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Title 157, No.4Serial issue
Part of Marine Biology
Articles Mitochondrial plasticity in brachiopod (Liothyrella spp.) smooth adductor muscle as a result of season and latitude
LURMAN, G.J. ; BLASER, T. ; LAMARE, M. ; Peck, L.S. ; Morley, S.A.

Wintering areas of adult Atlantic puffins Fratercula arctica from a North Sea colony as revealed by geolocation technology
Harris, M.P. ; DAUNT, F. ; NEWELL, M. ; Phillips, R.A. ; Wanless, S.

No evidence for genetic differentiation between Antarctic limpet Nacella concinna morphotypes
HOFFMAN, J.I. ; Peck, L.S. ; HILLYARD, G. ; Zieritz, A. ; Clark, M.S.