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  1. Antarctic analogues for Mars exploration: a Raman spectroscopic study of biogeological signatures (2004)
Edwards, H.G.M.; Moody, C.D.; Villar, S.E.J.; Dickensheets, D.L.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
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  2. Astrobiological instrumentation for Mars - the only way is down
ELLERY, A.A.; KOLB, C.; LAMMER, H.; Parnell, J.; Edwards, H.G.M.; RICHTER, L.; PATEL, M.R.; ROMSTEDT, J.; Dickensheets, D.L.; Steele, A.; COCKELL, C.S.
In: International Journal of Astrobiology, 1, No. 4, 365-380
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  3. Laser wavelength selection for Raman spectroscopy of microbial pigments in situ in Antarctic desert ecosystem analogues of former habitats on Mars
Edwards, H.G.M.; NEWTON, E.M.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; Dickensheets, D.L.; SCHOEN, C.; CROWDER, C.
In: International Journal of Astrobiology, 1, No. 4, 333-348
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  4. A novel miniature confocal microscope/Raman spectrometer system for biomolecular analysis on future Mars missions after Antarctic trials
Dickensheets, D.L.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; Edwards, H.G.M.; SCHOEN, C.; CROWDER, C.; NEWTON, E.M.
In: Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 31, 633-635
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  5. Raman spectroscopic detection of biomolecular markers from Antarctic materials: evaluation for putative Martian habitats
Edwards, H.G.M.; NEWTON, E.M.; Dickensheets, D.L.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 59, 2277-2290
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  6. The role of Raman spectroscopy as an astrobiological tool in the exploration of Mars
ELLERY, A.A.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; Parnell, J.; Edwards, H.G.M.; Dickensheets, D.L.
In: Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 35, 441-457
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  7. Vanguard - a European robotic astrobiology-focussed Mars sub-surface mission proposal
ELLERY, A.A.; BALL, A.J.; COCKELL, C.S.; Dickensheets, D.L.; Edwards, H.G.M.; KOLB, C.; LAMMER, H.; PATEL, M.R.; RICHTER, L.
In: Acta Astronautica, 56, 397-407
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  8. Vanguard - a proposed European astrobiology experiment on Mars
ELLERY, A.A.; COCKELL, C.S.; Edwards, H.G.M.; Dickensheets, D.L.; WELCH, C.S.
In: International Journal of Astrobiology, 1, No. 3, 191-199
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