petrochemistry of rocks of the Lizard complex, Cornwall : an examination of the proposed ophiolitic nature of the complex (1979)
Kirby, G.A.
ISBN: X780693972
Copies: 3
Kirby, G.A. (Gary A. (BGS 1978-2013) (Author)552.31(423.7)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 10. The petrography of the late Carboniferous quartz-dolerite and tholeiite dykes of the Perth and Dundee district (1:50000 sheets 48W, 48E and 49) : British Geological Survey report WG/PS/84/5032 (1984)
Stephenson, D.; British Geological Survey
Copies: 1
Stephenson, D. (David (BGS 1976-2011) (Author)WG/PS/84/5032Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
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