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Journal Title Geological Conservation ReviewSerial header
Holdings Individually catalogued; KEY = Reference set at 00162/2
Name(s) Joint Nature Conservation Committee (Great Britain)
Series Geological conservation review series
Invalid ISN X780306715
Publication Peterborough : Nature Conservancy Council, 1989-
Classmarks Catalogued (Universal Decimal Classification)
00162/2 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Environmental geology;
Alt. Titles Parallel: GEOL CONSERV REV
Language English;
Order status On order
Contains Caledonian structures in Britain : south of the Midland Valley / edited by J. E. Treagus
British Tertiary Volcanic Province / C. H. Emeleus and M. C. Gyopari
Quaternary of the Thames / D. R. Bridgland
Marine Permian of England / D.B.Smith
Palaeozoic palaeobotany of Great Britain / C.J.Cleal and B.A.Thomas
Fossil reptiles of Great Britain / M.J.Benton and P.S.Spencer
British Upper Carboniferous stratigraphy / C.J.Cleal & B.A.Thomas
Karst and caves of Great Britain / A.C. Waltham ... [et al.]
Fluvial geomorphology of Great Britain / edited by K.J.Gregory
Quaternary of Wales / S.Campbell and D.Q.Bowen
Earth science conservation in Great Britain : a strategy / Nature Conservancy Council
An introduction to the Geological Conservation Review / edited by N.V.Ellis ...[et al]
Quaternary of Scotland / J.E. Gordon and D.G. Sutherland
Igneous rocks of South-west England / P.A.Floyd, C.S.Exley and M.T.Styles
Fossil fishes of Great Britain / D.L. Dinely and S.J. Metcalf
British Tertiary stratigraphy / Brian Daley and Peter Balson
Caledonian igneous rocks of Great Britain / compiled and edited by D. Stephenson, D.Millward, A.J.Highton, P.Stone, ... [et al]
British Cambrian to Ordovician stratigraphy / A.W.A. Rushton...[et l]
British Silurian stratigraphy. / R.Aldridge, ...[et al]
Precambrian rocks of England and Wales / J.N.Carney, T.C.Pharaoh, D.Wilson, W.J.Barclay, ...[et al]
Mesozoic and Tertiary palaeobotany of Great Britain / C.J. Cleal
Geological Conservation Review -
The Old Red Sandstone of Great Britain / W.J. Barclay, M.A.E. Browne, A.A. McMillan, E.A. Pickett, P. Stone and P.R. Wilby; with contributions from S.L.B. Arkley, J.R. Davies, D.J. Hawley, A.A. Monaghan, R.A. Smith, D. Stephenson, N.H. Trewin, B.P.J. Williams
Mesozoic and Tertiary fossil mammals and birds of Great Britain / M.J. Benton, E. Cook, J.J. Hooker. - 1st ed.
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