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Hitlist - Titles w/subject : Jurassic

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Reserve a copy 1. 'Urda mccoyi (Carter 1889)', an isopod crustacean from the Jurassic of Skye : Scottish Journal of Geology 30(1) 1994 p.87-89
Feldmann, R.M.; Wieder, R.W.; Rolfe, W.D.I.
ISBN: X780773321
Copies: 4
Feldmann, R.M. (Author)01129Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. 3rd International Symposium on Jurassic Stratigraphy, Poitiers, France, September 22-29, 1991 (1991)
International Symposium on Jurassic Stratigraphy; International Union of Geological Sciences. International Subcommission on Jurassic Stratigraphy
Copies: 1
International Symposium on Jurassic Stratigraphy. Poitiers, France, (3rd : 1991) (Conference)551.762Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Abhandlungen uber die Gavial-artigen Reptilien der Lias-Formation (1841)
Bronn, H.G.; Kaup, J.J.
ISBN: OC21125875
Copies: 1
Bronn, H.G. (Author)FOLIO STAND 6Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Abstracts : 4th International Congress on Jurassic Stratigraphy and Geology : Mendoza, Argentina, 19 to 23 October, 1994 (1994)
International Congress on Jurassic Stratigraphy and Geology
Copies: 1
International Congress on Jurassic Stratigraphy and Geology. Mendoza, Argentina, (4th : 1994) (Conference)551.762Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 5. Advances in Jurassic Research 2000: proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Jurassic System, held in Vancouver, Canada, August 12-25, 1998 (2000)
Hall, R.L.; Smith, P.L.; International Symposium on the Jurassic System (Vancouver) (5th : 1998)
ISBN: 0878498443
Copies: 1
Hall, R.L. (Author)551.762Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 6. Age determinations of the geology of Nigeria, with special reference to the Older and Younger Granites (1963)
Jacobson, R.R.E.; Snelling, N.J.; Truswell, J.F.; Overseas Geological Surveys
ISBN: X780026119
Copies: 1
Jacobson, R.R.E. (Author)90239/1Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  7. The age, origin and tectonic significance of Mesozoic sediment-filled fissures in the Mendip Hills (sw England) : implications for extension models and Jurassic sea-level curves
Wall, G.R.T.; Jenkyns, H.C.
In: In: Geological Magazine Vol. 141 pt/no 4 (2004) p 471-504, p 471-504
Wall, G.R.T. (Author)00172Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  8. Alcide D'Orbigny and the stages of the Jurassic : Mercian Geologist 3(1) 1969 p.1-30
Rioult, M.; Orbigny, A.d'
In: Mercian Geologist, vol.3 No.1, p1-30
Rioult, M. (Author) Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 9. Ammonite from Marine Geology R.G.'s Borehole 88/6 (Little Minch) : British Geological Survey report WH/PD/89/015 (1989)
Cox, B.M.; British Geological Survey
Copies: 3
Cox, B.M. (Beris M. (BGS 1969-1998) (Author)WH/PD/89/015Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  10. Ammonite habitats in the Early Tithonian of Western Tethys
In: Lethaia, 25, No. 3, 225-267
CECCA, F. (Author)564.53ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. The ammonite succession at the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary in eastern England
Casey, R.
In: The Boreal Lower Cretaceous / edited by R. Casey & P.F. Rawson. Liverpool : Seel House, 1973. p 193-266, p 193-266
Casey, R. (Raymond (BGS) (Author)BGS Staff Paper X0737Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 12. Die Ammoniten des suddeutschen Lias : e. Bestimmungsbuch fur Fossiliensammler u. Geologen (1. Aufl)
Schlegelmilch, R.
ISBN: 343730240X
Copies: 2
Schlegelmilch, R. (Rudolf) (Author)564.53(433/434)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 13. Die Ammoniten des sueddeutschen Doggers : ein Bestimmungsbuch fuer Fossiliensammler und Geologen
Schlegelmilch, R.
ISBN: 3437304887
Copies: 1
Schlegelmilch, R. (Rudolf) (Author)564.53(433/434)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 14. Les ammonites du Jurassique superieur du pays de Liapine (1917)
Ilovaisky, D.
Copies: 1
Ilovaisky, D. (David) (Author)564.53:551.762.3(480)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 15. Les Ammonitines du Carixien de la montagne du Bakony (1976)
Geczy, B.
ISBN: 963050670X
Copies: 1
Geczy, B. (Barnabas) (Author)564.53(234.373.1)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 16. The ammonoid fauna of the Kimmeridgian-Tithonian boundary beds of Mombasa, Kenya (1984)
VERMA, H.M.; Westermann, G.E.G.
ISBN: 0888542976
Copies: 1
VERMA, H.M. (Author)564.53Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 17. Analysis of shale samples from the Jurassic beds of Skye : Institute of Geological Sciences report PA6A/PE/004 (1976)
Knox, R.W.O'B.; Institute of Geological Sciences
Copies: 1
Knox, R.W.O'B. (Robert W.O'B. (BGS 1973-2002), 1942-2013 (Author)PA6A/PE/004Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  18. Ankerite cementation in deeply buried Jurassic sandstone reservoirs of the Central North Sea : Journal of Sedimentary Research 70(1) 2000 p.227-239
Hendry, J.P.
In: Journal of Sedimentary Research, Vol. 70 pt/no 1, p.227-239
Hendry, J.P. (James P.) (Author) Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  19. Anotaciones sobre los fosiles Jurasico-Cretacicos de Patagonia austral (coleccion Feruglio) conservados en la Universidad de Bologna
Leanza, A.F.
In: Acta Geologica Lilloana, 9, 121-187
Leanza, A.F. (Author)564ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 20. An appraisal of fuller's earth resources in England and Wales : British Geological Survey, Onshore Geology Series, Technical Report WA/91/075 (1991)
Moorlock, B.S.P.; Highley, D.E.; Wyatt, R.J.; Bristow, C.R.; Horton, A.; Shephard-Thorn, E.R.; Knox, R.W.O'B.; Samuel, M.D.A.; Inglethorpe, S.D.J.; Busby, J.P.; Shedlock, S.L.; Cox, B.M.; Wilkinson, I.P.; Great Britain. Dept. of the Environment; Great Britain. Dept. of Trade and Industry; British Geological Survey
ISBN: X780669494
Copies: 6
Moorlock, B.S.P. (Brian S.P. (BGS 1975-) (Author)WA/91/075Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
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