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Journal Title Fossils and StrataSerial header
Holdings KEY=(1)1972-(56)2009 Lacks: (31),(32),(37)
ISSN 03009491
Publication Oslo : Universitetsforlaget, 1972-
Classmarks 03595 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Palaeontology; Stratigraphy; Stratigraphical correlation;
Alt. Titles Parallel: FOSSILS STRATA
Language English; German;
Order status On order
Contains Taxonomy, ecology and identity of conodonts : proceedings of the third European Conodont Symposium (ECOS III) in Lund, 30th August to 1st September, 1982
Llandoverian and Wenlockian graptolites from Bornholm / Merete Bjerreskov
Late Precambrian microfossils from the Visingo beds in southern Sweden / Gonzalo Vidal
Trace fossils from the Lower Cambrian Mickwitzia sandstone, south-central Sweden / S.Jensen
Taxonomy and paleoecology of late Neogene benthic foraminifera from the Caribbean Sea and eastern equitorial Pacific ocean / L.Bornmalm
Deep-sea benthic foraminifera from Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary strata in the South Atlantic - taxonomy and paleoecology / J.G.V.Widmark
Cambrian acritarchs from Upper Silesia, Poland - biochronology and tectonic implications / M.Moczydlowska
Arthropods of the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang fauna, southwest China / H.Xianguang & J.Bergstrom
Coniacian and Santonian belemnite faunas from Bornholm, Denmark: Santonian to Maastrichtian ammonites from Scania, southern Sweden W.J.Kennedy & W.K.Christensen / W.K.Christensen & M.-G.Schulz
Wall structure and classification of fossil and Recent elphidiid and nonionid Foraminifera / Hans J?rgen Hansen and Anne-Lise Lykke-Andersen
Trilobites of the Tremadoc Bjorkasholmen Formation in the Oslo region of Norway / J.O.R.Ebbestad
Morphology, ontogeny and phylogeny of the Phosphatocopina (Crustacea) from the Upper Cambrian 'Orsten' of Sweden / A.Maas, D.Waloszek & K.J.Muller
Fossils and Strata -
Lower vertebrates from the Palaeozoic : first International Palaeontological Congress (IPC 2002), Sydney, Australia, July 2002. Proceedings of symposium 6, Palaeozoic vertebrates / edited by Gavin C. Young
Trace fossils in evolutionary palaeoecology : proceedings of session 18 (Trace Fossils) of the First International Palaeontological Congress Sydney, Australia, July 2002 / edited by Barry D. Webby, M. Gabriela Mangano & Luis A. Buatois
New middle and late Anisian (Middle Triassic) ammonoid faunas from northwestern Nevada (USA) : taxonomy and biochronology / by Claude Monnet and Hugo Bucher
The early Cretaceous (late Ryazanian - early Hauterivian) ammonite fauna of North-East Greenland : taxonomy, biostratigraphy and biogeography / by Peter Alsen
Brachiopoda : fossil and recent / Edited by David A. T. Harper, Sarah L. Long and Claus Nielsen
Smithian (early Triassic) ammonoid faunas from northwestern Guangxi (South China) : taxonomy and biochronology / by Arnaud Brayard and Hugo Bucher
Trilobites of the Middle Ordovician Elnes Formation of the Oslo region, Norway / by Thomas Hansen
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BGS Keyworth - Library(1)1972-(56)2009 Lacks: (31),(32),(37) 
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