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Reserve a copy 1. 'Belemnitella' from the Upper Campian and Lower Maastrichtian Chalk of Norfolk, England (1995)
Christensen, W.K.
ISBN: 0901702544
Copies: 1
Christensen, W.K. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  2. Albian and Cenomanian selachian assemblages from north-east England
Underwood, C.J.; Mitchell, S.F.
In: D.M.Unwin (ed), 1999, Cretaceous fossil vertebrates. London: Palaeontographical Association (Special paper in Palaeontology no.60) p.9-55
Underwood, C.J. (Charlie J.) (Author)00852Analytical - monographs (SART)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Angiosperm woods from British Lower Cretaceous and Palaeogene deposits (2001)
Crawley, M.
ISBN: 0901702765
Copies: 1
Crawley, M. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Arundian (Lower Carboniferous) Conodonts from South Wales (1991)
Stone, J.J.
ISBN: X780655736
Copies: 2
Stone, J.J. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 5. Benthic palaeoecology of the late Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay of England (1990)
Wignall, P.B.
ISBN: 0901702420
Copies: 1
Wignall, P.B. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 6. Brachiopods from the Dashaba Formation (Middle Ordovician) of Sichuan Province, south-west China (2005)
Ren-Bin, Z.; Jisuo, J.
ISBN: 0901702986
Copies: 1
Ren-Bin, Z. (Zhan) (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 7. Cambrian Bradoriid and Phosphatocopid Arthropods of North America (1997)
Siveter, D.J.; Williams, M.
ISBN: 0901702617
Copies: 1
Siveter, D.J. (David J.) (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 8. Computers in cartography (1982)
British Cartographic Society; Rhind, D.; Adams, T.
ISBN: 0904482049
Copies: 2
British Cartographic Society. Symposium (Author)00852/1Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 9. Conodont biology and phylogeny : interpreting the fossil record (2005)
Purnell, M.A.; Donoghue, P.C.J.; Batten, D.J.
ISBN: 0901702978
Copies: 1
Purnell, M.A. (Mark A.) (Editor)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  10. Contributions to Acritarch and Chitinozoan research
Molyneux, S.G.; Dorning, K.J.
Molyneux, S.G. (Stewart G. (BGS 1979-2014) (Author)00852Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 11. Cretaceous fossil vertebrates (1999)
Unwin, D.M.
ISBN: 0901702676
Copies: 1
Unwin, D.M. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 12. Cretaceous rudists of Boeotia, central Greece (1999)
Steuber, T.
ISBN: 0901702633
Copies: 1
Steuber, T. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 13. Curation of palaeontological collections : a joint colloquium of the Palaeontological Association and the Geological Curator's Group (1979)
Bassett, M.G.; Geological Curators' Group; Palaeontological Association
ISBN: X780811983
Copies: 2
Bassett, M.G. (Michael G.) (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 14. The Devonian System : a Palaeontological Association international symposium (1979)
House, M.R.; Scrutton, C.T.; Bassett, M.G.; Palaeontological Association; International Symposium on the Devonian System
ISBN: X780836560
Copies: 1
House, M.R. (Michael Robert), 1930-2002 (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 15. A Dipterocarpaceous twig from the Eocene London Clay Formation of Southeast England : IN: M.E.Collinson & A.C.Scott (ed), Studies in Palaeobotany and Palynology. London: Palaeontographical Association (Special Paper 49) p.155-163
Poole, I.
ISBN: 0901702501
Copies: 1
Poole, I. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  16. The distribution of Lower Carboniferous goniatite faunas in relation to suggested continental reconstructions for the period
Hodson, F.; Ramsbottom, W.H.C.
In: Organisms and continents through time : methods of assessing relationships between past and present biologic distributions and the positions of continents, N.F.hughes (ed). London: The Palaeontological Association, 1973 p.321-329, p.321-329
Hodson, F. (Author)00852Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
  17. An early Cambrian phosphatocopid crustacean with three-dimensionally preserved soft parts from Shropshire, England
Siveter, D.J.; Waloszek, D.; Williams, M.
In: Trilobites and their relatives : contributions from the Third International Conference, Oxford 2001. London: Palaeontological Association (Special Paper 70) p.9-30, p.9-30
Siveter, D.J. (David J.) (Author)00852Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 18. An early Cretaceous dinocyst assemblage from the Wealden of southern England : Special Papers in Palaeontology (35)1986 p95-106
Harding, I.C.
ISBN: X780183834
Copies: 1
Harding, I.C. (Ian C.) (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 19. The early Jurassic pterosaur Dorygnathus Banthensis (Theodori, 1830) and the early Jurassic pterosaur Campylognathides Strand, 1928 (2008)
Padian, K.
ISBN: 9781405192248
Copies: 1
Padian, K. (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 20. Early Silurain (Llandovery) orthide brachiopods from Anticosti Island, eastern Canada: the O/S extinction recovery fauna (31 DEC 2006)
Li, Rongyu; Copper, Paul
Copies: 1
Li, Rongyu (Author)00852Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
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