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Journal Title Special Publication of the Society of Economic Paleontologists and MineralogistsSerial header
Holdings KEY=(2)1951-(89)2008 Lacks: (4)
Series SEPM special publication
ISSN 00973270
Publication Tulsa, Oklahoma : SOC OF ECONOMIC PALEONTOL & MINERAL, 19 -
Classmarks 07502 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Sedimentology; Palaeontology; Mineralogy; Petroleum & hydrocarbons;
Parallel: SEPM Special Publication
Language English;
Order status Additional copies on order
Contains Special Publication of the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists -
Aquifer characterization / edited by John S. Bridge
Cyclostratigraphy : approaches and case histories / edited by Bruno D'Argenio ... [et al]
The deposition of organic-carbon-rich sediments : models, mechanisms and consequences / edited by Nicholas B. Harris
River deltas : concepts, models and examples / edited by: Liviu Giosan and Janok P. Bhattacharya
Facies models revisited
Incised valleys in time and space / edited by Robert W. Dalrymple, Dale A. Leckie and Roderick W. Tillman
Proterozoic geology of western North America and Sibera / edited by Paul K Link and Reed S. Lewis
Cretaceous rudists and carbonate platforms : environmental feedback / edited by : Robert W. Scott
Sediment-organism interactions : a multifaceted ichnology / edited by : Richard G. Bromley ... [et al]
Controls on carbonate platform and reef development / edited by: Jeff Lukasik and J. A. (Toni) Simo
Recent advances in models of siliciclastic shallow-marine stratigraphy / Edited by: Gary J. Hampson ... [et al]
Cretaceous oceanic red beds : stratigraphy, composition, origins, and paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic significance / edited by Xiumian Hu ... [et al]
Location Holding Summary Holding start/end dates
BGS Keyworth - Library(2)1951-(89)2008 Lacks: (4) 
Issues Rec'd No 36