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Journal Title Special Publication Geological Society of LondonSerial header
Holdings KEY REF=(1)1964-; KEY LOAN=(1)1964-(307)08; EDI=(1)1964- Lacks: (4); EDI=(22)1986-(26)1987 Lacks: (23)-(25)
Name(s) Geological Society of London
Series Geological Society special publication
ISSN 03058719
Publication Oxford : Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1964-
Classmarks 00865 (BGS)
Alt. Titles Parallel: SPEC PUBL GEOL SOC LOND
Language English;
Order status On order
Contains Special Publication Geological Society of London -
Anatomy, phylogeny and palaeobiology of early Archosaurs and their kin / edited by S.J Nesbitt, J.B. Desojo and R.B. Irmis
Conjugate divergent margins / edited by W.U. Mohriak ... [et al]
Natural hazards in the Asia-Pacific region: recent advances and emerging concepts / edited by J.P. Terry and J. Goff
Military aspects of hydrogeology / edited by E.P.F. Rose and J.D. Mather
Salt tectonics, sediments and prospectivity / G. I. Alsop ... [et al]
Groundwater resources modelling: a case study from the UK / edited by M.G. Shepley ... [et al]
Palaeoproterozoic of India / edited by R. Mazumder and D. Saha
Faulting, fracturing and igneous intrusion in the Earth's crust / edited by D. Healy ... [et al]
Geology and hydrocarbon potential of Neoproteozoic-Cambrian Basins in Asia / edited by G.M. Bhat ... [et al]
Glaciogenic reservoirs and hydrocarbon systems / edited by M. Huuse ... [et al]
Remagnetization and chemical alteration of sedimentary rocks / edited by R. D. Elmore ... [et al]
Advances in carbonate exploration and reservoir analysis / edited by J. Garland ... [et al]
Environmental and criminal geoforensics / edited by D. Pirrie, A. Ruffell and L.A. Dawson
Antarctic palaeoenvironments and earth-surface processes / edited by M.J. Hambrey ... [et al]
Thick-skin-dominated orogens : from initial inversion to full accretion / edited by M. Nemcok, A. Mora and J. W. Cosgrove
A history of geology and medicine / edited by C.J. Duffin, R.T.J. Moody and C. Gardner-Thorpe
Orogenic andesites and crustal growth / edited by A. Gomez-Tuena, S. M. Straub and G. F. Zellmer
Antarctica and supercontinent evolution / edited by S.L. Harley, I.C.W. Fitzsimons and Y. Zhao
Remote sensing of volcanoes and volcanic processes : integrating observation and modelling / edited by D.M. Pyle, T.A. Mather and J. Biggs
Isotopic studies in Cretaceous research / edited by A.-V. Bojar, M. C. Melinte-Dobrinescu and J. Smit
New perspectives on the Caledonides of Scandinavia and related areas / edited by F. Corfu, D. Gasser and D. M. Chew
Tectonic evolution of the Oman Mountains / edited by H.R. Rollinson ... [et al]
Advances in 40Ar/39Ar dating : from archaeology to planetary sciences / edited by F. Jourdan, D.F. Mark and C. Verati
Hydrocarbon exploration to exploitation west of Shetlands / edited by S.J.C. Cannon and D. Ellis
Stone in historic buildings : characterization and performance / edited by J. Cassar ... [et al]
A stratigraphical basis for the Anthropocene / edited by C.N. Waters, J.A. Zalasiewicz, M. Williams, M. Ellis and A.M. Snelling
Deformation structures and processes within the continental crust / edited by S. Llana-Funez, A. Marcos and F. Bastida
Sediment-body geometry and heterogeneity: analogue studies for modelling the subsurface / edited by A.W. Martinius, J.A. Howell and T.R. Good
Sediment provenance studies in hydrocarbon exploration and production / edited by R.A. Scott ... [et al]
The Variscan Oregeny: extent, timescale and the formation of the European crust / edited by K. Schulmann ... [et al]
Advances in the study of fractured reservoirs / edited by G.H. Spence ... [et al]
Sedimentary coastal zones from high to low latitudes : similarities and differences / edited by I.P. Martini and H.R. Wanless
Clays in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement / edited by S. Norris ... [et al]
Marine tephrochronology / edited by W.E.N. Austin ... [et al]
Ore deposits in an evolving earth / edited by G.R.T. Jenkin ... [et al]
Volcanism and tectonism across the inner solar system / edited by T. Platz ... [et al]
Tectonics of the Himalaya / edited by S. Mukherjee ... [et al]
Arthur Smith Woodward: his life and influence on modern vertebrate palaeontology / edited by Z. Johanson ... [et al]
Mesozoic biotas of Scandinavia and its Arctic territories / edited by Kear, B.P. ... [et al]
Supercontinent cycles through Earth history / edited by Li, Z.X.. ... [et al]
200 years of British hydrogeology / edited by J.D. Mather
Origin and evolution of the Ontong Java Plateau / edited by J. Godfrey Fitton ... [et al]
Vertical coupling and decoupling in the lithosphere / edited by J. Grocott ... [et al]
Aspects of the tectonic evolution of China / edited by J. Malpas ... [et al]
Forensic geoscience : principles, techniques and applications / edited by K. Pye and D.J. Croft
Energy, waste and the environment : a geochemical perspective / edited by R. Giere and P. Stille
The initiation, propagation, and arrest of joints and other fractures / edited by J.W. Cosgrove and T. Engelder
Understanding petroleum reservoirs : towards an integrated reservoir engineering and geochemical approach / edited by J.M. Cubitt, W.A. England and S.R. Larter
Physical geology of high-level magmatic systems / edited by C. Breitkreuz and N. Petford
Geological storage of carbon dioxide / edited by Shelagh J. Baines and Richard H. Worden
Permo-Carboniferous magmatism and rifting in Europe / edited by M. Wilson ... [et al]
The geometry and petrogenesis of dolomite hydrocarbon reservoirs / edited by C.J.R. Braithwaite, G. Rizzi and G. Darke
The palynology and micropalaeontology of boundaries / edited by A.B. Beaudoin and M.J. Head
Geological prior information : informing science and engineering / edited by Andrew Curtis and Rachel Wood
Magnetic fabric : methods and applications / edited by F. Martin-Hernandez ... [et al]
Petrophysical properties of crystalline rocks / edited by P.K. Harvey ... [et al]
History of palaeobotany : selected essays / edited by A.J. Bowden, C.V. Burek and R. Wilding
Cryospheric systems : glaciers and permafrost / edited by C. Harris and J.B. Murton
Deformation mechanisms, rheology and tectonics : from minerals to the lithosphere / edited by D. Gapais, J.P. Brun and P.R. Cobbold
Submarine slope systems : processes and products / edited by David M. Hodgson and Stephen S. Flint
Terrane processes at the margins of Gondwana / edited by A.P.M. Vaughan, P.T. Leat and R.J. Pankhurst
High-strain zones : structure and physical properties / edited by David Bruhn and Luigi Burlini
Understanding the micro to macro behaviour of rock-fluid systems / edited by R.P. Shaw
Mineral deposits and earth evolution / edited by I. McDonald ... [et al]
Sustainable minerals operations in the developing world / edited by B.R. Marker, M.G. Petterson, F. McEvoy and M.H. Stephenson
Early-middle Pleistocene transitions : the land-ocean evidence / edited by M.J. Head and P.L. Gibbard
The Neuquen Basin, Argentina : a case study in sequence stratigraphy and basin dynamics / edited by, G.D. Veiga ... [et al]
Alluvial fans : geomorphology, sedimentology, dynamics / edited by A.M. Harvey, A.E. Mather and M. Stokes
Cool-water carbonates : depositional systems and palaeoenvironmental controls / edited by H.M. Pedley and G. Carannante
Analogue and numerical modelling of crustal-scale processes / edited by S.J.H. Buiter and G. Schreurs
Geomaterials in cultural heritage / edited by Marino Maggetti and Bruno Messiga
The deliberate search for the stratigraphic trap / edited by M.R. Allen ... [et al]
The Afar volcanic province within the East African rift system / edited by G. Yirgu, C.J. Ebinger and P.K.H. Maguire
Cretaceous-tertiary high-latitude palaeoenvironments : James Ross Basin, Antarctica / edited by J. E. Francis, D. Pirrie and J. A. Crame
The history of meteoritics and key meteorite collections : fireballs,falls and finds / edited by G. J. H. McCall, A. J. Bowden and R. J. Howarth
Tectonic development of the eastern Mediterranean region / edited by A.H.F. Robertson and D. Mountrakis
Fluid flow and solute movement in sandstones : the onshore UK Permo-Triassic red bed sequence / Edited by R. D Barker and J. H. Tellam
Tectonics of the western Mediterranean and North Africa / Edited by G. Moratti and A. Chalouan
New techniques in sediment core analysis / edited by R. G. Rothwell
Fractal analysis for natural hazards / edited by G. Cello, B. D. Malamud
Compositional data analysis in the geosciences : from theory to practice / edited by A. Buccianti, G. Mateu-Figueras, V. Pawlowsky-Glahn
Fractural analysis for natural hazards
Mechanisms of activity and unrest at large calderas / Edited by C. Troise, G. DeNatale and C. R. J. Kilburn
Non-marine Permian biostratigraphy and biochronology / edited by Spencer G. Lucas, Giuseppe Cassinis and Joreg W. Schneider
Channel flow, ductile extrusion and exhumation in continental collision zones / Edited by R. D. Law, M. P. Searle and L. Godin
Function of soils for human societies and the environment / Edited by E. Frossard, W. E. H. Blum and B. P. Warkentin
Coastal and shelf sediment transport / Edited by P. S. Balson and M. B. Collins
Myth and geology / edited by L. Piccardi and W. B. Masse
Fractured reservoirs / edited by L. Lonergan ... [et al]
Building stone decay : from diagnosis to conservation / edited by R. Prikryl and B. J. Smith
Seismic geomorphology : application to hydrocarbon exploration and production / edited by R. J. Davies ... [et al]
Palaeozoic reefs and bioaccumulations : climatic and evolutionary controls / edited by J. Javier Alvaro ... [et al]
Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas : recognition, analysis and mitigation / edited by M. Parise and J. Gunn
Economic and palaeoceanographic significance of contourite deposits / edited by A. R. Viana and M. Rebesco
Deformation of the continental crust : the legacy of Mike Coward / edited by AC. Ries, R.W.H. Butler and R.H. Graham
Mesozoic sub-continental lithospheric thinning under eastern Asia / edited by M.-G.Zhai...[et al.]
Imaging, mapping and modelling continental lithosphere extension and breakup / Edited by G. D. Karner, G. Manatschal and L. M. Pinheiro
Devonian events and correlations / edited by R. T. Becker and W. T. Kirchgasser
Mapping hazardous terrain using remote sensing / edited by R. M. Teeuw
The role of women in the history of geology / edited by C. V. Burek and B. Higgs
Four centuries of geological travel : the search for knowledge on foot, bicycle, sledge and camel / edited by Patrick N. Wyse Jackson
The relationship between damage and localization / edited by H. Lewis and G. D. Couples
The rise and fall of the Ediacaran biota / edited by Patricia Vickers-Rich and Patricia Komarower
Evaporites through space and time / edited by B. C. Schreiber, S. Lugli and M. Babel
Rock physics and geomechanics in the study of reservoirs and repositories / edited by C. David and M. Le Ravalec-Dupin
Tectonics of strike-slip restraining and releasing bends / edited by W. D. Cunningham and P. Mann
The geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia / edited by T. Taymaz, Y. Yilmaz and Y. Dilek
Structurally complex reservoirs / edited by S. J. Jolley ... [et al]
Metasomatism in oceanic and continental lithospheric mantle / edited by M. Coltorti and M. Gregoire
West Gondwana : pre-Cenozoic correlations across the South Atlantic region / edited by R. J Pankhurst ... [et al]
Climate change and groundwater / edited by W. Dragoni and B.S.Sukhija
Landscape evolution : denudation, climate and tectonics over different time and space scales / edited by K. Gallagher, S. J. Jones and J. Wainwright
The boundaries of the West African craton / edited by Nasser Ennih and Jean-Paul Liegeois
Fishes and the break-up of Pangaea / edited by L. Cavin, A. Longbottom and M. Richter
The history of geoconservation / edited by C.V. Burek and C.D. Prosser
The internal structure of fault zones : implications for mechanical and fluid-flow properties / edited by C. A. J Wibberley ... [et al]
Tectonic aspects of the Alpine-Dinaride-Carpathian system / edited by S. Siegesmund, B. Fugenschuh and N. Froitzheim
History of geomorphology and Quaternary geology / edited by R. H. Grapes, D. Oldroyd and A. Grigelis
Dynamics of crustal magma transfer, storage and differentiation / edited by C. Annen and G. F. Zellmer
Special Publication Geological Society of London -
Structure and emplacement of high-level magmatic systems / edited by K. Thomson and N. Petford
Biogeochemical controls on palaeoceanographic environmental proxies / edited by W.E.N. Austin and R.H. James
The nature and origin of compression in passive margins / edited by Howard Johnson, Tony G. Dore, Robert W. Gatcliff, Robert W. Holdsworth, Erik R. Lundin and J. Derek Ritchie
Fluid motions in volcanic conduits : a source of seismic and acoustic signals / edited by S.J. Lane and J. S. Gilbert
Communicating environmental geoscience / edited by D. G. E. Liverman, C. P. G. Pereira and B. Marker

The future of geological modelling in hydrocarbon development / edited by A. Robinson ... [et al]
Geodynamic evolution of East Antarctica : a key to East-West Gondwana connection / edited by M. Satish-Kumar ... [et al]
Geology and religion : a history of harmony and hostility / edited by Martina Kolbl-Ebert
Devonian change : studies in palaeogeography and palaeoecology / edited by P. Konigshof
Collision and collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone / edited by D. J. J. Van Hinsbergen, M. A. Edwards and R. Govers
South Caspian to Central Iran basins / edited by M.-F. Brunet, M. Wilmsen and J. W. Granath
Underground gas storage : worldwide experiences and future development in the UK and Europe / edited by D. J. Evans and R. A. Chadwick
Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic continental ecosystems in SE Asia / edited by E. Buffetaut ... [et al]
Palaeoseismology : historical and prehistorical records of earthquake ground effects for seismic hazard assessment / edited by K. Reicherter, A. M. Michetti and P. G. Silva
Earth accretionary systems in space and time / edited by P. A. Cawood and A. Kroner
Sediment-hosted gas hydrates : new insights on natural and synthetic systems / edited by D. Long, M. A. Lovell, J. G. Rees and C. A. Rochelle
Periglacial and paraglacial processes and environments / edited by J. Knight and S. Harrison
The making of the Geological Society of London / edited by C. L. E. Lewis and S. J. Knell
Geohazard in rocky coastal areas / edited by C. Violante
Palaeoproterozoic supercontinents and global evolution / edited by S.M. Reddy ... [et al]
Thermochronological methods: from palaeotemperature contraints to landscape evolution models / edited by F. Lisker, B. Ventura and U. A. Glasmacher
Extending a continent : architecture, rheology and heat budget / edited by U. Ring and B. Wernicke
Global Neoproterozoic petroleum systems : the emerging potential in North Africa / edited by J. Craig ... [et al]
Early Palaeozoic Peri-Gondwana terranes : new insights from tectonics and biogeography / edited by M. G. Bassett
Ancient orogens and modern analogues / edited by J. B. Murphy, J. D. Keppie and A. J. Hynes
The origin and evolution of the Carribean plate / edited by K. H. James, M. A. Lorente and J. L. Pindell
Mesozoic and Cenozoic carbonate systems of the Mediterranean and the Middle East : stratigraphic and diagenetic reference models / edited by F. S. P. Van Buchem, K. D. Gerdes and M. Esteban
Limestone in the built environment : present-day challenges for the preservation of the past / edited by B. J. Smith ... [et al]
Natural stone resources for historical monuments / edited by R. Prikryl and A Torok
The Triassic timescale / edited by Spencer G. Lucas
Advances in interpretation of geological processes : refinement of multi-scale data and integration in numerical modelling / edited by M. I. Spalla, A.M. Marotta, G. Gosso
Tectonic and stratigraphic evolution of Zagros and Makran during the Mesozoic-Cenozoic / edited by P. Leturmy and C. Robin
Continental tectonics and mountain building : the legacy of Peach and Horne / edited by R.D. Law, R.W.H. Butler, R.E. Holdsworth, M. Krabbendam and R.A. Strachan
Tufas and Speleothems : unravelling the microbial and physical controls / edited by H. M. Pedley and M. Rogerson
Petrological evolution of the European lithospheric mantle / edited by M. Coltorti ... [et al]
The evolving continents : understanding processes of continental growth / edited by T. M. Kusky M.-G. Zhai and W. Xiao
The terrestrialization process : modelling complex interactions at the biosphere-geosphere interface / edited by M. Vecoli, G. Clement and B. Meyer-Berthaud
Monsoon evolution and tectonic-climate linkage in Asia / edited by P. D. Clift, R. Tada and H. Zheng
Sedimentary basin tectonics from the Black Sea and Caucasus to the Arabian Platform / M. Sosson ...[et al]
Evolution of the Levant margin and western Arabia Platform since the Mesozoic / edited by C. Homberg and M. Bachmann
Dinosaurs and other extinct saurians : a historical perspective / edited by R. T. J. Moody ... [et al]
Australian landscapes / edited by P. Bishop and B. Pillans
Reservoir compartmentalization / edited by S. J. Jolley ... [et al]
Hydrocarbons in contractional belts / edited by G. Goffey ... [et al]
Fjord systems and archives / edited by J.A. Howe ... [et al]
Kinematic evolution and structural styles of fold-and-thrust belts / edited by J.Poblet and R. J. Lisle
Granite-related ore deposits / edited by A. N. Sial ... [et al]
Elevation models for geoscience / edited by C. Fleming, S.H. Marsh and J.R.A. Giles
Human interactions with the Geosphere: the geoarchaeological perspective / edited by L. Wilson
Growth and collapse of the Tibetan Plateau / edited by R. Gloaguen and L. Ratschbacher
Ice-marginal and periglacial processes and sediments / edited by I. P. Martini, H.M. French and A. Perez Alberti
The SE Asian Gateway: history and tectonics of the Australian-Asia collision / edited by R. Hall, M.A. Cottam and M.E.J. Wilson
The formation and evolution of Africa: a synopsis of 3.8 Ga of earth history / edited by D.J.J. Van Hinsbergen ... [et al]
Comparing the geological and fossil records: implications for biodiversity studies / edited by A.J. McGowan and A.B. Smith
Geology of the earthquake source: a volume in honour of Rick Sibson / edited by A. Fagereng, V.G. Toy and J.V. Rowland
Geological development of Anatolia and the easternmost Mediterranean region / edited by A.H.F. Robertson, O. Parlak and U.C. Unlugenc
Continent formation through time / edited by N.M.W. Roberts ... [et al]
The role of volatiles in the genesis, evolution and eruption of arc magmas / edited by G.F. Zellmer, M. Edmonds, and S.M. Straub
The use of palaeomagnetism and rock magnetism to understand volcanic processes / edited by M.H. Ort, M. Porreca and J.W. Geissman
Geodynamic processes in the Andes of central Chile and Argentina / edited by S. A. Sepulveda ... [et al]
Global heritage stone : towards international recognition of building and ornamental stone / edited by D. Pereira ... [et al]
Strata and time : probing the gaps in our understanding / edited by D.G. Smith
Gas generation and migration in deep geological radioactive waste repositories / edited by R.P. Shaw
Geoethics : the role and responsibility of geoscientists / edited by S. Peppoloni and G. di Capau
Microbial carbonates in space and time : implications for global exploration and production / edited by D.W.J. Bosence ... [et al]
Chemical, physical and temporal evolution of magmatic systems / edited by L. Caricchi and J. D. Blundy
Industrial structural geology: principles, techniques and integration / edited F.L. Richards ... [et al]
Magnetic susceptibility application: a window onto ancient environments and climatic variations / edited by A.C. da Silva ... [et al]
Sedimentary basins and crustal processes at continental margins: from modern hyper-extended margins to deformed ancient analogues / edited by G. M. Gibson, F. Roure and G. Manatschal
Rock deformation from field, experiments and theory: a volume in honour of Ernie Rutter / edited by D.R. Faulkner, E. Mariani and J. Mecklenburgh
Appreciating physical landscapes : three hundred years of geotourism / edited by T. A. Hose
Sustainable use of traditional geomaterials in construction practice / edited by R. Prikryl ... [et al]
Detecting, modelling and responding to effusive eruptions / edited by A.J.L. Harris ... [et al]
River-dominated shelf sediments of east Asian seas / edited by P.D. Clift ... [et al]
Palaeomagnetism in fold and thrust belts / edited by E.L. Pueyo ... [et al]
Transform margins : development, controls and petroleum systems / edited by M. Nemcok ... [et al]
Magmatic rifting and active volcanism / edited by T.J. Wright , A. Ayele, D.J. Ferguson, T. Kidaine and C. Vye-Brown
Devonian climate, sea level and evolutionary events / edited by R.T. Becker, P. Konigshof and C.E. Brett
The value of outcrop studies in reducing subsurface uncertainty and risk in hydrocarbon exploration and production / edited by M. Bowman ... [et al]
Integrated environmental modelling to solve real world problems: methods, vision and challenges / edited by A.T. Riddick, H. Kessler and J.R.A. Giles
Petroleum geoscience of the West Africa margin / edited by T. Sabato Ceraldi, R.A. Hodgkinson and G. Backe
Crust-mantle interactions and granitoid diversification : insights from Archaean cratons / edited by J. Halla ... [et al]
Seismicity, fault rupture and earthquake hazards in slowly deforming regions / edited by A. Landgraf ... [et al]
Quaternary glaciation in the Mediterranean mountains / edited by P.D. Hughes and J.C. Woodward
Tectonics of the Deccan large igneous province / edited by S. Mukherjee ... [et al]
Geochemistry and geophysics of active volcanic lakes / edited by T. Ohba, B. Capaccioni and C. Caudron
Earth system evolution and early life : a celebration of the work of Martin Brasier / edited by A.T. Brasier, D. McIlroy and N. McLoughlin
History of geoscience: celebrating 50 years of INHIGEO / edited by W. Mayer ... [et al]
Monogenetic volcanism / edited by K. Nemeth ... [et al]
Geology and medicine : historical connections / edited by C.J. Duffin, C. Gardner-Thorpe and R.T.J. Moody
Sedimentology of paralic reservoirs : recent advances / edited by G.J. Hampson ... [et al]
Geological evolution of Central Asian basins and the western Tien Shan range / edited by M.-F. Brunet, T. McCann and E.R. Sobel
The NE Atlantic region : a reappraisal of crustal structure, tectonostratigraphy and magmatic evolution / edited by G. Peron-Pinvidic ... [et al]
Geohazards in Indonesia : earth science for disaster risk reduction / edited by P.R. Cummins and I. Meilano
Crustal evolution of India and Antarctica : the supercontinent connection / edited by N.C. Plant and S. Dasgupta
Geomechanics and geology / edited by J.P. Turner ... [et al]
Geomechanical and petrophysical properties of mudrocks / edited by E.H. Rutter, J. Meclenburgh and K. Taylor
Tectonic evolution of the eastern Black Sea and Caucasus / edited by M. Sosson, R.A. Stephenson and S.A. Adamia
Subseismic-scale reservoir deformation / edited by M. Ashton, S. J. Dee and O. P. Wennberg
Exploration of subsurface Antarctica : uncovering past changes and modern processes / edited by M. J. Siegert, S. S. R. Jamieson and D. A. White
Tsunamis: geology, hazards and risks / edited by E.M. Scourse, N.A. Chapman, D.R. Tappin and S.R. Wallis
New perspectives on Pterosaur palaeobiology / edited by D. W. E. Hone, M. P. Witton and D. M. Martill
Circum-Arctic lithosphere evolution / edited by V. Pease and B. Coakley
The Permian timescale / edited by S. G. Lucas and S. Z. Shen
Radon, health and natural hazards / edited by G. K. Gilmore, F. E. Perrier and R. G. M. Crockett
Large igneous provinces from Gondwana and adjacent regions / edited by S. Sensarma and B. C. Storey
Advances in karst research : theory, fieldwork and applications / edited by M. Parise ... [et al]
Reservoir quality of clastic and carbonate rocks: analysis, modelling and prediction / edited by P. J. Armitage ... [et al]
History of the European oil and gas industry / edited by J. Craig ... [et al]
Petroleum geology of the Black Sea / edited by M. D. Simmons, G. C. Tari and A. I. Okay
Mesozoic resource potential in the Southern Permian Basin / edited by B. Kilhams ... [et al]
The Himalayan cryosphere: past and present / edited by N. C. Pant ... [et al]
Geology and geomorphology of alluvial and fluvial fans: terrestrial and planetary perspectives / edited by D. Ventra and L. E. Clarke
Cratonic basin formation : a case study of the Parnaiba Basin of Brazil / edited by M. C. Daly ... [et al]
Military aspects of geology : fortification, excavation and terrain evaluation / edited by E. P.F Rose, J. Ehlen and U. L. Lawrence
Martian gullies and their earth analogues / edited by S. J. Conway ... [et al]
Glaciated margins: the sedimentary and geophysical archive / edited by D. P. Le Heron ... [et al]
Paleozoic plays of NW Europe / edited by A. A. Monaghan ... [et al]
Metamorphic geology : microscale to mountain belts / edited by S. Ferrero ... [et al]
HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts / edited by Lifei Zhang ... [et al]
Groundwater in fractured bedrock environments: managing catchment and subsurface resources / edited by U. Oferterdinger, A. M MacDonald, J.-C Comte and M. E. Young
Aspects of the life and works of Archibald Geike / edited by J. Betterton ... [et al]
Subaqueous mass movements and their consequences : assessing geohazards, environmental implications and economic significance of subaqueous landslides / edited by D. G. Lintern ... [et al]
Multiple roles of clays in radioactive waste confinement / edited by S. Norris, E.A.C. Neeft and M. Van Geet
Crustal architecture and evolution of the Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet orogen / edited by Rajesh Sharma, Igor M. Villa and Santosh Kumar
Himalayan tectonics : a modern synthesis / edited by P. J. Treloar and M. P. Searle
River to reservoir : geoscience to engineering / edited by P. W. M. Corbett ... [et al]
Fifty years of the WIlson cycle concept in plate tectonics / edited by R. W. Wilson ... [et al]
Folding and fracturing of rocks : 50 years of research since the seminal text book of J. G. Ramsay / edited by C. E. Bond and H. D. Lebit
Post-Archean granitic rocks : petrogenetic processes and tectonic environments / edited by : V. Janousek [et al]
Subaqueous mass movements and their consequences: advances in process understanding, monitoring and hazard assessments / edited by A. Georgiopoulou [et al]
Cretaceous climate events and short-term sea-level changes / edited by M. Wagreich, M. B. Hart, B. Sames and I. O. Yilmaz
Passive margins: tectonics, sedimentation and magmatism / edited by : K. R. McClay and J. A. Hammerstein
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