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Serial details

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Journal Title Memoir the Paleontological SocietySerial header
Holdings KEY=(1)1968-(52)2000
ISSN X78022641X
Publication Fort Worth, TX : Paleontological Society, 1968-
Classmarks 07205/2 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Palaeontology;
Alt. Titles Parallel: MEM PALEONTOL SOC
Language English;
Location Holding Summary Holding start/end dates
BGS Keyworth - Library(1)1968-(52)2000 
Issues Rec'd No. 52 - Ostracodes from the Imo Formation (Mississippian, Chesterian) of Northcentral Arkansas / R.D.Hoare & R.H.Mapes
No. 51
No. 49
No. 47
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No. 45