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Title 1999 Vol. 11 Suppl. 1Serial issue
Part of Terra Abstracts
Articles New insights into the structure of the Tagil Arc (Middle Ural) near the SG4 superdeep borehole from gravity, magnetic, seismic and borehole data [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.845
Ayala, C. ; Kimbell, G.S. ; EUG Conference

Evidence from Quaternary infills for palaeohydrogeology: project EQUIP [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.520
Bath, A.H. ; Milodowski, A.E. ; EUG Conference

Direct analysis of palaeogroundwaters by Laser Ablation ICP Mass Spectrometry [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.521
Shepherd, T.J. ; Chenery, S.R.N. ; Naden, J. ; Milodowski, A.E. ; Gillespie, M.R. ; EUG Conference

Magnetic evidence for the structure and evolution of the Avalonian basement beneath southern Britain [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.107
Kimbell, G.S. ; Heaven, R.E. ; Pharaoh, T.C. ; EUG Conference

Magnetic images of the trans-European Suture Zone [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.306
Banka, D. ; Williamson, P. ; Pharaoh, T.C. ; EUG Conference

Gravity images of the trans-European Suture Zone [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.305
Banka, D. ; Williamson, P. ; Pharaoh, T.C. ; EUG Conference

Deep structure and basin evolution along the Trans-European Suture: introduction [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.300
Pharaoh, T.C. ; Bayer, U. ; EUG Conference

Early Palaeozoic volcanism in Central Europe: evidence for plume-related continental breakup [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.84
Crowley, Q.G. ; Pharaoh, T.C. ; EUG Conference

Interactions between glacial unloading, postglacial faulting and present day seismicity in the Scottish Highlands [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.447
Stewart, I.S. ; Walker, A.B. ; EUG Conference

Paleocene sedimentation in Scotland [abstract] : Terra Abstracts 11(1) 2000 p.331
Clarke, B. ; EUG Conference

Name(s) EUG Conference. Strasbourg, France, (10th : 1999)
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