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  1. Antarctic glacial isostatic adjustment: a new assessment
In: Antarctic Science, 17, No. 4, 541-533
IVINS, E.R. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. A comparison of two spectral approaches for computing the Earth response to surface loads
Le Meur, E.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.
In: Geophysical Journal International, 141, No. 2, 282-298
Le Meur, E. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Differential glacio-isostatic uplift of crustal blocks at Glen Roy, Scotland : Quaternary Research 18, (3), 1982 268-288 : ill,maps
Sissons, J.B.; Cornish, R.
ISBN: X780064436
Copies: 1
Sissons, J.B. (Author)07356Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  4. Effects of a viscoelastic lithosphere on the isostatic bedrock response
Le Meur, E.
In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters (BAS), 188, No. 1-2, 221-227
Le Meur, E. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 5. A geomorphological study of post-glacial uplift : with particular reference to Arctic Canada (1970)
Andrews, J.T.
ISBN: 0901989061
Copies: 1
Andrews, J.T. (John T.) (Author)551.334.2(987)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 6. Glacial isostasy, sea-level and mantle rheology
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Glacial Isostasy, Sea-level and Mantle Rheology; Sabadini, R.; Lambeck, K.; Boschi, E.; North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Scientific Affairs Division
ISBN: 0792311671
Copies: 1
NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Glacial Isostasy, Sea-level and Mantle Rheology. Erice, Italy, (1990) (Conference)551.334.2Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  7. Glacial isostatic adjustment in Fennoscandia with a three-dimensional viscosity structure as an inverse problem
In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters (BAS), 197, Nos. 1-2, 1-10
KAUFMANN, G. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. Holocene isostasy and late Cenozoic development of landforms including Beaver and Radok Lake Basins in the Amery Oasis, Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica
Adamson, D.A.; MABIN, M.C.G.; LULY, J.G.
In: Antarctic Science, 9, No. 3, 299-306
Adamson, D.A. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Holocene isostatic uplift of the South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula, modelled from raised beaches
Fretwell, P.T.; Hodgson, D.A.; WATCHAM, E.P.; Bentley, M.J.; Roberts, S.J.
In: Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, No. 15-16, 1880-1893
Fretwell, P.T. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. Holocene relative sea level changes in a glacio-isostatic area: new data from south-west Scotland, United Kingdom
Smith, D.E.; Cullingford, R.A.; Mighall, T.M.; JORDAN, J.T.; Fretwell, P.T.
In: Marine Geology, 242, No. 1-3, 5-26
Smith, D.E. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Isostatic rebound due to glacial erosoin within the Transantarctic Mountains
STERN, T.A.; BAXTER, A.K.; Barrett, P.J.
In: Geology, 33, No. 3, 221-224
STERN, T.A. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. Lithosphere deformation by continental ice sheets
Hughes, T.
In: Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series A Mathematical and Physical Sciences, 378, 507-527
Hughes, T. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  13. Quaternary erosion-induced isostatic rebound in the western Alps
CHAMPAGNAC, J.D.; Molnar, P.; Anderson, R.S.; SUE, C.; DELACOU, B.
In: Geology, 35, No. 3, 195-198
CHAMPAGNAC, J.D. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 14. Shorelines and isostasy (1983)
Smith, D.E.; Dawson, A.G.
ISBN: 0126529604
Copies: 3
Smith, D.E. (David E.) (Author)842Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  15. Towards improved empirical isobase models of Holocene land uplift for mainland Scotland, UK
Smith, D.E.; Fretwell, P.T.; Cullingford, R.A.; Firth, C.R.
In: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, 364, No. 1841, 949-972
Smith, D.E. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
  16. Widespread low rates of Antarctic glacial isostatic adjustment revealed by GPS observations
Thomas, I.D.; King, M.A.; Bentley, M.J.; Whitehouse, P.L.; PENNA, N.T.; Williams, S.D.P.; Riva, R.E.M.; Lavallee, D.A.; CLARKE, P.J.; King, E.C.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Koivula, H.
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 38, No. 22, L22302, 6p
Thomas, I.D. (Author)551.334.2ArticleAdd To Basket
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