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  1. The Blackstones Bank igneous complex: geochemistry and crustal context of a submerged Tertiary igneous centre in the Scottish Hebrides
In: Geological Magazine, 139, No. 2, 199-207
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  2. Compositionally-diverse Miocene-Recent rift-related magmatism in northwest Colorado: partial melting, and mixing of mafic magmas from 3 different asthenospheric and lithospheric mantle sources (1988)
Leat, P.T.; Thompson, R.N.; Morrison, M.A.; Hendry, G.L.; DICKIN, A.P.
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  3. Early Cretaceous basalt and picrite dykes of the southern Etendeka region, NW Namibia: windows into the role of the Tristan mantle plume in Parana-Etendeka magmatism
Thompson, R.N.; Gibson, S.A.; DICKIN, A.P.; Smith, P.M.
In: Journal of Petrology, 42, No. 11, 2049-2081
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  4. Ferropicrites: geochemical evidence for Fe-rich streaks in upwelling mantle plumes
Gibson, S.A.; Thompson, R.N.; DICKIN, A.P.
In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters (BAS), 174, No. 3-4, 355-374
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  5. High-Ti and low-Ti mafic potassic magmas: key to plume-lithosphere interactions and continental flood-basalt genesis
Gibson, S.A.; Thompson, R.N.; DICKIN, A.P.; Leonardos, O.H.
In: Earth and Planetary Science Letters (BAS), 136, No. 3-4, 149-165
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  6. Late Cretaceous rift-related upwelling and melting of the Trinidade starting mantle plume head beneath western Brazil
Gibson, S.A.; Thompson, R.N.; WESKA, R.K.; DICKIN, A.P.; Leonardos, O.H.
In: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology (BAS), 126, No. 3, 303-314
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  7. The limited extent of plume-lithosphere interactions during continental flood-basalt genesis: geochemical evidence from Cretaceous magmatism in southern Brazil
Gibson, S.A.; Thompson, R.N.; Leonardos, O.H.; DICKIN, A.P.; Mitchell, J.G.
In: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology (BAS), 137, No. 1-2, 147-169
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  8. Mantle dynamics: a Nd, Sr, Pb and O isotopic study of the Cameroon line volcanic chain
Halliday, A.N.; DICKIN, A.P.; Fallick, A.E.; Fitton, J.G.
In: Journal of Petrology, 29, Pt. 1, 181-211
Halliday, A.N. (BGS) (Author)552.33ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Petrogenesis of Proterozoic lamproites and kimberlites from the Cuddapah Basin and Dharwar Craton, southern India
CHALAPATHI RAO, N.V.; Gibson, S.A.; Pyle, D.M.; DICKIN, A.P.
In: Journal of Petrology, 45, No. 5, 907-948
CHALAPATHI RAO, N.V. (Author)552.32ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. Source of the Quaternary alkalic basalts, picrites and basanites of the Potrillo Volcanic Field, New Mexico, USA: lithosphere or convecting mantle?
Thompson, R.N.; Ottley, C.J.; Smith, P.M.; Pearson, D.G.; DICKIN, A.P.; Morrison, M.A.; Leat, P.T.; Gibson, S.A.
In: Journal of Petrology, 46, No. 8, 1603-1643
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