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Title 30, No. 12Serial issue
Part of Geology
Articles Warming the fuel for the fire: evidence for the thermal dissociation of methane hydrate during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum
THOMAS, D.J. ; Zachos, J.C. ; Bralower, T.J. ; Thomas, E. ; Bohaty, S.

Origin of Mesozoic adakitic intrusive rocks in the Ningzhen area of east China: partial melting of delaminated lower continental crust?
XU, J.-F. ; SHINJO, R. ; DEFANT, M.J. ; WANG, Q. ; RAPP, R.P.

Carbon and nitrogen isotope disturbances and an end-Norian (Late Triassic) extinction event
SEPHTON, M.A. ; AMOR, K. ; Franchi, I.A. ; Wignall, P.B. ; Newton, R. ; ZONNEVELD, J.-P.

Phanerozoic record of plate tectonic control of seawater chemistry and carbonate sedimentation
Steuber, T. ; Veizer, J.

Publication 2002
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