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Title Antarctic nutrient cycles and food webs: SCAR Symposium on Antarctic Biology, 4th, Wilderness, 1983 / SIEGFRIED W.R., CONDY P.R. & LAWS R.M.; eds.Books/Monographs
Laws, R.M.
Physical Details xiv, 700p
ISBN 3540134174
Publication Berlin : Springer-Verlag, 1985
Classmarks 574 (Universal Decimal Classification)
Subjects Ecology; Food webs;
Contains Chemical composition of guano of burrowing petrel chicks (Procellariidae) at Marion Island / FUGLER S.R.
Chick energy balance in the whitechinned petrel, Procellaria aequinoctialis / BERRUTI A., ADAMS N.J. & BROWN C.R.
Cephalopod prey of the sub-antarctic fur seal, Arctocephalus tropicalis, at Gough Island / BESTER M.N. & LAYCOCK P.A.
The influence of elephant seals on the terrestrial ecosystem at Marion Island / PANAGIS K.
Relationships between prey life-cycles and the extent, nature and timing of seal and seabird predation in the Scotia Sea / CROXALL J.P., PRINCE P.A. & RICKETTS C.
Impact of fur seals on the terrestrial environment at South Georgia / BONNER W.N.
Arthropod interactions in an Antarctic terrestrial community / BLOCK W.
Diet and energy budget of the Antarctic fur seal, Arctocephalus gazella, at South Georgia / DOIDGE D.W. & CROXALL J.P.
The interaction of soil and lake microflora at Signy Island / ELLIS-EVANS J.C. & WYNN-WILLIAMS D.D.
Energy flow in the Southern Ocean food web / CLARKE A.
Factors controlling phytoplankton populations in maritime Antarctic lakes / HAWES I.
The role of giant petrels in the Southern Ocean ecosystem / HUNTER S.
Population and energetic aspects of the relationship between blackbrowed and greyheaded albatrosses and the Southern Ocean marine environment / PRINCE P.A.
Summary and conclusions / LAWS R.M.
Introduction: Antarctic biology, 1974-1983 / LAWS R.M.
A preliminary study of the action of crustose lichens on rock surfaces in Antarctica / WALTON D.W.H.
Growth and production of Poa flabellata in relation to soil nutrient status and exposure at South Georgia / SMITH R.I.L.
Nutrient cycling in relation to biological productivity in Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems / SMITH R.I.L.
The evolution of neutrally buoyant notothenioid fishes: their specializations and potential interactions in the Antarctic marine food web / EASTMAN J.T.
The influence of iron and manganese on nutrient cycling in shallow freshwater Antarctic lakes / GALLAGHER J.B.
The role of bacteria in the cycling of nutrients within the maritime Antarctic environment / TANNER A.C.
Cellulose decomposition and its relationship to nutrient cycling at South Georgia / WALTON D.W.H.
Comparative microbiology of moss-peat decomposition on the Scotia arc and Antarctic Peninsula / WYNN-WILLIAMS D.D.
Methanogenesis and the anaerobic micro-biology of a wet moss community at Signy Island / YARRINGTON M.R. & WYNN-WILLIAMS D.D.
Decomposition processes in maritime Antarctic lakes / ELLIS-EVANS J.C.
Interactions of bacterio- and phyto-plankton in nutrient cycling within eutrophic Heywood Lake, Signy Island / ELLIS-EVANS J.C.
The energy budget of a population of the Antarctic isopod Serolis polita / LUXMOORE R.A.
Non-cold-adapted metabolism in the decapod Chorismus antarcticus and other sub-Antarctic marine crustaceans / MAXWELL J.G.H. & RALPH R.
Trends in crabeater seal age at maturity: an insight into Antarctic marine interactions / BENGTSON J.L. & LAWS R.M.
The relationship between krill food requirements and phytoplankton production in a sector of the southern Indian Ocean / MILLER D.G.M., HAMPTON I., HENRY J., ABRAMS R.W. & COOPER J.
Energy and food requirements of pelagic aerial seabirds in different regions of the African sector of the Southern Ocean / ABRAMS R.W.
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