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Journal Title TectonophysicsSerial header
Holdings KEY = (1)1964-(236)1994; Online only 2012-
ISSN 00401951
Publication Amsterdam : Elsevier, 1964-
Classmarks 03518 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Tectonics;
Files Online access for NERC staff use ONLY
Related Titles See Also: Tectonophysics : [electronic version]
Alt. Titles Parallel: TECTONOPHYSICS
Language Dutch; English;
Order status Additional copies on order
Location Holding Summary Holding start/end dates
BGS Keyworth - Library(1)1964-(236)1994 
Electronic only held  
Issues Rec'd vol. 326 pt/no 1-2 - Advances in palaeomagnetism and tectonics of active margins
vol. 319 pt/no 2
v.310 no.1-4
v.308 no.4
v.308 no.3
v.308 no.1-2
v.307 no.3-4
v.306 no.3-4
v.306 no.2
v.306 no.1
v.305 no.4
v.305 no.1-3a
v.304 no.4
v.304 no.3
v.304 no.1-2
v.302 no.3-4
v.302 no.1-2
v.301 no.3-4
v.301 no.1-2
v.300 no.1-4
v.299 no.4
v.299 no.1-3
v.298 no.4
v.297 no.1-4
v.296 no.3-4
v.295 no.3-4
v.295 no.1-2
v.294 no.3-4
v.294 no.1-2
v.293 no.3-4
v.293 no.1-2
v.292 no.3-4
v.291 no.1-4
v.291 no.1-2
v.290 no.3-4
v.290 no.1-2
v.289 no.4
v.289 no.1-3
v.287 no.1-4
v.285 no.3/4
v.285 no.1-2
v.284 no.3-4
v.284 no.1-2
v.283 no.1-4
v.282 no.1-4
v.281 no.3-4
v.281 no.1-2
v.280 no.3-4
v.280 no.1-2
v.279 no.1-4
v.278 no.1-4
v.277 no.4
v.276 no.1-4
v.275 no.4
v.275 no.1-3
v.274 no.4
v.274 no.1-3
v.273 no.3-4
v.272 no.2-4
v.272 no.1
v.271 no.3-4
v.271 no.1-2
v.270 no.3-4
v.270 no.1-2
v.269 no.3-4
v.269 no.1-2
v.268 no.1-4
v.267 no.1-4
v.265 no.3-4
v.265 no.1-2
v.264 no.1-4
v.263 no.1-4
v.262 no.1-4
v.261 no.4
v.261 no.1-3
v.260 no.4
v.260 no.1-3
v.259 no.4
v.259 no.1-3
v.258 no.1-4
v.257 no.2-4
v.257 no.1
v.256 no.1-4
v.255 no.3-4
v.255 no.1-2
v.254 no.3-4
v.254 no.1-2
v.253 no.3-4
v.253 no.1-2
v.252 no.1-4
v.251 no.1-4
v.243 no.3-4
v.241 no.3-4
v.231 no.1-3
vol. 330 pt/no 3-4
vol. 330 pt/no 1-2
vol. 312 pt/no 1 - The influence of granite emplacement on tectonics / edited by C.Simpson