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Title 281Serial issue
Part of Marine Ecology Progress Series
Articles Temporal variations in fatty acid composition of deep-sea holothurians: evidence of bentho-pelagic coupling
HUDSON, I.R. ; POND, D.W. ; Billett, D.S.M. ; Tyler, P.A. ; LAMPITT, R.S. ; Wolff, G.A.

Moult cycle-related changes in feeding rates of larval krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica and Thysanoessa spp
Schmidt, K. ; Tarling, G.A. ; PLATHNER, N. ; Atkinson, A.

Sea surface temperature constrains wedge-tailed shearwater foraging success within breeding seasons
Peck, D.R. ; Smithers, B.V. ; Krockenberger, A.K. ; CONGDON, B.C.

3D diving behavior of Weddell seals with respect to prey accessibility and abundance
Mitani, Y. ; Watanabe, Y. ; Sato, K. ; Cameron, M.F. ; Naito, Y.

Publication 2004