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Journal Title Reviews in Mineralogy and GeochemistrySerial header
Holdings KEY = (39)2000-(67)2007 ED = (39)2000-(67)2007
ISSN 15296466
Publication Washington, D.C. : MINERALOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, 2000-
Classmarks Catalogued (Universal Decimal Classification)
Subjects BGSSER; Mineralogy; Petrology;
Related Titles See Also: Reviews in mineralogy and geochemistry : [electronic version]
Previously: Reviews in mineralogy
Alt. Titles Abbreviated Title: REV MINERAL GEOCHEM
Language English;
Order status Additional copies on order
Contains Transformation processes in minerals / edited by S.A.T.Redfern & M.A.Carpenter
Sulfate minerals: crystallography, geochemistry and environmental significance / edited by C.N.Alpers, J.L.Jambor & D.K.Nordstrom
High-temperature and High-pressure crystal chemistry / edited by R.M.Hazen & R.T.Downs
Molecular modeling theory: applications in the geosciences / edited by T.T.Cygan & J.D.Kubicki
Stable isotope geochemistry / edited by J. W. Valley, D.R. Cole
Nanoparticles and the environment / edited by J.F. Banfield, A. Navrotsky
Natural zeolites: occurrence, properties, applications / edited by D.L.Bish & D.W.Ming
Micas: crystal chemistry and metamorphic petrology / edited by Annabale Mottana & others
Noble gases in geochemistry and cosmochemistry / edited by D.Porcelli, C.J.Ballentine & R.Wieler
Phosphates: geochemical, geobiological and materials importance / edited by M.J.Kohn, J.Rakovan & J.M.Hughes
Applications of synchroton radiation in low-temperature geochemistry and environmental science / edited by P.A.Fenter, ...[et al]
Beryllium: mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry / E.S.Grew, editor
Plastic deformation of minerals and rocks / edited by S. Karato, H-R. Wenk
Uranium-series geochemistry / edited by B. Bourdon ... [et al]
Zircon / editors, John M. Hanchar, Paul W.O. Hoskin
Biomineralization / editors, Patricia M. Dove, James J. de Yoreo, Steve Weiner
Geochemistry of non-traditional stable isotopes / editors, Clark M. Johnson, Brian L. Beard, Francis Albarede
Epidotes / editors, Axel Liebscher, Gerhard Franz
Micro- and mesoporous mineral phases / editors, Giovanni Ferraris, Stefano Merlino
Low-temperature thermochronology : techniques, interpretations and applications / editors, Peter W. Reiners, Todd A. Ehlers
Molecular geomicrobiology / editors, Jillian F. Banfield, Javiera Cervini-Silva, Kenneth H. Nealson
New views of the moon / editors, Bradley L. Jolliff ... [et al]
Sulfide mineralogy and geochemistry / editor, David J. Vaughan
Water in nominally anhydrous minerals / editors, Hans Keppler, Joseph R. Smyth
Neutron scattering in earth sciences / editor, Hans-Rudolf Wenk
Medical mineralogy and geochemistry / editors, Nita Sahai, Martin A.A. Schoonen
Fluid-fluid interactions / editors, Axel Liebscher, Christoph A. Heinrich
Paleoaltimetry : geochemical and thermodynamic approaches / editor, Matthew J. Kohn
Amphiboles : crystal chemistry, occurrence and health issues / editors, Frank C. Hawthorne ... [et al]
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