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  1. Active volcanism beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet and implications for ice-sheet stability
BLANKENSHIP, D.D.; BELL, R.E.; HODGE, S.M.; BROZENA, J.M.; Behrendt, J.C.; FINN, C.A.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Nature, 361, No. 6412, 526-529
BLANKENSHIP, D.D. (Author)551.324.05ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. Advances in geophysical exploration of ice sheets and glaciers
Bentley, C.R.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 15, No. 73, 113-175
Bentley, C.R. (Author)551.321.61ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Carbon dioxide effects research and assessment program. Environmental and societal consequences of a possible CO2-induced climate change. Vol. II Pt. I: Response of the West Antarctic ice sheet to CO2-induced climatic warming (1982)
Bentley, C.R.
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Bentley, C.R. (Author)551.324.63Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  4. Comparison of altimetry profiles over East Antarctica from Seasat and Geosat: an interim report
Bentley, C.R.; SHEEHAN, D.D.
In: Zeitschrift fur Gletscherkunde und Glazialgeologie, 26, No. 1, 1-9
Bentley, C.R. (Author)551.321ArticleAdd To Basket
  5. The creep of ice, geothermal heat flow, and Roosevelt Island, Antarctica
Thomas, R.H.; MacAYEAL, D.R.; Bentley, C.R.; Clapp, J.L.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 25, No. 91, 47-60
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.54ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Dielectric permittivity of glacier ice measured in situ by radar wide-angle reflection
JEZEK, K.C.; CLOUGH, J.W.; Bentley, C.R.; SHABTAIE, S.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 21, No. 85, 315-329
JEZEK, K.C. (Author)551.322:537.226ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. The effect of ocean tidal loading on satellite altimetry over Antarctica
YI, D.; MINSTER, J.B.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Antarctic Science, 12, No. 1, 119-124
YI, D. (Author)551.321ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. The equilibrium state of the eastern half of the Ross Ice Shelf
Thomas, R.H.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 20, No. 84, 509-518
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.28ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Force, mass, and energy budgets of the Crary Ice Rise complex, Antarctica
In: Journal of Glaciology, 33, No. 114, 218-228
MacAYEAL, D.R. (Author)551.324ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. Ice elevation map of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, from balloon altimetry
LEVANON, N.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Nature, 278, No. 5707, 842-844
LEVANON, N. (Author)551.321ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. In-situ measurements of the activation energy for D.C. conduction in polar ice
Bentley, C.R.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 22, No. 87, 237-246
Bentley, C.R. (Author)551.322:537ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. Investigation of bottom mass-balance rates by electrical resistivity soundings on the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
SHABTAIE, S.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 24, No. 90, 331-043
SHABTAIE, S. (Author)551.322:537ArticleAdd To Basket
  13. Laboratory Antarctica: research contributions to global problems
WELLER, G.; Bentley, C.R.; Elliot, D.H.; Lanzerotti, L.J.; WEBBER, P.J.
In: Science, 238, No. 4832, 1361-1368
WELLER, G. (Author)001.891ArticleAdd To Basket
  14. Lateral density differences from seismic measurements at a site on the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
In: Journal of Glaciology, 24, No. 90, 309-312
KIRCHNER, J.F. (Author)551.321.62ArticleAdd To Basket
  15. Long-term climate changes from crystal growth
Alley, R.B.; PEREPEZKO, J.H.; Bentley, C.R.; Petit, J.R.; DUVAL, P.; LORIUS, C.
In: Nature, 332, No. 6165, 592-593
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.322ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 16. Magnetic and gravity maps of the Antarctic (1968)
Behrendt, J.C.; Bentley, C.R.
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Behrendt, J.C. (Author)550.8Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  17. A model for Holocene retreat of the west Antarctic ice sheet
Thomas, R.H.; Bentley, C.R.
In: Quaternary Research, 10, 150-170
Thomas, R.H. (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 18. Morphology of the earth in the Antarctic and subantarctic (1972)
Heezen, B.C.; THARP, M.; Bentley, C.R.
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Heezen, B.C. (Author)551.4Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  19. On thin ice?
In: Scientific American, 287, No. 6, 66-73
BINDSCHADLER, R.A. (Author)551.324.43ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. Oversnow traverse programs, Byrd and Ellsworth Stations, Antarctica, 1957-1958: seismology, gravity, and magnetism
THIEL, E.; Bentley, C.R.; OSTENSO, N.A.; Behrendt, J.C.
In: IGY Glaciological Report, No. 2, 138pp
THIEL, E. (Author)550.83ArticleAdd To Basket
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