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Title 20Serial issue
Part of Annals of Glaciology
Articles A numerical model of blowing snow around an Antarctic building
MOORE, I. ; MOBBS, S.D. ; INGHAM, D.B. ; King, J.C.

Validating and improving elevation data of a satellite-image map of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica, with results from ERS-1
SIEVERS, J. ; Doake, C.S.M. ; IHDE, J. ; MANTRIPP, D.R. ; POZDEEV, V.S. ; RITTER, B. ; SCHENKE, H.W. ; THYSSEN, F. ; Vaughan, D.G.

Sea-bed depths at the mouth of the Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica
Smith, A.M. ; Doake, C.S.M.

Investigating tidal flexure on an ice shelf using kinematic GPS
Vaughan, D.G.

The oceanic environment beneath the northwest Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
ROBINSON, A.V. ; MAKINSON, K. ; Nicholls, K.W.

Climate since AD 1510 on Dyer Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula: evidence for recent climate change
Thompson, L.G. ; Peel, D.A. ; Mosley-Thompson, E. ; Mulvaney, R. ; DAI, J. ; LIN, P.N. ; DAVIS, M.E. ; Raymond, C.F.

Spatial variability of the major chemistry of the Antarctic ice sheet
Mulvaney, R. ; Wolff, E.W.

Publication 1994
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