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Journal Title British MiningSerial header
Holdings KEY=(1)1975- Lacks: (31),(73),(93)
Series British mining
ISSN 03082199
Publication Skipton : Northern Mine Research Society, 1975-
Classmarks 00316/1 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Mining history;
Alt. Titles Parallel: BR MIN
Language English;
Order status Additional copies on order
Contains Coal: a chronology for Britain / by Alan Hill
Thomas Sopwith Jnr., La Tortilla and his other mining ventures at Linares , Spain / by Robert W. Vernon
Memoirs 2013 / editor : Richard Smith
Memoirs 2014 / editor : Richard Smith
The Malham Mines / by Mike Gill and Mike Squirrel
British Mining -
Keighley coal : a history of coal mining in the Keighley district / by M.C. Gill
Memoirs 2004
Ingleton coalfield 1600-1940 / by John I. Bentley with Bernard Bond & Mike Gill
The mines of upper Teesdale / by Raymond A. Fairbairn
Memoirs 2005
Cape Cornwall Mine / by Peter Joseph
Memoirs 2006
Mashamshire collieries / by Leslie Owen Tyson
The Van Mines / by Nigel A. Chapman
The Cwmystwyth mines / by Simon J.S. Hughes
Memoirs 2007
The Scottish gold rush of 1869 / by R. M. Callender and P. F. Reeson
Geology of the Lune and upper Ribble coalfields / by Michael Kelly
Memoirs 2008
Coal mining in Morley / by Jim Thorpe O.B.E.
Memoirs 2009
The metalliferous mines of Cartmel and South Lonsdale / by Max Moseley
50 years of mining history / Editor: Richard Smith
Mines of the west Pennines / by Richard Smith and Sam Murphy
Memoirs 2011 / editor: Richard Smith
The lead mines of Tyndrum / by Stephen Moreton
Memoirs 2015 / editor: Richard Smith
The vocabulary of coal mining in Yorkshire, 1250-1850 / by George Redmonds
Memoirs 2016 / editor: Richard Smith
John Taylor and Sons and their three 'drops of comfort': their lead mines at Linares, Jaen, southern Spain / by Robert W. Vernon
Memoirs 2017 / Editor: Richard Smith
The lead mines of Strontian / by Stephen Moreton and David I. Green
Memoirs 2018 / Editor: Richard Smith
UK mineral exploration during the past 60 years / by Tim Colman
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BGS Keyworth - Library(1)1975- Lacks: (31),(73),(93) 
Issues Rec'd No. 46 : The Grassington Mines / M.C. Gill
11 (1978)
No. 44 (1992)
No. 39 (1989)
No.33: The Yorkshire and Lancashire Lead Mines
No. 49 : The Wharfedale Mines / M.C. Gill
No. 60
No. 61
No. 57