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Title 32, Pt. 2Serial issue
Part of Archives of Natural History
Articles The role of Antarctica in the development of plate tectonic theories: from Scott to the present
Thomson, M.R.A. ; Vaughan, A.P.M.

Antarctica and the global jigsaw: a centennial perspective
Walton, D.W.H.

A century of Discovery: Antarctic exploration and the Southern Ocean. Papers presented at an international symposium held at the Southampton Oceanography Centre, June 2004
Griffiths, G. ; Walton, D.W.H.

Aspects of modern Antarctic meteorology and climatology
Turner, J.

Publication 2005
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 BAS CambridgeStandard size books001.891:(*7) GRIAvailableLoan
 BAS James Clark Ross 001.891:(*7) GRIAvailableLoan
 BAS South Georgia (KEP) 001.891:(*7) GRIAvailableLoan
 BAS Bird Island 001.891:(*7) GRIAvailableLoan
 BAS Signy 001.891:(*7) GRIAvailableLoan
 BAS Rothera - Main Building 001.891:(*7) GRIAvailableLoan