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  1. Ammonium excretion by Antarctic krill Euphausia superba at South Georgia
Atkinson, A.; Whitehouse, M.J.
In: Limnology and Oceanography, 45, No. 1, 55-63
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  2. Ammonium regeneration by Antarctic mesozooplankton: an allometric approach
Atkinson, A.; Whitehouse, M.J.
In: Marine Biology, 139, No. 2, 301-311
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  3. Antarctic krill an intriguing tale of ice and industry
Tarling, G.A.; Atkinson, A.
In: Ocean Challenge, 16, No. 3, 20-27
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  4. Biogeochemistry of a Southern Ocean plankton ecosystem: using natural variability in community composition to study the role of metazooplankton in carbon and nitrogen cycles
Priddle, J.; Whitehouse, M.J.; Ward, P.; SHREEVE, R.S.; Brierley, A.S.; Atkinson, A.; Watkins, J.L.; Brandon, M.A.; Cripps, G.C.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 108, No. C4, 8082, doi:10.1029/ 2000JC000425, 13pp
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  5. Carbon flux in ice-ocean-plankton systems of the Bellingshausen Sea during a period of ice retreat
Murphy, E.J.; BOYD, P.W.; LEAKEY, R.J.G.; Atkinson, A.; EDWARDS, E.S.; ROBINSON, C.; Priddle, J.; BURY, S.J.; ROBINS, D.B.; BURKILL, P.H.; SAVIDGE, G.; Owens, N.J.P.; TURNER, D.
In: Journal of Marine Systems, 17, No. 1-4, 207-227
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  6. Close coupling between ammonium uptake by phytoplankton and excretion by Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba
Whitehouse, M.J.; Atkinson, A.; Rees, A.P.
In: Deep-Sea Research Part I, 58, No. 7, 725-732
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  7. Copepods (2007)
Atkinson, A.
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  8. Daily rations and growth of larval krill Euphausia superba in the eastern Bellingshausen Sea during austral autumn
In: Deep-Sea Research Part II, 51, No. 17-19, 2185-2198
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  9. Development of Baltic Sea zooplankton in the presence of a toxic cyanobacterium: a mesocosm approach
Schmidt, K.; KOSKI, M.; ENGSTROM-OST, J.; Atkinson, A.
In: Journal of Plankton Research, 24, No. 10, 979-992
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  10. Diatom fatty acid biomarkers indicate growth rates in Antarctic krill
POND, D.W.; Atkinson, A.; SHREEVE, R.S.; Tarling, G.A.; Ward, P.
In: Limnology and Oceanography, 50, No. 2, 732-736
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  11. Diel periodicity of Subantarctic copepods: relationships between vertical migration, gut fullness and gut evacuation rate
Atkinson, A.; Ward, P.; Murphy, E.J.
In: Journal of Plankton Research, 18, No. 8, 1387-1405
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  12. Diel vertical migration and feeding of copepods at an oceanic site near South Georgia
Atkinson, A.; Ward, P.; Williams, R.; POULET, S.A.
In: Marine Biology, 113, No. 4, 583-593
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  13. Diets and feeding selectivity among the epipelagic copepod community near South Georgia in summer
Atkinson, A.
In: Polar Biology, 14, No. 8, 551-560
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  14. Differences in backscattering strength determined at 120 and 38 kHz for three species of Antarctic macroplankton
MADUREIRA, L.S.P.; Ward, P.; Atkinson, A.
In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 93, 17-24
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Reserve a copy 15. Diffusive transport in granite studied using ionic conductivity (1985)
Atkinson, A.; Titchell, I.
ISBN: X78090230X
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  16. Discovery 2010: understanding the Scotia Sea food web
Atkinson, A.; Tarling, G.A.; POND, D.W.; STOWASSER, G.; Schmidt, K.; Fielding, S.; Murphy, E.J.; CAVANAGH, R.
In: GLOBEC International Newsletter, April 2010, 63-66
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  17. The distribution of acoustic backscatter from zooplankton compared with physical structure, phytoplankton and radiance during the spring bloom in the Bellingshausen Sea
WEEKS, A.R.; Griffiths, G.; ROE, H.; MOORE, G.; ROBINSON, I.S.; Atkinson, A.; SHREEVE, R.S.
In: Deep-Sea Research Part II, 42, No. 4-5, 997-1019
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  18. Distribution of six major copepod species around South Georgia during an austral winter
Atkinson, A.
In: Polar Biology, 10, No. 2, 81-88
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  19. Distribution of six major copepod species around South Georgia in early summer
Atkinson, A.
In: Polar Biology, 9, No. 6, 353-363
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  20. The distribution of zooplankton in relation to the South Georgia shelf in summer and winter (1990)
Atkinson, A.; PECK, J.M.
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