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Title 31, No. 2Serial issue
Part of Quaternary Research
Articles Modeling the growth and decay of the Antarctic Peninsula ice sheet
Payne, A.J. ; Sugden, D.E. ; Clapperton, C.M.

A comparison of deep Antarctic ice cores and their implications for climate between 65,000 and 15,000 years ago
Jouzel, J. ; RAISBECK, G. ; BENOIST, J.P. ; YIOU, F. ; LORIUS, C. ; Raynaud, D. ; Petit, J.R. ; BARKOV, N.I. ; KOROTKEVITCH, Y.S. ; KOTLYAKOV, V.M.

Late Wisconsin and Early Holocene glacial history, inner Ross Embayment, Antarctica
Denton, G.H. ; Bockheim, J.G. ; WILSON, S.C. ; Stuiver, M.

Late Quaternary ice-surface fluctuations of Beardmore Glacier, Transantarctic Mountains
Denton, G.H. ; Bockheim, J.G. ; WILSON, S.C. ; LEIDE, J.E. ; Andersen, B.G.

Late-Glacial and Holocene glacier fluctuations and environmental change on South Georgia, Southern Ocean
Clapperton, C.M. ; Sugden, D.E. ; Birnie, J. ; Wilson, M.J.

Late Quaternary ice-surface fluctuations of Hatherton Glacier, Transantarctic Mountains
Bockheim, J.G. ; WILSON, S.C. ; Denton, G.H. ; Andersen, B.G. ; Stuiver, M.

Glacial-marine sedimentation and Quaternary glacial history of Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula
KENNEDY, D.S. ; Anderson, J.B.

Application of tandem accelerator mass-spectrometer dating to Late Pleistocene-Holocene sediments of the East Antarctic continental shelf
Domack, E.W. ; JULL, A.J.T. ; Anderson, J.B. ; LINICK, T.W. ; WILLIAMS, C.R.

Dissolution and preservation of Antarctic diatoms and the effect on sediment thanatocoenoses
SHEMESH, A. ; Burckle, L.H. ; Froelich, P.N.

Publication 1989
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