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Serial details

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Journal Title Geologische RundschauSerial header
Holdings KEY=(1)1910-(87)1998 Lacks: (39/2)51,(77/1)89; EDI=(1)1910-(73/2)1984 Lacks: (10)19,(12)21,(32)44-(36)48,(45/1)57,(54/1)66,(55)67,(56)68,(72/1)83,(77/1)89
ISSN 00167835
Publication Stuttgart : Ferdinand Enke, 1910-1998
Classmarks 02583 (BGS)
02583 (BGS)
Subjects BGSSER; Geosciences;
Related Titles Continued as: International journal of earth sciences
Alt. Titles Parallel: GEOL RUNDSCH
Parallel: International Journal of Earth Sciences
Language German;
Location Holding Summary Holding start/end dates
BGS Keyworth - Library(1)1910-(87)1998 Lacks: (39/2)51,(77/1)89 
BGS Keyworth - Library Scottish Collection(1)1910-(73/2)1984 Lacks: (10)19,(12)21,(32)44-(36)48,(45/1)57,(54/1)66,(55)67,(56)68,(72/1)83,(77/1)89 
Issues Rec'd Bd. 82 Hf. 3 (1993)
Bd. 83 Hf. 4
Band 75 Hft. 1 (1986)
Bd.82 Hf.4 (1993)
Bd.87 Hf.4
Bd.87 Hf.3
Bd.87 Hf.2
Bd.87 Hf.1
Bd.86 Hf.4
Bd.86 Hf.3
Bd.86 Hf.2
Bd.86 Hf.1
Bd.85 Hf.4
Bd.85 Hf.3
Bd.85 Hf.2
Bd.85 Hf.1
Bd.84 Hf.4
Bd.80 Hf.3 (1991)