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Journal Title Special Paper Geological Society of AmericaSerial header
Holdings KEY=(1)1934-(454)2009;(465),(474),(478),(482),(486),(500)2013,(501),(502),(503),(505),515(2015),(530)2018 Lacks: (89)65,(108)70; EDI=(7)1934-(125)1970 Lacks: (16),(18),(64),(128)-(130)
Series Special paper (Geological Society of America)
ISSN 00721077
Publication Boulder, Colo. : Geological Society of America, 1934-
Classmarks 07501 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER;
Alt. Titles Parallel: SPEC PAP GEOL SOC AM
Language English;
Order status Additional copies on order
Contains Societal challenges and geoinformatics / edited by A. Krishna Sinha ... [et al]
Earth and mind. II, a synthesis of research on thinking and learning in the GeoSciences / edited by Kim A. Kastens and Cathryn A. Manduca
The impact of the geological sciences on society / edited by Marion E. Bickford
Through the end of the Cretaceous in the type locality of the Hell Creek formation in Montana and adjacent areas / edited by Gregory P. Wilson, William A. Clemens, John P. Horner, Jospeh H. Hartman
Classic concepts in Cordilleran geology: a view from California / edited by E.M.Moores, D.Sloan & D.L.Stout
Thermal evolution of the Tertiary Shimanto Belt, Southwest Japan : an example of ridge-trench interaction / edited by Michael B. Underwood
Special Paper Geological Society of America -
Natural hazards in El Salvador / edited by William I. Rose ... [et al]
Posture, locomotion and paleoecology of pterosaurs / by Sankar Chatterjee and R.J. Templin
Hydraulic tests of Miocene volcanic rocks at Yucca Mountain and Puhute Mesa and implications for groundwater flow in the Southwest Nevada volcanic field, Nevada and California / by Arthur L. Geldon
Sulfur biogeochemistry : past and present / edited by Jan P. Amend, Katrina J. Edwards, Timothy W. Lyons
Gneiss domes in orogeny / edited by Donna L. Whitney, Christian Teyssier, Christine S. Siddoway
Orogenic curvature : integrating paleomagnetic and structural analyses / edited by Aviva J. Sussman and Arlo B. Weil
Cenozoic climatic and environmental changes in Russia / edited by A.A. Velichko, V.P. Nechaev; editors of the English-language edition, H.E. Wright ... [et al]
Active tectonics and seismic hazards of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and offshore areas / edited by Paul Mann, John A. and Katherine G. Jackson
Reconstruction of Pleistocene ice-dammed lake outburst floods in the Altai Mountains, Siberia / Jurgen Herget
Fifth Hutton Symposium : the origin of granites and related rocks : proceedings of a symposium held in Toyohashi, Japan, 2-6 September 2003 / edited by S. Ishihara ... [et al]
Large meteorite impacts III / edited by Thomas Kenkmann, Friedrich Horz, Alex Deutsch
Stone decay in the architectural environment / edited by Alice V. Turkington
A typology of sculpted forms in open bedrock channels / by Keith Richardson, Paul Anthony Carling
Net dextral slip, Neogene San Greorio-Hosgri fault zone, coastal California : geologic evidence and tectonic implications / William R. Dickinson ... [et al]
Coal systems analysis / edited by Peter D. Warwick
Plates, plumes and paradigms / edited by Gillian R. Foulger ... [et al]
Caribbean-South American plate interactions, Venezuela / edited by Hans G. Ave Lallemant, Virginia B. Sisson
Isotopic and elemental tracers of Cenozoic climate change / edited by German Mora and Donna Surge
Kinematics and dynamics of lava flows / edited by Michael Manga, Guido Ventura
Collisional delamination in New Guinea : the geotectonics of subducting slab breakoff / by Mark Cloos ... [et al]
Geoinformatics : data to knowledge / edited by A. Krishna Sinha
Tectonics, climate and landscape evolution / edited by Sean D. Willett... [et al]
Wetlands through time / edited by Stephen F. Greb and William A. DiMichele
Neogene-quaternary continental margin volcanism : a perspective from Mexico / edited by Claus Siebe, Jose Luis Macias, Gerardo J. Aguirre-Diaz
Ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism : deep continental subduction / edited by Bradley R. Hacker, William C. McClelland, John G. Liou
The Mojave-Sonora megashear hypothesis : development, assessment and alternatives / edited by Thomas H. Anderson ... [et al]
Processes on the early Earth / edited by Wolf Uwe Reimold, Roger L. Gibson
New frontiers in Dead Sea paleonenvironmental research / edited by Yehouda Enzel, Amotz Agnon, Mordechai Stein
Perspectives on karst geomorphology, hydrology and geochemistry : a tribute volume to Derek C. Ford and William B. White / edited by Russell S. Harmon, Carol M. Wicks
Temper sands in prehistoric oceanian pottery : geotectonics, sedimentology, petrography, provenance / William R. Dickinson
Evolution of an Andean margin : A tectonic and magmatic view from the Andes to the Neuquen Basin (35-39 S lat) / edited by Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Victor A. Ramos
Postcollisional tectonics and magnetism in the Mediterranean region and Asia / Edited by Yildirim Dilek and Spyros Pavlides
Geological studies in the Klamath Mountains Province, California and Oregon : A volume in honor of William P. Irwin / edited by Arthur W. Snoke and Calvin G. Barnes
The origins of geology in Italy / edited by Gian Battista Vai and W. Glen E. Caldwell
Bibliography and index of Paleozoic crinoids, coronates and hemistreptocrinoids 1958-1999 / compiled by Gary Webster
Tuffs : Their properties, uses, hydrology and resources / Edited by Grant Heiken
Volcanic hazards in Central America / Edited by William I. Rose ... [et al]
Styles of continental contraction / edited by Stefano Mazzoli [and] Robert W.H. Butler
In situ : produced cosmogenic nuclides and quantification of geological processes / edited by Lionel L. Siame, Didier L. Bourles and Erik T. Brown
Earth and mind : how geologists think and learn about the Earth / edited by Cathryn A. Manduca and David W. Mogk
The sedimentary record of meteorite impacts / edited by Kevin R. Evans ... [et al]
Cenozoic volcanism in the Mediterranean area / edited by Luigi Beccaluva, Gianluca Bianchini and Marjorie Wilson
Convergent margin terranes and associated regions : a tribute to W. G. Ernest / edited by M. Cloos ... [et al.]
Geology of Mexico : celebrating the centenary of the Geological Society of Mexico / edited by Susana A. Alaniz-Alvarez and Angel F. Nieto-Samaniego
Sedimentary provenance and petrogenesis : perspectives from petrography and geochemistry / edited by Jose Arribas, Salvatore Critelli and Mark J. Johnsson
Paleoenvironmental record and applications of calcretes and palustrine carbonates / edited by Ana Maria Alonso-Zarza and Lawrence H. Turner
Triassic evolution of the Yangtze platform in Guizhou Province, People's Republic of China / Paul Enos ... [et al.]
Advances in high-pressure mineralogy / edited by Eiji Ohtani
The evolution of the Rheic Ocean : from Avalonian-Cadomian active margin to Alleghenian-Variscan collision / edited by Ulf Linnemann ... [et. al.]
Large ecosystem perturbations : causes and consequnces / edited by Simonetta Monechi, Rodolfo Coccioni, Michael R. Rampino
Continental intraplate earthquakes : science, hazard and policy issues / edited by Seth Stein and Stephane Mazzotti
Coastline changes : interrelation of climate and geological processes / Jan Harff, William W. Hay, Daniel M. Tetzlaff
Geologic and tectonic development of the caribbean plate boundary in northern Central America / edited by Paul Mann
The Pennsylvanian - early Permian Bird Spring carbonate shelf, southeastern California : fusulinid biostratigraphy, paleogeographic evolution and teconic implications / Calvin H. Stevens, Paul Stone
Plates, plumes and planetary processes / edited by Gillian R. Foulger, Donna M. Jurdy
Tectonic growth of a collisional continental margin : crustal evolution of southern Alaska / edited by Kenneth D. Ridgway ... [et al]
Stratigraphic analyses using GPR / edited by Gregory S. Baker and Harry M. Jol
The geology and paleontology of the late Cretaceous marine deposits of the Dakotas / edited by James E. Martin and David C. Parris
Whence the mountains? Inquiries into the evolution of Orogenic systems : a volume in honor of Raymond A. Price / edited by James W. Sears, Tekla A. Harms and Carol A. Evenchick
Exhumation associated with continental strike-slip fault systems / edited by Alison B. Till ... [et al]
Paleontology of the Upper Eocene Florissant Formation, Colorado / edited by Herbert W. Meyer and Dena M. Smith
Formation and applications of the sedimentary record in arc collision zones / edited by Amy E. Draut, Peter D. Clift, David W. Scholl
Ophiolites, arcs and batholiths : a tribute to Cliff Hopson / edited by James E. Wright, John W. Shervais
Late Cenozoic drainage history of the southwestern Great Basin and lower Colorado River region : geologic and biotic perspectives / edited by Marith C. Reheis, Robert Hershler, David M. Miller
When did plate tectonics begin on planet Earth? / edited by Kent C. Condie, Victoria Pease
Response of upper Gulf Coast Estuaries to Holocene climate change and sea-level rise / edited by John B. Anderson, Antonio B. Rodriguez
Resolving the late Paleozoic ice age in time and space / edited by Christopher R. Fielding, Tracey D. Frank, John L. Isbell
Investigations into the tectonics of the Tibetan Plateau / edited by B. Clark Burchfiel, Erchie Wang
The terrane puzzle : new perspectives on paleontology and stratigraphy from the North American Cordillera / edited by Robert B. Blodgett, George D. Stanley Jr.
Deformation and exhumation at convergent margins : the Franciscan subduction complex / Uwe Ring
The geology of early humans in the Horn of Africa / edited by Jay Quade, Jonathan G. Wynn
Paleoenvironments of Bear Lake, Utah and Idaho, and its catchment / edited by Joseph G. Rosenbaum, Darrell S. Kaufman
The Late Eocene Earth : hothouse, icehouse and impacts / edited by Christian Koeberl, Alessandro Montanari
Late Cenozoic structure and evolution of the Great Basin - Sierra Nevada transition / edited by John S. Oldow and Patricia H. Cashman
The Permian extinction and the Tethys : an exercise in global geology / A.M. Celal Sengor, Saniye Atayman
The World in a crucible : laboratory practice and geological theory at the beginning of geology / Sally Newcomb
Preservation of random megascale events on Mars and Earth: influence on geologic history / edited by Mary G. Chapman and Lazlo P. Keszthelyi
Management and restoration of fluvial systems with broad historical changes and human impacts / edited by L. Allan James, Sara L. Rathburn, G. Richard Whittecar
Earth science in the urban ocean : the Southern Californian continental borderland / edited by Homa J. Lee and Wiliam R. Normark
Large meteorite impacts and planetary evolution IV / edited by Roger L. Gibson and Wolf Uwe Reimold
Volcanism and evolution of the African lithosphere / edited by Luigi Beccaluva, Gianluca Bianchini, Marjorie Wilson
Qualitative inquiry in geoscience education research: edited by Anthony D. Feig and Alison Stokes
Paying attention to mudrocks: priceless / edited by Daniel Larsen ... [et al]
The web of geological sciences: advances, impacts, and interactions / edited by Marion E. Bickford
Quaternary glaciation of the Great Lakes region: process, landforms, sediments, and chronology / edited by Alan E. Kehew [and] B. Brandon Curry
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Issues Rec'd No. 127 Symposium on palynology of the Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary
No. 286 Modern and ancient coal-forming environments
Special Paper 285 (1993)
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No.235 Proterozoic Geology of the Southern Rocky Mountains (1989)
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