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Journal Title Geologica UltraiectinaSerial header
Holdings KEY = (1)1957-(248)2004
Series Geologica Ultraiectina
ISSN 00721026
Publication Utrecht, Netherlands : DRUKKERIJ STORM, 1957-2004
Classmarks 03439 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER;
Related Titles Continued as: Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) Utrecht University
Continued as: Geologica Ultraiectina : [electronic version]
Alt. Titles Parallel: GEOL ULTRAIECTINA
Language English;
Contains Recent and fossil benthic foraminifera in the Adriatic Sea: distribution patterns in relation to organic carbon flux and oxygen concentration at the seabed / H.C. deStigter
Seismological aspects of intermediate and small-scale Upper Mantle structure: considerations on a global and regional scale / M.L.Passier
Structural, kinematic and metallogenic evolution of selected domains of the Pilbara granitoid-greenstone terrain : implications for mid-Archean tectonic regimes / T.E.Zegers
The long-term evolution of subduction zones: a modelling study / D.Olbertz
Processes affecting the distribution and speciation of heavy metals in the Rhine/Meuse Estuary / M.Paalman
Distinct body wave phenomena caused by mantle structure: detection, observations and interpretations / M.Schimmel
Transport, preservation and accumulation of organic carbon in the North Sea / H. de Haas
Monte Carlo waveform inversion and deep continental structure / E.J.Muijzert
The Alpine evolution of Thessaly (NW Greece) and late Tertiary Aegean kinematics / C.R.Walcott
Geochemical behaviour of heavy metals in a sedimentation area of the Rivers Rhine and Meuse / G. van den Berg
Geochemistry of eastern Mediterranean sedimentary cycles : on the origin of Miocene to Pleistocene sapropels, laminites and diatomites / I.A.Nijenhuis
Pelagic, hemipelagic and turbidite deposition in the Arabian Sea during the late Quaternary : unravelling the signals of eolian and fluvial sediment supply as functions of tectonics, sea-level and climate change by means of end-member modelling of siliclastic grain-size distributions / M.A.Prins
Slab detachment and the evolution of the Apenninic arc (Italy) / M.J. van der Meulen
Evolution of the continental upper mantle: numerical modelling of thermo-chemical convection including partial melting / J.H. de Smet
Mass transfer processes in crystalline aggregates containing a fluid phase / H.J.M.Visser
Aspects of high resolution marine seismics / N.Verbeek
Geodynamic evolution and mantle structure / M. De Jonge
Dynamics of active continental margins: the Andes and the Aegean Region / P.T.Meijer
Deformation mechanisms in fine grained quatrzo-feldspathic mylonites / T.F.Fliervoet
Deformation processes in polycrystalline aggregates of gypsum
Estimates of stability and propagation of errors in nonlinear inverse problems : with applications to delay-time tomography and Inverse Scattering Transformations / H.J.S.Dorren
Interactions between cadmium and calcite / R.D.van der Weijen
Surface-wave mode coupling: modelling and inverting waveforms including body-wave phases / H.Marquering
Broadband seismological data studies: validity of assumptions in surface wave studies and detailed structure of the Upper Mantle / D.A.Vila
Isolation and chemical characterization of resistant macromolecular constituents in microalgae and marine sediments / F.Gelin
Miocene magnetostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy in the Mediterranean: extension of the astronomical polarity time scale / W.Krijgsman
Development of porphyroclast geometries during non-coaxial flow: an experimental and analytical investigation / C.E.ten Brink
Les roches cristallines des Cevennes medianes, a hauteur de Largentiere, Ardeche, France / Q.A. Palm
Etude paleomagnetique et sedimentologique du bassin permien de Lodeve Herault, France / G.P. Kruseman
Gravity tectonics in Eastern Cadore and Western Carnia, (respectively provinces of Belluno and Udine), NE Italy, (with additional notes on the geochemistry of lead) / B.W. Vink
Trace metal distribution in the Southern Ocean - influence of hydrographic and biologic processes / B.M.Loscher
Neogene to Recent tectonic evolution of the central Mediterranean: an integrated paleomagnetic approach / C.E.Duermeijer
Rock-magnetic studies on hematite, maghemite and combustion-metamorphic rocks (the quest to understand the 'hidden attraction' of rocks) / Cor B. de Boer
Thermochemical convection in porous media: an application to hydrothermal systems and magmatic intrusions / S.Schoofs
Statistical properties of travel time measurements and the structure of the Earth's mantle / Axel H.E. Rohm
Seismic travel-time tomography for detailed global mantle structure / H. Bijwaard
Cycling of phosphorous and manganese in the Arabian Sea during the late Quaternary / S.J. Schenau
Synthesis of zeolites from coal fly ash / G. Hollman
Properties and application of zeolitized fly ash / A. Steenbruggen
Multi-component wavefield separation with application to land seismic data / Snadrea M. Richwalski
Survival under stress: benthioc foraminiferal patterns and Cenozoic biotic crises / Tanja J. Kouwenhoven
Structural analyis of some marine kerogens through a combined chemical and thermal degradation approach / Ingeborg M. Hold
Benthic foraminiferal response to Late Quaternary variations in surface water productivity and oxygenation in the northern Arabian Sea / M. den Dulk
Orbital forcing in late Neogene lacustrine basins from the Mediterranean / N van Vugt
Tectono-stratigraphical evolution of the Cankiri Basin (Central Anatolia, Turkey) / N.Kaymakci
Surface deformation resulting from subduction and slab detachment / S.J.H. Buiter
Mineralogy and geochemistry of bauxite and bentonite deposits from Mozambique / A.C. dos Muchangos
Structural analysis of resistant polymers in extant algae and ancient sediments / P.Blokker
Molecular characterization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in seawater / J.D.H. van Heemst
Naturally occurring radioactive materials in the gas and oil industry: origin, transport and deposition of stable lead and 210Pb from Dutch gas reservoirs / A.P.Schmidt
Deformation mechanisms and melt nano-structures in experimentally deformed olivine-orthopyroxene rocks with low melt fractions (an electron microscope study) / P.A. de Kloe
Fluxes, diagenesis and preservation of Recent and Holocene sediments in the eastern Mediterranean / A.Rutten
Seasonality, biodiversity and microhabitats in benthic foraminiferal communities / N.T. Jannink
Behaviour of volatiles in arc volcanism: geochemical and petrologic evidence from active volcanoes in Indonesia / J.C.M. de Hoog
Orbital signatures in lacustrine sediments: the Late Neogene intramontane Florina-Ptolemais-Servia Basin, northwestern Greece / J.Steenbrink
The effect of small-scale heterogeneity on the propagation of waves - with application to forward modeling and inversion in global surface wave tomography / J.Spetzler
Astronomical forcing in continental sediments - an integrated stratigraphic study of Miocene deposits from the Calatayud and Teruel basins, NE Spain / H.A. Aziz
Chemical distinction between lithogenic and pedogenic iron oxides in environmental magnetism - a search for the perfect solution / I.H.M. van Oorschot
Mechanisms and biogeochemical implications of the mid-Cretaceous global organic carbon burial events / M.M.M.Kuijpers
Unravelling the magnetic record in marine and continental sediments: climatic versus geomagnetic signals / P.P.Kruiver
Shallow and bouyant lithospheric subduction: causes and implications from thermo-chemical numerical modeling / J. van Hunen
Late Quaternary Southwestern African terrestrial-climate signals in the marine record of Walvis Ridge, SE Atlantic Ocean / Jan-Berend W. Stuut
Early diagenesis of amino acids in NE Atlantic continental margin sediments / Mark M.C.H. Grutters
Biogenic silica cycling in the upwelling area on the Somalian margin / Erica Koning
Early diagenesis of manganese, iron and phosphorous in European continental margin sediments / Claar van der Zee
Soil acidification monitoring in the Netherlands / Gerben Mol
The alkali-silica reaction: mineralogical and geochemical aspects of some Dutch concretes and Norwegian mylonites / Maarten A.T.M. Broekmans
Intracrystalline deformation and slaty cleavage development in very low-grade slates from the central pyrenees
Relationship between dynamic recrystallization, grain size distribution and rheology / Jan H. ter Heege
Structure and isotopic composition of bacterial lipids: insights into distribution and carbon acquisition mechanisms of bacteria in hot spring microbial mats / Marcel van der Meer
An experimental study on the proxy value of benthic foraminifera - the impact of physical disturbance, oxygen depletion and organic flux / Sander R. Ernst
Quantitative three-dimensional modelling of Quaternary cotinental passive margins; forward modelling of the morphological evolution, sediment characteristics and sequence stratigraphy of river-shelf sedimentary systems / X.D.Meijer
Structure of the uppermost mantle beneath North America; regional surface wave tomography and thermo-chemical interpretation / Stephanie Godey
Paleo-environmental effects of the mid-Pleistocene transition in the tropical Atlantic and equatorial Africa / E.Schefuss
Natural sulfurization of carbohydrates in marine sediments: consequences for the chemical and carbon isotopic composition of sedimentary organic matter / Bart.E. van Dongen
Geochemistry and environmental mineralogy of the iron-sulphur-arsenic system / Mariette Wolthers
Three-dimensional modelling of thrust-controlled foreland basin stratigraphy / Quintijn Clevis
Holocene environmental changes disclosed from anoxic fjord sediments by biomarkers and their radiocarbon content / Rienk Hajo Smittenberg
Reactivity of organic matter and other reductants in aquifer sediments / door Niels Hartog
The foraminiferal - bacterial connection : an interdisciplinary study of meiofaunal behaviour in the deeper marine redox zone / door Alexandra Maria Langezaal
Interseismic and coseismic surface deformation deduced from space geodetic observations : with inferences on siesmic hazard, tectonic processes, earthquake complexity, and slip distribution / door Annemarie G. Bos
Seismic anisotropy inside the Earth from a model space search approach / door Caroline Beghein
Heterogeneity, uncertainty and process identification in early diagenesis : new model developments with applications to biological mixing / by Christof Dieter Meile
Geodynamic evolution of the West and Central Pilbara Craton in Western Australia : a mid-Archaean active continental margin / door Kike Anneke Beintema
Sedimentary development, seismic stratigraphy and burial compaction of the Chalk Group in the Netherlands North Sea area / door Allard Sytse van der Molen
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BGS Keyworth - Library(1)1957-(248)2004 
BGS Keyworth - Library Scottish Collectionholds (4-5)60,(8)61,(15)68 only 
Issues Rec'd No. 104 Planktonic organic matter in surficial sediments of the Banda Sea (Indonesia) - A palynological approach