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  1. Age and geochemistry of basement and alkalic rocks of Malaita and Santa Isabel,Solomon Islands, southern margin of Ontong-Java Plateau
Tejada, M.L.G.; Hawkins, M.P.
Tejada, M.L.G. (Author)00264Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
  2. The aureole of the Traigh Bhan na Sgurra sill, Isle of Mull: reaction-driven microcracking during polymetamorphism
Holness, M.B.; Watt, G.R.
In: Journal of Petrology 43(3) 2002 p.511-534, p.511-534
Holness, M.B. (Marian B.) (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. The Ballachulish Igneous Complex, Scotland : petrography, mineral chemistry, and order of crystallization in the Monzodiorite-Quartz Diorite suite and in the granite : Journal of Petrology v30(5), 1989 1069-1115
Weiss, S.; Troll, G.
ISBN: X780184792
Copies: 1
Weiss, S. (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Basalts generated by decompressive adiabatic melting of a mantle plume : a case study form the Isle of Skye, NW Scotland : Journal of Petrology 36(1) 1995 p.3-22
Scarrow, J.H.
ISBN: X780844822
Copies: 2
Scarrow, J.H. (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  5. Basement geochemistry and geochronology of central Malaita, Solomon Islands, with implications for the origin and evolution of the Ontong Jave Plateau
Tejada, M.L.G.; Petterson, M.G.
In: Journal of Petrology 43(3) 2002 p.449-484, p.449-483
Tejada, M.L.G. (Author)00264Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 6. Carbonatites - into the twenty-first century : a volume in honour of John Gittins : Journal of Petrology 39(11-12) 1998
Bell, K.; Kjarsgaard, B.A.; Simonetti, A.; Gittens, J.
ISBN: X781026627
Copies: 1
Bell, K. (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  7. Chemistry of the Shiant Isles main sill, NW Scotland, and wider implications for the petrogenesis of mafic sills
Gibb, F.G.F.; Henderson, C.M.B.
In: Journal of Petrology Vol. 47 pt/no 1 (2006) p. 191-230, p. 191-230
Gibb, F.G.F. (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  8. The composition and origin of the striped amphibolites of Connemara, Ireland
Evans, B.W.; Leake, B.E.
In: Journal of Petrology 1(3) 1960 p.337-363, p.337-363
Evans, B.W. (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  9. Crystal size distribution (CSD) and textural evolution of accessory apatite, titanite and allanite during four stages of metamorphism : an example from the Moine supergroup, Scotland
Zeh, A.
In: In: Journal of Petrology Vol. 45 pt/no 10 (2004) p 2101-2132, p 2101-2132
Zeh, A. (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  10. Disequilibrium in the Ross of Mull contact metamorphic aureole, Scotland : a consequence of polymetamorphism
Wheeler, J.; Mangan, L.S.; Prior, D.J.
In: In: Journal of Petrology Vol. 45 pt/no 4 (2004), p. 835-853, p. 835-853
Wheeler, J. (John (BGS 2002-) (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  11. Early-middle Jurassic dolerite dykes from western Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica) : identifying mantle sources in the Karoo large igneous province
Riley, T.R.; Leat, P.T.; Curtis, M.L.; Millar, I.L.; Duncan, R.A.; Fazel, A.
In: In: Journal of Petrology Vol. 46 pt/no 7 (2005) p 1489-1524, p 1489-1524
Riley, T.R. (Teal R.) (Author)00264Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 12. The genesis of the Cornubian batholith (South-West England) : the example of the Carnmenellis pluton) : Journal of Petrology 27(3) 1986 p571-604
Charoy, B.
ISBN: X780137298
Copies: 1
Charoy, B. (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 13. Geochemical and strontium-isotope studies of reactions between basic magma, chalk and flint, and the role of groundwater, in the Carneal plug, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland : Journal of Petrology 23, (3), 1982 427-446 : ill,map
Sabine, P.A.; Beckinsale, R.D.; Evans, J.A.; Walsh, J.N.
ISBN: X780057383
Copies: 1
Sabine, P.A. (Peter Aubrey (BGS 1954 -1984) (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  14. Geochemical constraints from zoned hydrothermal tourmalines on fluid evolution and Sn mineralisation: an example from fault breccias at Roche, SW England : Journal of Petrology 41(9) 2000 p.1439-1454
Williamson, B.J.
In: Journal of Petrology, Vol. 41 pt/no 9, p.1439-1454
Williamson, B.J. (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  15. Geochemical evolution of the Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat, Lesser Antilles Volcanic Arc
Zellmer, G.F.; Loughlin, S.C.
In: Journal of Petrology 44(8) 2003 p.1349-1374, p.1349-1374
Zellmer, G.F. (Georg F.) (Author)00264Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 16. Geochemical evolution of the Tertiary Mull volcano, western Scotland : Journal of Petrology 40(6) 1999 p.873-907
Kerr, A.C.
ISBN: X781055759
Copies: 1
Kerr, A.C. (Andrew C.) (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  17. High (itailic)fO2 during Sillimanite Zone metamorphism of part of the Barovian Type locality, Glen Clova, Scotland
Ague, J.J.; Baxter, E.F.; Eckert, J.O.
In: Journal of Petrology 42(7) 2001 p.1301-1320, p.1301-1320
Ague, J.J. (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 18. High-level silicis magmatism and related hydrothermal systems : selected papers from the IAVCEI Symposium, Mexico, 19-24 January 1997 : Journal of petrology 38(12) 1997
Seltmann, R.; International Geological Correlation Programme. Project 373 - Ore-bearing Felsic Igneous Systems
ISBN: X780985493
Copies: 1
Seltmann, R. (Reimar) (Author)00264Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  19. Infiltration metasomatism of cumulates by intrusive magma replenishment : the Wavy Horizon, Isle of Rum, Scotland
Holness, M.B.
In: In: Journal of Petrology Vol. 48 pt/no 3 (2007) p. 563-587, p. 563-587
Holness, M.B. (Marian B.) (Author)00264Analytical - journal issuesAdd To Basket
  20. Journal of Petrology (1960-)
ISSN: 00223530
 00264SerialAdd To Basket
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