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Title 45, No. 8Serial issue
Part of Journal of Petrology
Articles Hf isotope systematics of kimberlites and their megacrysts: new constraints on their source regions
Nowell, G.M. ; Pearson, D.G. ; BELL, D.R. ; CARLSON, R.W. ; SMITH, C.B. ; Kempton, P.D. ; Noble, S.R.

Ultramafic xenoliths from the Bearpaw Mountains, Montana, USA: evidence for multiple metasomatic events in the lithospheric mantle beneath the Wyoming Craton
Downes, H. ; Macdonald, R. ; UPTON, B.G.J. ; COX, K.G. ; BODINIER, J.-L. ; MASON, P.R.D. ; James, D. ; Hill, P.G. ; HEARN, B.C.

Publication 2004