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Hitlist - Titles w/subject : Caverns

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Reserve a copy 1. The Baker extension to the Banwell Bone Cave (1979)
Baker, P.F.; Tucker, J.H.
Copies: 1
Baker, P.F. (Author)551.442(423.8)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. A brief story of St. Clement's caves (1979)
Dyer, W.H.
Copies: 1
Dyer, W.H. (Author)551.442(422.5)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Castleton's Blue John : Gems 1(3) 1969 p.6-7
Clark, D.
ISBN: X780847678
Copies: 1
Clark, D. (Author)00162Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Cavern researches, or, discoveries of organic remains, and of British and Roman reliques, in the caves of Kents Hole, Anstis Cove, and Berry Head (1859)
MacEnery, J.; Vivian, E
Copies: 1
MacEnery, J. (Author)405-DBooks/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 5. Cavernes du Perigord: objets graves et sculptes des temps pre-historiques dans l' Europe occidentale (1864)
Lartet, E.; Christy, H.
Copies: 1
Lartet, E. (Author)405-BBooks/MonographsAdd To Basket
  6. Enhanced understanding of breakdown and collapse in the Yorkshire Dales using ground penetrating radar on cave sediments
Murphy, P.
In: Engineering geology (Amsterdam) Vol. 99 pt/no 3-4 (2008) p. 160-168, p. 160-168
Murphy, P. (Author)03435Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  7. The evolution of the Castleton cave systems and related features, Derbyshire : Mercian Geologist 10(2) 1986 p91-114,ill
Ford, T.D.
In: Mercian Geologist, vol.10 No.2, p91-114
Ford, T.D. (Trevor David), 1925-2017 (Author)00322Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 8. The exploration of the caves of Kesh, County Sligo : Reprinted from The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy xxxii section B Part iv
Scharff, R.F.
Copies: 1
Scharff, R.F. (Author)405-GBooks/MonographsAdd To Basket
  9. Filling a gap in the market
Surveyor- General, Harare, Zimbabwe
Surveyor- General, Harare, Zimbabwe (Author)00903Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 10. Gaping Gill : a guide for visitors to Gaping Gill pothole and surface (2015)
Dixon, K.
ISBN: 9780993348105
Copies: 2
Dixon, K. (Kevin) (Author)55(427.4)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 11. Gas supply systems - Underground gas storage. Part 4: Functional recommendations for storage in rock caverns. (1998)
British Standards Institution
ISBN: 0580296679
Copies: 1
British Standards Institution (Author)00055Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 12. A geological interpretation of the nearshore area between Belfast Lough and Cushendun, Northern Ireland, utilising a newly acquired 2D seismic dataset to explore for salt layers for possible gas storage within man-made caverns. Volumes 1 & 2 : British Geological Survey report CR/10/069N (2010)
Quinn, M.F.; Smith, K.; Bulat, J.; Johnson, H.; Reay, D.M.; British Geological Survey
Copies: 3
Quinn, M.F. (Martyn F. (BGS ?-2018) (Author)CR/10/069NBooks/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 13. Geomechanics principles in the design of tunnels and caverns in rock (1992)
Mahtab, M.A.; Grasso, P.
ISBN: 0444883088
Copies: 1
Mahtab, M.A. (Author)03432/1Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 14. Glaciers or freezing caverns (1970)
Balch, E.S.
Copies: 1
Balch, E.S. (Edwin Swift) (Author)551.324.296Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 15. The Guildford caverns (1930)
Williamson, G.C.
Copies: 1
Williamson, G.C. (Author)655.355.5Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 16. Ingleborough cavern ([2nd ed.]) (1971)
Ford, T.D.
Copies: 1
Ford, T.D. (Trevor David), 1925-2017 (Author)551.442(427.4)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 17. An investigation into the levels and possible sources of radon found in Carlswalk Caverns in Derbyshire (1996)
Stafford, S.
Copies: 1
Stafford, S. (Author)546.296Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 18. The literature of Kent's cavern. Part II, including the whole of the Rev. J. Mac.Enery's manuscript (1869)
Pengelly, W.
Copies: 1
Pengelly, W. (William), 1812-1894 (Author)016:551.442(423.5)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 19. Notices preliminaires sur les fouilles executes sous les auspices du gouvernement belge dans les caverns de la Belgique : Tome I & Tome II (1867)
Dupont, E.
Copies: 1
Dupont, E. (Author)417-BBooks/MonographsAdd To Basket
  20. On an ossiferous cavern of pleistocene age at Hoe-Grange quarry, Longcliffe, near Brassington (Derbyshire) : Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society Vol 61 pt/no 1 (1905) p 43-63
Arnold-Bemrose, H.H.; Newton, E.T.
In: Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, Vol. 61 pt/no 1, p 43-63
Arnold-Bemrose, H.H. (Henry Howe), 1857-1939 (Author)00565Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
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