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Hitlist - Class : 549.514.87

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Reserve a copy 1. Genesis, mineralogy and geochemistry of uranium in the Gortdrum stratiform copper deposit, Ireland : Mineralium Deposita 23(1) 1988 p50-57
Duane, M.J.
ISBN: X78014765X
Copies: 1
Duane, M.J. (Author)02660Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. Handbook of uranium minerals : an exposition and catalog of the uranium and thorium minerals, including methods for their detection, location and exploration (1947)
Dement, J.; Dake, H. C.
Copies: 1
Dement, J., Jack (Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Mecanismes de concentration de l'uranium (1987)
ISBN: X780145789
Copies: 1
 01994Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Mikroskop, Mikrosonde und Schatzung der Uran-Blei-Alter (1965)
Ramdohr, P.; Ottemann, J.; Schidlowski, M.
ISBN: X780089641
Copies: 1
Ramdohr, P. (Author)621.039.86Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 5. Les minerais uraniferes francais et leurs gisements (1960-1962)
Roubault, M.
Copies: 2
Roubault, M. (Marcel) (Editor)549.514.87(44)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 6. Mineralogy and geology of radioactive raw materials
Heinrich, E.W.
ISBN: X780096788
Copies: 4
Heinrich, E.W. (Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 7. Mineralogy of uraniferous hydrocarbons in carboniferous-hosted mineral deposits, Great Britain : Uranium 4(3) 1988 p197-218
Parnell, J.
ISBN: X780179705
Copies: 1
Parnell, J. (John) (Author)03518/2Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 8. Mineralogy of uranium and thorium bearing minerals (1949)
George, D.
Copies: 1
George, D. (Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  9. Mineralogy of uranium distribution in samples of unaltered and sericitized granite from Urgeirica, Portugal, in relation to mineralization processes : apreliminary study
Basham, I.R.; Bowles, J.F.W.; Atkin, D.; Bland, D.J.
Basham, I.R. (Ian R. (BGS 1968-1997) (Author)553.495Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 10. Minerals of uranium : reference book (1961)
Soboleva, M.V.; Pudovkina, I.A.; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Copies: 2
Soboleva, M.V. (Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 11. Mineraux d'uranium du haut Katanga ([1958])
Destas, A.; Vaes, J.F.; Guillemin, C.; Les Amis du Musee Royal du Congo Belge
ISBN: X780150790
Copies: 3
Destas, A. (Photographer)549.514.87(675.8)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 12. Les mineraux secondaires d'uranium du Za?re (1981)
Deliens, M.; Piret, P.; Comblain, G.; Musee royale de l'Afrique centrale
ISBN: X78008299X
Copies: 1
Deliens, M. (Author)549.514.87(675)Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 13. Pb-Zn and minor U mineralization at Tyndrum, Scotland : Mineralogical Magazine 49, (354), 1985 671-681 : ill,map
Pattrick, R.A.D.
ISBN: X780121952
Copies: 1
Pattrick, R.A.D. (Author)00329Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 14. Radiation hazards to collectors of geological specimens containing natural radioactivity (1983)
Dixon, D.W.
ISBN: 085951174X
Copies: 2
Dixon, D.W. (Author)614.898Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 15. Rare minerals, including several new to Britain, in supergene alteration of U-Cu-As-Bi-Co mineralisation near Dalbeattie, south Scotland : Mineralogical Magazine 54(374)1990 p129-131
Braithwaite, R.S.W.; Knight, J.R.
ISBN: X780182447
Copies: 1
Braithwaite, R.S.W. (Richard S.W.) (Author)00329Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 16. Toxicological profile for Uranium (1990)
Syracuse Research Corporation; Clement Associates; U.S. Public Health Service. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Copies: 1
Syracuse Research Corporation (Corporate Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  17. Uranium 81 : proceedings of a meeting, organized by the Applied Mineralogy and Geochemistry Groups of the Mineralogical Society, on uranium mineralogy and the geochemistry of natural radioelements in crystalline rocks, London, 16-17 January 1981
Simpson, P.R.; Plant, J.A.; Brown, G.C.; Mineralogical Society. Applied Mineralogy Group; Mineralogical Society (Great Britain). Geochemistry Group; Uranium '81
Simpson, P.R. (Peter Robert), 1936-2019 (Author)549.514.87Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 18. Uranium : cradle to the grave (2013)
Burns, P.C.; Sigmon, G.E.
ISBN: 9780921294535
Copies: 1
Burns, P.C. (Peter C.) (Editor)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 19. Uranium deposits : their mineralogy and origin a short course sponsored by the Mineralogical Association of Canada and held immediately following the 1978 Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario, October 27th-29th (1978)
Kimberley, M.M.; Mineralogical Society of Canada
ISBN: X260571481
Copies: 1
Kimberley, M.M. (Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 20. Uranium geology and exploration : lecture notes and references (1978)
De Voto, R.H.
ISBN: X780058649
Copies: 3
De Voto, R.H. (Author)553.495Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 21. Uranium in clays of crystalline rocks ([1986])
Simmons, G.; Caruso, L.
ISBN: X780183311
Copies: 1
Simmons, G. (Author)90/12Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 22. Uranium ores and minerals (c1977)
Elevatorski, E.A.; Minobras
ISBN: X780054015
Copies: 2
Elevatorski, E.A. (Author)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  23. Uranium-bearing accessory minerals in the S?o Pedro do Sul granite, Portugal : Technical Committee Meeting on Vein-Type and Similar Uranium Deposits in Rocks Younger than Proterozoic (1979 : Lisbon) Vein-type and similar uranium deposits in rocks younger than Proterozoic Vienna : International Atomic Energy Agency, 1982 279-298 : ill,map
Basham, I.R.; Vairinho, M.M.B.; Bowles, J.F.W.
Basham, I.R. (Ian R. (BGS 1968-1997) (Author)553.495Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
Reserve a copy 24. Uranium-series geochemistry (2003)
Bourdon, B.
ISBN: 0939950642
Copies: 1
Bourdon, B. (Editor)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 25. Uranium: mineralogy, geochemistry and the environment (1999)
Burns, P.C.; Finch, R.
ISBN: 0939950502
Copies: 2
Burns, P.C. (Peter C.) (Editor)549.514.87Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
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