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  1. The absolute and relative movement, and regime of the Brunt Ice Shelf near Halley Bay
In: British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 3, 1-11
LIMBERT, D.W.S. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. Accelerating flow of the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Simmons, D.A.; ROUSE, J.R.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 30, No. 106, 377-380
Simmons, D.A. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  3. Acoustic impedance and basal shear stress beneath four Antarctic ice streams
Vaughan, D.G.; Smith, A.M.; NATH, P.C.; Le Meur, E.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 36, 225-232
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Albedo variations over Antarctic ice rises (1993)
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GOODWIN, A.H. (Author)551.324.29Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  5. The Amery Ice Shelf (1967)
Copies: 1
BUDD, W.F. (Author)551.324.28ChapterAdd To Basket
  6. Analysis of break-up of Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Doake, C.S.M.; CORR, H.F.J.
In: Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf Programme Report, No. 11, 7
Doake, C.S.M. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. The Antarctic ice
In: Scientific American, 253, No. 2, 98-105
RADOK, U. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. The Antarctic ice sheet
Mellor, M.
In: Cold Regions Science and Engineering, Pt.1: Environment, Sect. B: Regional, I-B1, 50pp
Mellor, M. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. The Antarctic ice sheet (2006)
Vaughan, D.G.
Copies: 1
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.24ChapterAdd To Basket
  10. Antarctic ice sheet: definitions and description (2007)
Vaughan, D.G.
Copies: 1
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.24ChapterAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 11. Antarctic issue (1989)
ISBN: X780162195
Copies: 2
 07356Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 12. Arctic ice shelves and islands (2017)
Copeland, L.; Mueller, D.
ISBN: 9789402410990
Copies: 1
Copeland, L. (Luke) (Editor)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  13. Assessing the catastrophic break-up of Briksdalsbreen, Norway, associated with rapid climate change
Hart, J.K.; ROSE, K.C.; Waller, R.I.; Vaughan-Hirsch, D.; MARTINEZ, K.
In: Journal of the Geological Society, 168, Pt. 3, 673-688
Hart, J.K. (Jane K.) (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 14. Atlas of Antarctica: topographic maps from geostatistical analysis of satellite radar altimeter data (2004)
ISBN: 3540434577
Copies: 1
HERZFELD, U.C. (Author)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  15. Basal conditions on Rutford Ice Stream and Carlson Inlet: implications for ice stream flow
Smith, A.M.
In: Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf Programme Report, No. 13, 72-77
Smith, A.M. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  16. Basal conditions on Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, from seismic observations
Smith, A.M.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 102, No. B1, 543-552
Smith, A.M. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  17. Basal ice accretion and debris entrainment within the coastal ice margin, Law Dome, Antarctica
Goodwin, I.D.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 39, No. 131, 157-166
Goodwin, I.D. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  18. Basal mass balance along a flow line on Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Jenkins, A.; Doake, C.S.M.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 11, 201
Jenkins, A. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  19. Basal melting along the floating part of Byrd Glacier
In: Antarctic Science, 16, No. 3, 355-358
KENNEALLY, J.P. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. Basal melting at the grounding line of Rutford Ice Stream from seismic surveys
Smith, A.M.
In: Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf Programme Report, No. 9, 115-118
Smith, A.M. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  21. The basal stress distribution of ice stream E, Antarctica, inferred by control methods
MacAYEAL, D.R. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  22. Bedform signature of a West Antarctic palaeo-ice stream reveals a multi-temporal record of flow and substrate control
Graham, A.G.C.; Larter, R.D.; Gohl, K.; Hillenbrand, C.-D.; Smith, J.A.; Kuhn, G.
In: Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, No. 25-26, 2774-2793
Graham, A.G.C. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  23. Bedform topography and basal conditions beneath a fast-flowing West Antarctic ice stream
Smith, A.M.; Murray, T.
In: Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, No. 7-8, 584-596
Smith, A.M. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  24. Bottom melting under George VI Ice Shelf, Antarctica
In: Journal of Glaciology, 27, No. 97, 429-447
BISHOP, J.F. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  25. Breakup and conditions for stability of the northern Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Doake, C.S.M.; CORR, H.F.J.; ROTT, H.; SKVARCA, P.; YOUNG, N.W.
In: Nature, 391, No. 6669, 778-780
Doake, C.S.M. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  26. Breakup of Antarctic ice
In: Nature, 350, No. 6316, 274
ZWALLY, H.J. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  27. Breakup of the Wordie Ice Shelf, Antarctica (1991)
Doake, C.S.M.; Vaughan, D.G.
Copies: 1
Doake, C.S.M. (Author)551.324.28ChapterAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 28. The case for a stable East Antarctic ice sheet. A special volume arising from the Vega Symposium, Stockholm, April 1993 (1993)
Sugden, D.E.; Marchant, D.R.; Denton, G.H.
ISBN: 04353676
Copies: 1
Sugden, D.E. (Editor)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  29. Catastrophic ice shelf breakup as the source of Heinrich event icebergs
HULBE, C.; MacAYEAL, D.R.; Denton, G.H.; KLEMAN, J.; LOWELL, T.V.
In: Paleoceanography, 19, PA1004, doi:10.1029/2003PA000890, 15pp
HULBE, C. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  30. Causes of pre-collapse changes of the Larsen B ice shelf: numerical modelling and assimilation of satellite observations
VIELI, A.; Payne, A.J.; Shepherd, A.; DU, Z.
In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters (BAS), 259, No. 3-4, 297-306
VIELI, A. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 31. Changes in shelf ice extent in West Antarctica between 1840 and 1960: analysing historical maps in a Geographical Information System (2005)
ISBN: 9077922040
Copies: 1
KARSTKAREL, N. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  32. Changes in the West Antarctic ice sheet
Alley, R.B.; Whillans, I.M.
In: Science, 254, No. 5034, 959-963
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 33. Characteristics of the inland-ice of the Arctic regions (1910)
Hobbs, W.H.
Copies: 1
Hobbs, W.H. (William Herbert), 1864-1952 (Author)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 34. Climatic and physical characteristics of the Greenland ice sheet (1982)
Copies: 2
RADOK, U. (Author)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 35. The Climatic record in polar ice sheets : a study of isotopic and temperature profiles in polar ice sheets based on a workshop held in the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge (1983)
Robin, G.D.Q.
ISBN: 0521250870
Copies: 1
Robin, G.D.Q. (G. de Q.) (Author)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 36. Combined ice and water balances of Gulkana and Wolverine Glaciers, Alaska, and South Cascade Glacier, Washington, 1965 and 1966 Hydrologic Years. Ice and water balances at selected glaciers in the United States (1971)
Copies: 1
MEIER, M.F. (Author)551.324.2Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  37. Comment on Shaw, J., Pugin, A and Young, R (2008): "A meltwater origin for Antarctic shelf bedforms with special attention to megalineations", Geomorphology 102, 364-275
O Cofaigh, C.; Dowdeswell, J.A.; King, E.C.; Anderson, J.B.; Clark, C.D.; Evans, D.J.A.; Evans, J.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Larter, R.D.; Stokes, C.R.
In: Geomorphology, 117 No. 1-2, 195-198
O Cofaigh, C. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  38. A consistent data set of Antarctic ice sheet topography, cavity geometry, and global bathymetry
TIMMERMANN, R.; Le Brocq, A.; Deen, T.; Domack, E.; DUTRIEUX, P.; Galton-Fenzi, B.; HELLMER, H.; Humbert, A.; JANSEN, D.; Jenkins, A.; LAMBRECHT, A.; Niederjasper, F.; Nitsche, F.; NOST, O.A.; SMEDSRUD, L.H.; Smith, W.H.F.
In: Earth System Science Data, 2, No. 2, 261-273
TIMMERMANN, R. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  39. Contrasts in hydrology between regions of basal deformation and sliding beneath Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, mapped using radar and seismic data
Murray, T.; CORR, H.F.J.; FORIERI, A.; Smith, A.M.
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 35, No. 12, L12504, doi:10.1029/2008GL033681, 5p
Murray, T. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  40. Coupled marine-ice-sheet/Earth dynamics using a dynamically consistent ice-sheet model and a self-gravitating viscous Earth model
Le Meur, E.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 47, No. 157, 258-270
Le Meur, E. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  41. Coupling of ice-shelf melting and buttressing is a key process in ice-sheets dynamics
Gagliardini, O.; Durand, G.; Zwinger, T.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Le Meur, E.
In: Geophysical Research Letters, 37, No. 14, L14501, doi:10.1029/2010GL043334, 5p.
Gagliardini, O. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 42. Creep buckling of ice shelves and the formation of pressure rollers (1984)
Copies: 1
COLLINS, N.F. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  43. Debris transport by Loch Lomond Readvance glaciers in Northern Scotland : basin form and the within-valley asymmetry of lateral moraines
Benn, D.I.
In: Journal of Quaternary Science v 4(3), 1989 243-254
Benn, D.I. (Douglas I.) (Author)00266/3Book (SART)Add To Basket
  44. Deformation and failure of the ice bridge on the Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Humbert, A.; GROSS, D.; Muller, R.; BRAUN, M.; VAN DE WAL, R.S.W.; VAN DEN BROEKE, M.R.; Vaughan, D.G.; van de BERG, W.J.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 51, No. 55, 49-55
Humbert, A. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  45. Deformation of the Ross Ice Shelf near the Bay of Whales, Antarctica
Zumberge, J.H.; GIOVINETTO, M.; KEHLE, R.; REID, J.
In: IGY Glaciological Report, No. 3, 148pp
Zumberge, J.H. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  46. Deglacial history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the western Amundsen Sea embayment
Smith, J.A.; Hillenbrand, C.-D.; Kuhn, G.; Larter, R.D.; Graham, A.G.C.; EHRMANN, W.; Moreton, S.; FORWICK, M.
In: Quaternary Science Reviews, 30, No. 5-6, 488-505
Smith, J.A. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 47. Derived physical characteristics of the Antarctic ice sheet. Mark 1 (1971)
Copies: 1
BUDD, W.F. (Author)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  48. Dissipation of tidal energy by Antarctic ice shelves
Doake, C.S.M.
In: Nature, 275, No. 5678, 304-305
Doake, C.S.M. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  49. Dissipation of tidal energy by flexing ice shelves
Doake, C.S.M.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 24, No. 90, 482
Doake, C.S.M. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  50. Distribution, activity and characteristics of the alpine-type glaciers of northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica
In: Antarctic Science, 9, No. 3, 307-312
KREBS, K.A. (Author)551.324.22ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 51. Dynamic and climatic influences on Antarctic ice shelves (1996)
Vaughan, D.G.
Copies: 1
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 52. The dynamic behaviour of ice streams and ice shelves (with special reference to Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica) (1984)
Stephenson, S.N.
Copies: 1
Stephenson, S.N. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  53. Dynamic behaviour of Rutford Ice Stream
Stephenson, S.N.; Doake, C.S.M.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 3, 295-299
Stephenson, S.N. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  54. Dynamical processes involved in the retreat of marine ice sheets
Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Le Meur, E.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 47, No. 157, 271-282
Hindmarsh, R.C.A. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  55. The dynamics of Austfonna, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard: surface velocities, mass balance, and subglacial melt water
Dowdeswell, J.A.; Drewry, D.J.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 12, 37-45
Dowdeswell, J.A. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  56. The dynamics of George VI Ice Shelf
In: British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 52, 205-220
PEARSON, M.R. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 57. The dynamics of ice shelves (1972)
Thomas, R.H.
Copies: 1
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 58. Dynamics of Ronne Ice Shelf and its interaction with the ocean (1992)
Jenkins, A.
Copies: 1
Jenkins, A. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  59. The dynamics of the Brunt Ice Shelf, Coats Land, Antarctica
Thomas, R.H.
In: British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, No. 79, 45pp
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  60. Dynamics of the Ross Ice Shelf
CASASSA, G.; Turner, J.
In: Eos. Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 72, No. 44, 473, 481
CASASSA, G. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 61. Dynamics of the West Antarctic ice sheet. Proceedings of a workshop held in Utrecht, May 6-8, 1985 (1987)
VEEN, C. J. van der; Oerlemans, J.
ISBN: 9027723702
Copies: 1
VEEN, C. J. van der (Editor)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  62. Enhancement factors for grounded ice and ice shelves inferred from an anisotropic ice-flow model
MA, Y.; Gagliardini, O.; RITZ, C.; GILLET-CHAULET, F.; Durand, G.; MONTAGNAT, M.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 56, No. 199, 805-812
MA, Y. (Ying) (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  63. Environmental constraints on West Antarctic ice-sheet formation
In: Journal of Glaciology, 33, No. 115, 346-356
LINDSTROM, D.R. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  64. Equilibrium profile of ice shelves
In: Journal of Glaciology, 22, No. 88, 435-460
SANDERSON, T.J.O. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  65. The equilibrium state of the eastern half of the Ross Ice Shelf
Thomas, R.H.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 20, No. 84, 509-518
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  66. ERS-1 SAR: stress indicator for Antarctic ice streams (1994)
Vaughan, D.G.; FROLICH, R.M.; Doake, C.S.M.
Copies: 1
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.29ChapterAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 67. Etude glaciologique de la calotte polaire de l'ile James Ross (Peninsula Antarctique) (1980)
Aristarain, A.J.
Copies: 1
Aristarain, A.J. (Author)551.324.24Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  68. Evidence for basal marine ice in Filchner-Ronne ice shelf
In: Nature, 358, No. 6385, 399-401
OERTER, H. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  69. Evidence for two zones of debris entrainment beneath the Greenland ice sheet
Sugden, D.E.; KNIGHT, P.G.; LIVESEY, N.; LORRAIN, R.D.; SOUCHEZ, R.A.; Tison, J.-L.; Jouzel, J.
In: Nature, 328, No. 6127, 238-241
Sugden, D.E. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  70. Evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet: new understanding and challenges. Papers of a discussion meeting ..
Payne, A.J.; Sammonds, P.R.
In: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A, 364, No. 1844, 1579-1872
Payne, A.J. (Editor)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  71. Extensive dynamic thinning on the margins of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets
Pritchard, H.D.; ARTHERN, R.J.; Vaughan, D.G.; Edwards, L.A.
In: Nature, 461, No. 7266, 971-975
Pritchard, H.D. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  72. Extensive storage of basal meltwater in the onset region of a major West Antarctic ice stream
PETERS, L.E.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Alley, R.B.; Smith, A.M.
In: Geology, 35, No. 3, 251-254
PETERS, L.E. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  73. Fabrics in polar ice sheets: development and prediction
Alley, R.B.
In: Science, 240, No. 4851, 493-495
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  74. The fate of the Greenland Ice Sheet in a geoengineered, high CO2 world
IRVINE, P.J.; Lunt, D.J.; STONE, E.J.; Ridgwell, A.
In: Environmental Research Letters, 4, No. 4
IRVINE, P.J. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  75. Faunal remains on the Ross Ice Shelf in McMurdo Sound
In: Polar Record, 11, No. 70, 40-42
HOLDGATE, M.W. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  76. Fifty years of progress in understanding ice sheets
Robin, G. de Q.; Swithinbank, C.
In: Journal of Glaciology, special issue, 33-47
Robin, G. de Q. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  77. The Filchner Ice Shelf
In: Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 49, No. 2, 110-119
NEUBURG, H.A.C. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  78. Flooding of the ice shelf in George VI Sound
In: British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 28, 71-74
WAGER, A.C. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  79. Flow and retreat of the Late Quaternary Pine Island-Thwaites palaeo-ice stream, West Antarctica
Graham, A.G.C.; Larter, R.D.; Gohl, K.; Dowdeswell, J.A.; Hillenbrand, C.-D.; Smith, J.A.; Evans, J.; Kuhn, G.; DEEN, T.J.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, No. F3, F03025, doi:10.1029/2009JF001482, 12p
Graham, A.G.C. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  80. Flow at ice-divide triple junctions 1: Three-dimensional full-Stokes modeling
GILLET-CHAULET, F.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, (Earth Surface), 116, No. F2, F02023, 15p.
GILLET-CHAULET, F. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  81. Flow at ice-divide triple junctions:2. Three-dimensional views of isochrone architecture from ice-penetrating radar surveys
Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; King, E.C.; Mulvaney, R.; CORR, H.F.J.; Hiess, G.; GILLET-CHAULET, F.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, (Earth Surface), 116, No. F2, F02024, 14p.
Hindmarsh, R.C.A. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  82. Flow dynamics of the Rutford Ice Stream ice-drainage basin, West Antarctica, from radar stratigraphy
King, E.C.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 50, No. 51, 42-48
King, E.C. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  83. Flow law for Antarctic ice shelves
Thomas, R.H.
In: Nature Physical Science, 232, No. 30, 85-87
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  84. Flow lines on Antarctic ice shelves
Crabtree, R.D.; Doake, C.S.M.
In: Polar Record, 20, No. 124, 31-37
Crabtree, R.D. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  85. Flow of Rutford Ice Stream and comparison with Carlson Inlet, Antarctica
FROLICH, R.M.; Vaughan, D.G.; Doake, C.S.M.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 12, 51-56
FROLICH, R.M. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  86. Flow of the Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica, derived from LANDSAT images, 1974-1985
Simmons, D.A.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 32, No. 111, 252-254
Simmons, D.A. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  87. Flow-switching and water piracy between Rutford Ice Stream and Carlson Inlet, West Antarctica
Vaughan, D.G.; CORR, H.F.J.; Smith, A.M.; Pritchard, H.; Shepherd, A.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 54, No. 184, 41-48
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  88. Force balance of Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica (1987)
FROLICH, R.M.; MANTRIPP, D.R.; Vaughan, D.G.; Doake, C.S.M.
Copies: 1
FROLICH, R.M. (Author)551.324.29ChapterAdd To Basket
  89. Form, structure and stability of the margin of the Antarctic ice sheet, Vestfold Hills and Bunger Hills, East Antarctica
FITZSIMONS, S.J.; Colhoun, E.A.
In: Antarctic Science, 7, No. 2, 171-179
FITZSIMONS, S.J. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  90. Formation of mega-scale glacial lineations observed beneath a West Antarctic ice streams
King, E.C.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Stokes, C.R.
In: Nature Geoscience, 2, No. 8, 585 - 588
King, E.C. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  91. Formation, flow and disintegration of ice shelves
Robin, G. de Q.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 24, No. 90, 259-271
Robin, G. de Q. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  92. Fortnightly variations in the flow velocity of Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica
Gudmundsson, G.H.
In: Nature, 444, No. 7122, 1063-1064
Gudmundsson, G.H. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  93. Geologic structures of the Ross ice shelf, Antarctica
Zumberge, J.H.
In: Report. International Geological Congress, 21st Session, Norden, 1960. Part 21, 60-67
Zumberge, J.H. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 94. Geophysical measurements on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica, during 1965-66 (1967)
Copies: 1
HOCHSTEIN, M.P. (Author)551.324.28Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  95. George VI Ice Shelf: past history, present behaviour and potential mechanisms for future collapse
Smith, J.A.; Bentley, M.J.; Hodgson, D.A.; Cook, A.J.
In: Antarctic Science, 19, No. 1, 131-142
Smith, J.A. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  96. Geothermal ice caves on Mt Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica
Giggenbach, W.F.
In: New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 19, No. 3, 465-472
Giggenbach, W.F. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  97. Glacier flexure and the position of grounding lines: measurements by tiltmeter on Rutford Ice Stream, Antarctica
Stephenson, S.N.
In: Annals of Glaciology, 5, 165-169
Stephenson, S.N. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  98. Glacier geophysics fieldwork on Ronne Ice Shelf in 1992/93
Vaughan, D.G.
In: Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf Programme Report, No. 7, 37-38
Vaughan, D.G. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 99. Glaciers or freezing caverns (1970)
Balch, E.S.
Copies: 1
Balch, E.S. (Edwin Swift) (Author)551.324.296Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  100. Glaciological and oceanographic calculations of the mass balance and oxygen isotope ratio of a melting ice shelf
Potter, J.R.; Paren, J.G.; Loynes, J.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 30, No. 105, 161-170
Potter, J.R. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
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