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  1. Antarctic Climate Evolution (ACE) research initiative (2003)
FLORINDO, F.; DUNBAR, R.B.; Siegert, M.J.; DeCONTO, R.M.; Barrett, P.J.; Cooper, A.K.; ESCUTIA, C.; JANECEK, T.R.; Larter, R.D.; Naish, T.R.; Powell, R.D.
Copies: 2
FLORINDO, F. (Author)551.583.7ChapterAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. Antarctic climate evolution (2009)
FLORINDO, F.; Siegert, M.J.
ISBN: 9780444528476
Copies: 1
FLORINDO, F. (Editor)551.583.7Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 3. Antarctic subglacial aquatic environments (2011)
Siegert, M.J.; Kennicutt, M.C.; BINDSCHADLER, R.A.
ISBN: 978-0-87590-482-5
Copies: 1
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Reserve a copy 4. Antarctic subglacial lake exploration : first results and future plans (2016)
Siegert, M.J.; Priscu, J.; Alekhina, I.; Wadham, J.L.; Lyons, W.B.
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  5. Basal conditions beneath enhanced-flow tributaries of Slessor Glacier, East Antarctica
Rippin, D.M.; BAMBER, J.L.; Siegert, M.J.; Vaughan, D.G.; CORR, H.F.J.
In: Journal of Glaciology, 52, No. 179, 481-490
Rippin, D.M. (Author)551.321.61ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Basal topography and ice flow in the Bailey/Slessor region of East Antarctica
Rippin, D.M.; BAMBER, J.L.; Siegert, M.J.; Vaughan, D.G.; CORR, H.F.J.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 108, No. F1, 6008, doi:10.1029/2003JF000039, 11pp
Rippin, D.M. (Author)551.321.61ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. Calculating basal temperatures in ice sheets: an Excel spreadsheet method
Glasser, N.F.; Siegert, M.J.
In: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 27, 673-680
Glasser, N.F. (Neil F.) (Author)551.324.412ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. Clean access, measurement, and sampling of Ellsworth Subglacial Lake: a method for exploring deep Antarctic subglacial lake environments
Siegert, M.J.; Clarke, R.J.; MOWLEM, M.; Ross, N.; Hill, C.S.; TAIT, A.; Hodgson, D.A.; Parnell, J.; Tranter, M.; Pearce, D.A.; Bentley, M.J.; COCKELL, C.; Tsaloglou, M.-N.; Smith, A.M.; Woodward, J.; Brito, M.P.; Waugh, E.
In: Reviews of Geophysics, 50, No. 1, RG1003, 40p.
Siegert, M.J. (Author)556.55ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. The dimensions and topographic setting of Antarctic subglacial lakes and implications for large-scale water storage beneath continental ice sheets
Dowdeswell, J.A.; Siegert, M.J.
In: Geological Society of America Bulletin, 111, No. 2, 254-263
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  10. East Antarctic ice stream tributary underlain by major sedimentary basin
BAMBER, J.L.; Ferraccioli, F.; JOUGHIN, I.; Shepherd, T.J.; Rippin, D.M.; Siegert, M.J.; Vaughan, D.G.
In: Geology, 34, No. 1, 33-36
BAMBER, J.L. (Author)550.83ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Evidence for a large surface ablation zone in central East Antarctica during the last Ice Age
Siegert, M.J.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; HAMILTON, G.S.
In: Quaternary Research, 59, No. 1, 114-121
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  12. Exploration of Ellsworth Subglacial Lake: a concept paper on the development, organisation and execution of an experiment to explore, measure and sample the environment of a West Antarctic subglacial lake
LAKE ELLSWORTH CONSORTIUM; Siegert, M.J.; BEHAR, A.; Bentley, M.; Blake, D.; Bowden, S.; CHRISTOFFERSEN, P.; COCKELL, C.; CORR, H.; Cullen, D.C.; Edwards, H.; Ellery, A.; Ellis-Evans, J.C.; Griffiths, G.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; Hodgson, D.A.; King, E.C.; LAMB, H.; Lane, L.; MAKINSON, K.; MOWLEM, M.; Parnell, J.; Pearce, D.A.; Priscu, J.; RIVERA, A.; SEPHTON, M.A.; Sims, M.R; Smith, A.M.; Tranter, M.; Wadham, J.L.; Wilson, G.; Woodward, J.
In: Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology, 6, No. 2-3, 161-179
LAKE ELLSWORTH CONSORTIUM (Corporate Author)556.55ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 13. Exploration of subsurface Antarctica : uncovering past changes and modern processes (2018)
Siegert, M.J.; Jamieson, S.S.R.; White, D.A.
ISBN: 9781786203229
Copies: 2
Siegert, M.J. (Editor)00865Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  14. Holocene stability of the Amundsen-Weddell ice divide, West Antarctica
Ross, N.; Siegert, M.J.; Woodward, J.; Smith, A.M.; CORR, H.F.J.; Bentley, M.J.; Hindmarsh, R.C.A.; King, E.C.; RIVERA, A.
In: Geology, 39, No. 10, 935-938
Ross, N. (Author)551.336ArticleAdd To Basket
  15. The hydrochemistry of Lake Vostok and the potential for life in Antarctic subglacial lakes
Siegert, M.J.; Tranter, M.; Ellis-Evans, J.C.; PRISCU, J.C.; Lyons, W.B.
In: Hydrological Processes, 17, No. 4, 795-814
Siegert, M.J. (Author)556.551.4ArticleAdd To Basket
  16. Ice flow direction change in interior West Antarctica
In: Science, 305, No. 5692, 1948-1951
Siegert, M.J. (Author)551.324.5ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 17. Ice sheets and Late Quaternary environmental change (2001)
Siegert, M.J.
ISBN: 0471985708
Copies: 1
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  18. Ice-sheet numerical modeling and marine geophysical measurements of glacier-derived sedimentation on the Eurasian Arctic continental margins
Dowdeswell, J.A.; Siegert, M.J.
In: Geological Society of America Bulletin, 111, No. 7, 1080-1097
Dowdeswell, J.A. (Author)552.521(26)ArticleAdd To Basket
  19. An international plan for Antarctic subglacial lake exploration
PRISCU, J.C.; BELL, R.E.; BULAT, S.A.; Ellis-Evans, J.C.; Kennicutt, M.C.; LUKIN, V.V.; Petit, J.R.; Powell, R.D.; Siegert, M.J.; TABACCO, I.
In: Polar Geography, 27, No. 1, 69-83
PRISCU, J.C. (Author)556.55ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. An inventory of Antarctic sub-glacial lakes
Siegert, M.J.; Dowdeswell, J.A.; GORMAN, M.R.; McIntyre, N.F.
In: Antarctic Science, 8, No. 3, 281-286
Siegert, M.J. (Author)556.55ArticleAdd To Basket
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