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  1. 'European' ammonites in the Lower Cretaceous of Antarctica
Thomson, M.R.A.
In: Zitteliana. Series B. Abhandlung der Bayerischen Staatssammlung fur Palaontologie und Geologie, Zitteliana, No. 10, 407-412
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  2. 6th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences, Ranzan-machi, Japan, 9-13 September 1991. (Meeting report)
Thomson, M.R.A.
In: Antarctic Science, 3, No. 4, 457
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  3. Age of post-Gondwanian calc-alkaline volcanism in the Antarctic Peninsula region (1983)
Thomson, M.R.A.; Pankhurst, R.J.
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  4. Airborne and detrital volcanic material in the Lower Cretaceous sediments of south-eastern Alexander Island
Horne, R.R.; Thomson, M.R.A.
In: British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 29, 103-111
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  5. Ammonite faunas of south-eastern Alexander Island and their stratigraphical significance (1972)
Thomson, M.R.A.
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  6. Ammonite faunas of the Lower Cretaceous of south-eastern Alexander Island
Thomson, M.R.A.
In: British Antarctic Survey Scientific Reports, No. 80, 44pp
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  7. Ammonites of the genus Spiticeras from Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica - a biostratigraphical help or hindrance? (1996)
BENGTSON, I.S.; Thomson, M.R.A.
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  8. Angiosperm fossils from latitude 70oS
Thomson, M.R.A.; BURN, R.W.
In: Nature, 269, No. 5624, 139-141
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  9. An annotated bibliography of the paleontology of Lesser Antarctica and the Scotia Ridge
Thomson, M.R.A.
In: New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 20, No. 5, 865-904
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  10. Antarctic geoscience transect: AP2
Storey, B.C.; Butterworth, P.J.; Crame, J.A.; Harrison, S.M.; HOWLETT, P.J.; Macdonald, D.I.M.; Maslanyj, M.P.; Nell, P.A.R.; PIERCY, B.A.; Thomson, J.W.; Thomson, M.R.A.; TRANTER, T.H.; Wever, H.E.
In: Abstracts, 28th Geological Congress, Washington, D.C., July 9-19, 1989, 3, 187
Storey, B.C. (Author)551.242.23ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Antarctic geoscience: present status and future opportunities
Thomson, M.R.A.
In: Boletin de la Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural Seccion Geologica, 93, No. 1-4, 13-20
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  12. Antarctic invertebrate fossils: the Mesozoic-Cainozoic record (1991)
Thomson, M.R.A.
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  13. The Antarctic Peninsula - a Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic arc (review) (1983)
Thomson, M.R.A.; Pankhurst, R.J.; Clarkson, P.D.
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  14. Antarctic science: a British perspective
Drewry, D.J.; Barker, P.F.; Curry, F.G.; Gardiner, B.G.; Heywood, R.B.; Jarvis, M.J.; Paren, J.G.; Priddle, J.; Smith, G.J.; Thomson, M.R.A.; Walton, D.W.H.
In: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 18, No. 1, 15-34
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  15. Antarctica (1981)
Thomson, M.R.A.
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  16. Antarctica (1983)
Thomson, M.R.A.
Copies: 2
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  17. Antarctica: drilling for buried secrets
Hodgson, D.A.; Howe, J.A.; Thomson, M.R.A.; Mulvaney, R.
In: NERC News, Winter 1998, 17-21
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  18. Archaeocyathan limestone blocks of likely Antarctic origin in Gondwanan tillite from the Falkland Islands
Stone, P.; Thomson, M.R.A.
In: Terrane processes at the margins of Gondwana / edited by A.P.M. Vaughan, P.T. Leat and R.J. Pankhurst. London : Geological Society of London Special Publication 246. p. 347-357, p. 347-357
Stone, P. (Philip (BGS 1970-) (Author)BGS Staff Paper 04121Survey staff (external publication)Add To Basket
  19. The biodiversity of the deep Southern Ocean benthos
Brandt, A.; De Broyer, C.; De MESEL, I.; ELLINGSEN, K.E.; Gooday, A.J.; HILBIG, B.; Linse, K.; Thomson, M.R.A.; Tyler, P.A.
In: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B, 362, No. 1477, 39-66
Brandt, A. (Author)591.524.11ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. Campanian-Maastrichtian (Cretaceous) stratigraphy of the James Ross Island area, Antarctica
Crame, J.A.; Pirrie, D.; Riding, J.B.; Thomson, M.R.A.
In: Journal of the Geological Society, 148, Pt. 6, 1125-1140
Crame, J.A. (Author)551.763ArticleAdd To Basket
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