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Hitlist - Titles w/subject : Maastrichtian

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  1. Abrupt deep-sea warming at the end of the Cretaceous
Li, L.; Keller, G.
In: Geology, 26, No. 11, 995-998
Li, L. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. Ananchytes (Holaster) pilula
Forbes, E.
In: Memoirs (Palaeontology) of the Geological Survey of UK: Figures & Descriptions of British Organic Remains Decades, Figures and descriptions illustrative of British organic remains, Decade 4 (Echinodermata of the order Echinoidea)
Forbes, E. (Edward (BGS), 1815-1854 (Author)90062Survey book (SART)Add To Basket
  3. Bioturbation, inoceramid extinction, and mid-Maastrichtian ecological change
MacLeod, K.G.
In: Geology, 22, No. 2, 139-142
MacLeod, K.G. (Author)564.1ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Late Cretaceous and Danian neoselachians from southern Sweden (1993)
Siverson, M.
ISBN: 9186746103
Copies: 1
Siverson, M. (Author)04163Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  5. Late Cretaceous stratigraphy and sedimentology of Cape Lamb, Vega Island, Antarctica : Cretaceous Research 12 1991 p227-258
Pirrie, D.; Crame, J.A.; Riding, J.B.
In: Cretaceous research (BGS), Cretaceous Research Vol. 12
Pirrie, D. (Author)00122/3Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
  6. Late Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Admiralty Sound region, James Ross Basin, Antarctica
Pirrie, D.; Crame, J.A.; Lomas, S.A.; Riding, J.B.
Pirrie, D. (Author)BGS Staff Paper 02879Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 7. The Maastrichtian in Norfolk : Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk (40)1991 p33-51
Whittlesea, P.S.
ISBN: X780646133
Copies: 1
Whittlesea, P.S. (Paul S.) (Author)00182Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 8. Mineralogical alteration by hyperalkaline groundwater in northern Jordan : IN: Water-rock interaction 2001; Swets & Zeitlinger; p1347-1350 (2001)
Milodowski, A.E.; Hyslop, E.K.
Copies: 1
Milodowski, A.E. (Antoni E. (BGS 1981-2016) (Author)BGS Staff Paper 03566Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  9. North Atlantic warming during global cooling at the end of the Cretaceous
MacLeod, K.G.; Huber, B.T.; ISAZA-LONDONO, C.
In: Geology, 33, No. 6, 437-440
MacLeod, K.G. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. Paleoecological implications of Alaskan terrestrial vertebrate fauna in latest Cretaceous time at high paleolatitudes
In: Geology, 21, No. 6, 503-506
CLEMENS, W.A. (Author)56:574ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Revision of serpulids of the genus Rotularia (Annelida) at Seymour Island (Antarctic Peninsula) and their value in stratigraphy
Macellari, C.E.
In: Journal of Paleontology, 58, No. 4, 1098-1116
Macellari, C.E. (Author)565.142.271ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. Some new observations on the Maestrichtian stage in the British Isles
Wood, C.J.; Institute of Geological Sciences
In: Bulletin of the Geological Survey of GB no.27 1967 p.271-288, p.271-288
Wood, C.J. (Christopher J. (BGS) (Author)90015Survey report (SART)Add To Basket
  13. Uppermost Campanian-Maestrichtian strontium isotopic, biostratigraphic, and sequence stratigraphic framework of the New Jersey Coastal Plain
In: Geological Society of America Bulletin, 107, No. 1, 19-37
SUGARMAN, P.J. (Author)551.763ArticleAdd To Basket
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