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Title Vol. 9 No.2 - Quaternary geology of East AngliaSerial issue
Part of Modern Geology
Articles The East Anglia regional geological survey : an overview
Cox, F.C.
In: Modern Geology Vol. 9 pt/no 2 (1985) p. 103-115, p. 103-115

The study of sand and gravel resources in East Anglia : an example of the methods used in bulk mineral assessment
Auton, C.A.
Modern Geology 9(2) 1985 p.117-128, p.117-128

Fine gravel, heavy mineral and grain-size analyses of mid-Pleistocene glacial deposits in the lower Waveney valley, East Anglia
Bridge, D.M. ; Hopson, P.M.
Modern Geology Vol. 9 pt/no 2 (1985) p. 129-144, p. 129-144

Resistate geochemistry of sediments : a promising tool for provenance studies
Peachey, D. ; Roberts, J.L. ; Vickers, B.P. ; Zalasiewicz, J.A. ; Mathers, S.J.
Modern Geology 9(2) 1985 p.145-157, p.145-157

Arthropods in the Quaternary of East Anglia : their role as indices of local palaeoenvironments and regional palaeoclimates
Taylor, B.J. ; Coope, G.R.
Modern Geology 9(2) 1985 p.159-185, p.159-185

Applications of geophysical methods to mapping unconsolidated sediments in East Anglia : Modern Geology 9(2) 1985 p.187-206
Cornwell, J.D.

Producing a comprehensive geological map : a case study the Aldeburgh-Orford area of East Anglia
Mathers, S.J. ; Zalasiewicz, J.A.
Modern Geology 9(2) 1985 p.207-220, p.207-220

Quaternary mapping offshore East Anglia : Modern Geology 9(2) 1985 p.221-239
Balson, P.S. ; Cameron, T.D.J.

Name(s) British Geological Survey
Subjects Quaternary; East Anglia;
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