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Title 35Serial issue
Part of Annals of Glaciology
Articles 1000 year ice-core records from Berkner Island, Antarctica
Mulvaney, R. ; OERTER, H. ; Peel, D.A. ; GRAF, W. ; Arrowsmith, C. ; PASTEUR, E.C. ; KNIGHT, B. ; Littot, G.C. ; MINERS, W.D.

Nitrate in Greenland and Antarctic ice cores: a detailed description of post-depositional processes
Rothlisberger, R. ; Hutterli, M.A. ; Wolff, E.W. ; Mulvaney, R.

Comparison of analytical methods used for measuring major ions in the EPICA Dome C (Antarctica) ice core
Littot, G.C. ; Mulvaney, R. ; Rothlisberger, R. ; Udisti, R. ; Wolff, E.W. ; Castellano, E. ; De Angelis, M. ; Hansson, M. ; SOMMER, S. ; STEFFENSEN, J.P.

Reconstruction of the historical temperature trend from measurements in a medium-length borehole on the Lomonosovfonna plateau, Svalbard
VAN DE WAL, R.S.W. ; Mulvaney, R. ; ISAKSSON, E. ; Moore, J.C. ; PINGLOT, J.F. ; POHJOLA, V.A. ; THOMASSEN, M.P.A.

Observations of polar ice from the Holocene and the glacial period using the scanning electron microscope
BARNES, P.R.F. ; Mulvaney, R. ; ROBINSON, K. ; Wolff, E.W.

Stable-isotope records from Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
GRAF, W. ; OERTER, H. ; REINWARTH, O. ; STICHLER, W. ; WILHELMS, F. ; Miller, H. ; Mulvaney, R.

A 800 year record of nitrate from the Lomonosovfonna ice core, Svalbard
KEKONEN, T. ; Moore, J.C. ; Mulvaney, R. ; ISAKSSON, E. ; POHJOLA, V. ; VAN DE WAL, R.S.W.

Publication 2002
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