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Journal Title AGID ReportSerial header
Holdings KEY=(3)1977- . Lacks (13), (17)
ISSN 08250979
Publication St. John's, Nfld. : Association of Geoscientists for International Development, 1975-
Classmarks 11650 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER;
Alt. Titles Parallel: AGID REP
Language English;
Contains Geohazards: natural and man-made / Edited by G.S.H. McCall, D. Laming and S. Scott
Hidden waters in arid lands : report of a workshop on groundwater research needs in arid and semi-arid zones, held in Paris, France, 25 November 1974 / editor: L.A. Heindl
New directions in mineral development policies : report of an International Workshop, held at Bagauda, near Kano, Nigeria, 8-10 September 1975 / prepared by D.J.C. Laming and D.E. Ajakaiye
Geosciences in Development : proceedings of an international conference on the Application of the Geosciences in Developing Countries, Nottingham, 26-29 September 1988 / edited by D.A.V.Stow and D.J.C.Laming
Hidden wealth : mineral exploration techniques in tropical forest areas. Proceedings of a Symposium on Mineral Exploration Techniques in Tropical Forest Areas, held in Caracas, Venezuela, November 19-23, 1977 / edited by D.J.C. Laming and A.K. Gibbs
Strategies for small-scale mining and mineral industries : report of a Regional Workshop held at Mombasa, Kenya, April 14-25, 1980 / compiled and edited by James M. Neilson
Geochemistry in Zambia : report of the AGID Geochemical Workshop held at Lusaka, Zambia, August 22, 1977 / edited by D.C. Turner
AGID guide to mineral resources development / edited by Michael Woakes and John S. Carman
Geosciences for Development: Australia's role : proceedings of the AGID-ILP Workshop / edited by M.B.Katz and E.J.Langevad
Industrial minerals in developing countries / edited by S.J.Mathers and A.J.G.Notholt
Location Holding Summary Holding start/end dates
BGS Keyworth - Library(3)1977- . Lacks (13), (17)