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  1. Australian Neoproterozoic palaeogeography, tectonics, and supercontinental connections
Walter, M.R.; Veevers, J.J.
In: AGSO Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics *, 17, No. 1, 73-92
Walter, M.R. (Author)551.8ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. Biogeochemistry of ancient and modern environments: proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on environmental biogeochemistry (ISEB) and , Conference on biogeochemistry in relation to the mining industry and environmental pollution (Leaching Conference), held in Canberra, Australia, 26 August - 4 September 1979 (1980)
Trudinger, P.A.; Walter, M.R.; Ralph, B.J.; International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry; Conference on Biogeochemistry in Relation to the Mining Industry and Environmental Pollution (Leaching Conference)
ISBN: 0387103031
Copies: 1
Trudinger, P.A. (Author)550.47Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  3. Evidence for low sulphate and anoxia in a mid-Proterozoic marine basin
SHEN, Y.; Knoll, A.H.; Walter, M.R.
In: Nature, 423, No. 6940, 632-635
SHEN, Y. (Author)552.533ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 4. Late Proterozoic and Cambrian microfossils and biostratigraphy, Amadeus Basin, central Australia (1992)
Zang, W.; Walter, M.R.
ISBN: 0949466115
Copies: 2
Zang, W. (Author)561.25/.26+563.1Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  5. Neoproterozoic biotic diversification: snowball Earth or aftermath of the Acraman impact?
GREY, K.; Walter, M.R.; CALVER, C.R.
In: Geology, 31, No. 5, 459-462
GREY, K. (Author)551.8ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Neoproterozoic tectonics of Australia-Antarctica and Laurentia and the 560 Ma birth of the Pacific Ocean reflect the 400 m.y. Pangean supercycle
Veevers, J.J.; Walter, M.R.; SCHEIBNER, E.
In: Journal of Geology, 105, No. 2, 225-242
Veevers, J.J. (Author)551.8ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 7. Proterozoic petroleum : Precambrian Research, v.54(1991), No.1
Walter, M.R.
ISBN: X780653792
Copies: 2
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