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Title 27Serial issue
Part of Annals of Glaciology
Articles Identifying areas of low-profile ice sheet and outcrop damming in the Antarctic ice sheet by ERS-1 satellite altimetry
Vaughan, D.G. ; BAMBER, J.L.

Surface lowering of the ice ramp at Rothera Point, Antarctic Peninsula, in response to regional climate change
Smith, A.M. ; Vaughan, D.G. ; Doake, C.S.M. ; Johnson, A.C.

Comparison of warming trends over the last century around Antarctica from three coupled models
Connolley, W.M. ; O'FARRELL, S.P.

Climate change in the western Antarctic Peninsula since 1945: observations and possible causes
King, J.C. ; HARANGOZO, S.A.

Comparison of warming trends predicted over the next century around Antarctica from two coupled models
O'FARRELL, S.P. ; Connolley, W.M.

Understanding Antarctic Peninsula precipitation distribution and variability using a numerical weather prediction model
Turner, J. ; LEONARD, S. ; Lachlan-Cope, T.A. ; Marshall, G.J.

Interpreting recent accumulation records through an understanding of the regional synoptic climatology: an example from the southern Antarctic Peninsula
Marshall, G.J. ; Turner, J. ; MINERS, W.D.

Climate-change indicators from archival aerial photography of the Antarctic Peninsula
Fox, A.J. ; Cooper, A.P.R.

Re-examining the Antarctic Paradox: speculation on the Southern Ocean as a nutrient-limited system
Priddle, J. ; Nedwell, D.B. ; Whitehouse, M.J. ; REAY, D.S. ; SAVIDGE, G. ; GILPIN, L.C. ; Murphy, E.J. ; Ellis-Evans, J.C.

Sensitivity of the divide position at Siple Dome, West Antarctica to boundary forcing
NERESON, N.A. ; Hindmarsh, R.C.A. ; Raymond, C.F.

Identification and correlation of distal tephra layers in deep-sea sediment cores, Scotia Sea, Antarctica
Moreton, S. ; Smellie, J.L.

Publication 1998
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