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Reserve a copy 1. Accurate modelling of glacier flow (1981)
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WADDINGTON, E.D. (Author)551.324.51Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  2. Analytical solutions for the effect of topography, accumulation rate and lateral flow divergence on isochrone layer geometry
PARRENIN, F.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Remy, F.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 52, No. 177, 191-202
PARRENIN, F. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  3. Analytical solutions for the surface response to small amplitude perturbations in boundary layer in the shallow-ice-stream approximation
Gudmundsson, G.H.
In: Cryosphere, 2, No. 2, 77-93
Gudmundsson, G.H. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Asymptotic theories of large scale motion, temperature and moisture distributions in land based polythermal ice shields and in floating ice shelves. A critical review and new developments (1999)
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BARAL, D.R. (Author)551.324.51Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  5. Bayesian estimation of basal conditions on Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, from surface data
Raymond Pralong, M; Gudmundsson, G.H.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 57, No. 202, 315-324
Raymond Pralong, M (Melanie) (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Benchmark experiments for higher-order and full-Stokes ice sheet models (ISMIP-HOM)
Pattyn, F.; Perichon, L.; Aschwanden, A.; Breuer, B.; de Smedt, B.; Gagliardini, O.; Gudmundsson, G.H.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Hubbard, A.; Johnson, J.V.; Kleiner, T.; Konovalov, Y.; Martin, C.; Payne, A.J.; Pollard, D.; Price, S.; Ruckamp, M.; Saito, F.; Soucek, O.; Sugiyama, S.; Zwinger, T.
In: Cryosphere, 2, No. 2, 95-108
Pattyn, F. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. Cavities and the effective pressure between abrading clasts and the bedrock
Hindmarsh, R.C.A.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 22, 32-40
Hindmarsh, R.C.A. (Author)551.331ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. Comparison of three contemporary flow laws in the three-dimensional, time-dependent glacier model
Rasmussen, L.A.; Campbell, W.J.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 12, No. 66, 361-373
Rasmussen, L.A. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Consistent generation of ice-streams via thermo-viscous instabilities modulated by membrane stresses
Hindmarsh, R.C.A.
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 36, No. 6, L06502, doi:10.1029/2008GL036877, 6p
Hindmarsh, R.C.A. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. The creep of ice shelves: interpretation of observed behaviour
Thomas, R.H.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 12, No. 64, 55-70
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. The creep of ice shelves: theory
Thomas, R.H.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 12, No. 64, 45-53
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. A critical review of analytical approximate solutions for steady state velocities and temperature in cold ice-sheets
Lliboutry, L.
In: Zeitschrift fur Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 15, No. 2, 135-148
Lliboutry, L. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  13. Dating ice flow change near the flow divide at Roosevelt Island, Antarctica, by using a thermomechanical model to predict radar stratigraphy
Martin, C.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Navarro, F.J.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, No. F1, F01011, doi:10.1029/2005JF000326, 15pp
Martin, C. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  14. Draping or overriding: the effect of horizontal stress gradients on internal layer architecture in ice sheets
Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; LEYSINGER VIELI, G.J.-M.C.; RAYMOND, M.J.; Gudmundsson, G.H.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, No. F2, F02018, doi:10.1029/2005JF000309, 17pp
Hindmarsh, R.C.A. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  15. Dynamics of glaciers and large ice masses
Hutter, K.
In: Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 14, 87-130
Hutter, K. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  16. Ecoulement permanent d'un fluide visqueux non lineaire (corps de Glen) autour d'une sphere parfaitement lisse
Lliboutry, L.
In: Annales de Geophysique, 34, No. 2, 133-146
Lliboutry, L. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  17. Elements of a computational theory for glaciers
Yakowitz, S.; Hutter, K.; SZIDAROVSZKY, F.
In: Journal of Computational Physics, 66, No. 1, 132-150
Yakowitz, S. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  18. Estimating basal properties of glaciers and ice streams from surface measurements
In: Mitteilungen. Versuchsanstalt fur Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie, No. 202, xviii, 152p
RAYMOND, M. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  19. Estimating basal properties of glaciers from surface measurements (2006)
Gudmundsson, G.H.
Copies: 1
Gudmundsson, G.H. (Author)551.324.51ChapterAdd To Basket
  20. Estimating basal properties of ice streams from surface measurements: a non-linear Bayesian inverse approach applied to synthetic data
RAYMOND, M.J.; Gudmundsson, G.H.
In: Cryosphere, 3, No. 2, 265-278
RAYMOND, M.J. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
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