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Journal Title Special Papers in PalaeontologySerial header
Holdings KEY = (1)1967-(80)2008
Series Special Papers in Palaeontology
ISSN 00386804
Publication London : Palaeontological Association, 1967-
Classmarks 00852 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Palaeontology;
Alt. Titles Parallel: SPEC PAP PALAEONTOL
Language English;
Order status Additional copies on order
Contains [Papers] / edited by Peter R. Crowther and William A. Wimbledon
The Palaeocene flora of the Isle of Mull / M.C.Boulter and Z.Kvacek incorporating unpublished observations by A.C.Seward and W.N.Edwards
Benthic palaeoecology of the late Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay of England / P.B.Wignall
The Murchison symposium : proceedings of an International Conference on the Silurian System / edited by M.G.Bassett, P.D.Lane and D.Edwards
Studies in palaeobotany and palynology in honour of Professor W.G. Chaloner, F.R.S. / edited by M.E.Collinson and A.C.Scott
'Belemnitella' from the Upper Campian and Lower Maastrichtian Chalk of Norfolk, England / W.K.Christensen
Studies on Carboniferous and Permian vertebrates : proceedings of the fourth International Symposium on Permo-Carboniferous continental faunas / edited by A.N.Milner
Fossil and Recent eggshell in amniotic vertebrates: fine structure, comparative morphology and classification / K.E.Mikhailov
Himalayan Cambrian Trilobites / P.A.Jell & N.C.Hughes
Late Ordovician brachiopods from the South China plate and their palaeogeographical significance / Z.Ren-Bin & L.R.M.Cocks
Cretaceous fossil vertebrates / edited by D.M.Unwin
Organisms and continents through time : methods of assessing relationships between past and present biologic distributions and the positions of continents. A symposium of 23 papers / Edited by N. F. Hughes
The mammal fauna of the early Middle Pleistocene cavern infill site of Westbury-sub-Mendip, Somerset / by Michael J. Bishop
Arundian (Lower Carboniferous) Conodonts from South Wales / Jeremy J. Stone
The skeletal morphology, systematics and evolutionary history of Holothurians / P.M.Gilliland
Curation of palaeontological collections : a joint colloquium of the Palaeontological Association and the Geological Curator's Group / edited by M.G.Bassett
Turonian ammonite faunas from central Tunisia / G.R.Chancellor, W.J.Kennedy and J.M.Hancock
The Devonian System : a Palaeontological Association international symposium / edited by M.R.House, C.T.Scrutton and M.G.Bassett
Trilobites and other early Arthropods : papers in honour of Professor H.B.Whittington / edited by D.E.G.Briggs & P.D.Lane
Taxonomy and evolution of Llandovery biserial graptoloids from the southern Urals, western Kazakhstan / T.N.Koren & R.B.Rickards
Studies on early land plant spores from Britain / edited by C.J.Cleal
Mid-Dinantian ammonoids from the Craven Basin, north-west England / N.J.Riley
Cambrian Bradoriid and Phosphatocopid Arthropods of North America / D.J.Siveter & M.Williams
Cretaceous rudists of Boeotia, central Greece / T. Steuber
Exceptionally preserved conchostracans and other crustaceans from the Upper carboniferous of Ireland / Patrick J. Orr & Derek E.G. Briggs
Maastrichtian and Palaeocene echinoids: a key to world faunas / A.B.Smith & C.H.Jeffery
Inoceramid faunas and biostratigraphy of the Upper Turonian-Lower Coniacian of the Western Interior of the United States / I.Walaszczyk & W.A.Cobban
Angiosperm woods from British Lower Cretaceous and Palaeogene deposits / M.Crawley
Studies in Palaeozoic palaeontology and biostratigraphy in honour of Charles Hepworth Holland / edited by P.N. Wyse Jackson, M.A.Parkes & R.Wood
Life and environments in Purbeck times / edited by A.R.Milner & D.J.Batten
The interrelationship and evolution of basal theropod dinosaurs / O.W.M. Rauhut
Trilobites and their relatives : contributions from the Third International Conference, Oxford 2001 / edited by Philip D. Lane, Derek J. Siveter and Richard A. Fortey; technical editing by David J. Batten
Fossils of the Miocene Castillo formation, Venezuela : contributions on neotropical palaeontology / edited by Marcelo R. Sanchez-Villagra and Jennifer A. Clack; technical editing by David J. Batten
Lower Jurassic floras from Hope Bay and Botany Bay, Antarctica / by P.M. Rees and C.J. Cleal
Conodont biology and phylogeny : interpreting the fossil record / edited by Mark A. Purnell and Philip C.J. Donoghue; technical editing by David J. Batten
Brachiopods from the Dashaba Formation (Middle Ordovician) of Sichuan Province, south-west China / by Ren-Bin Zhan and Jisuo Jin
Silurian and lower Devonian thelodonts and putative chondrichthyans from the Canadian arctic archipelago / by T. Marss, M.V.H. Wilson and R. Thorsteinsson
Early Silurain (Llandovery) orthide brachiopods from Anticosti Island, eastern Canada: the O/S extinction recovery fauna / by Rongyu Li and Paul Copper
Evolution and palaeobiology of early sauropodomorph dinosaurs / edited by Paul M. Barrett and David J. Batten
Graptolites from the Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian of Jordan / by David K. Loydell
Nautiloids before and during the origin of ammonoids in a Siluro-Devonian section in the Tafilalt, Anti-Atlas, Morocco / by Bjorn Kroger
The early Jurassic pterosaur Dorygnathus Banthensis (Theodori, 1830) and the early Jurassic pterosaur Campylognathides Strand, 1928 / by Kevin Padian
Patterns and processes in early vertebrate evolution / edited by Marcello Ruta, Jennifer A. Clack and Angela C. Milner
Ichnology of an early Permain intertidal flat : the Roledo Mountains formation of southern New Mexico, USA / by Nicholas J. Minter and Simon J. Braddy
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Issues Rec'd No.26(1981)
Special Papers in Paleontology No. 13 (1974)
Special Papers in Paleontology No. 14 (1974)