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Title 142, No. 1Serial issue
Part of Ibis
Articles Chick provisioning by the yellow-nosed albatross Diomedea chlororhynchos: response of foraging effort to experimentally increased costs and demands
Weimerskirch, H. ; Prince, P.A. ; ZIMMERMANN, L.

The importance of natal dispersal in a colonial seabird, the black guillemot Cepphus grylle
Frederiksen, M. ; PETERSEN, A.

Time allocation and foraging behaviour of chick-rearing Brunnich's guillemots Uria lomvia in high-arctic Greenland
FALK, K. ; BENVENUTI, S. ; DALL'ANTONIA, L. ; KAMPP, K. ; Ribolini, A.

Co-ordinated food provisioning in the little shearwater Puffinus assimilis haurakiensis: a previously undescribed foraging strategy in the Procellariidae
BOOTH, A.M. ; MINOT, E.O. ; FORDHAM, R.A. ; Imber, M.J.

Contrasting patterns of nestling obesity and food provisioning in three species of Puffinus shearwaters: the role of predictability
Hamer, K.C. ; HILL, J.K. ; BRADLEY, J.S. ; WOOLLER, R.D. ; GASTON, A.J.

Occurrence of two surface-breeding species of Pterodroma on Round Island, Indian Ocean
Brooke, M. de L. ; Imber, M.J. ; ROWE, G.

Publication 2000
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