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  1. Astronomical pacing of late Palaeocene to early Eocene global warming events
LOURENS, L.J.; SLUIJS, A.; Kroon, D.; Zachos, J.C.; Thomas, E.; ROHL, U.; Bowles, J.; Raffi, I.
In: Nature, 435, No. 7045, 1083-1087
LOURENS, L.J. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
Reserve a copy 2. Causes and consequences of globally warm climates in the Early Paleogene (2003)
Wing, S.L.; Schmitz, B.; Gingerich, P.D.; Thomas, E.
ISBN: 0813723698
Copies: 2
Wing, S.L. (Editor)07501Books/MonographsAdd To Basket
  3. Cenozoic deep-sea benthic foraminifers: tracers for changes in oceanic productivity?
Thomas, E.; Gooday, A.J.
In: Geology, 24, No. 4, 355-358
Thomas, E. (Author)563.12ArticleAdd To Basket
  4. Cenozoic deep-sea circulation: evidence from deep-sea benthic foraminifera
Thomas, E.
In: Antarctic Research Series, 56, 141-165
Thomas, E. (Author)551.461.8ArticleAdd To Basket
  5. Equatorial Pacific deep-sea benthic foraminifera: faunal changes before the middle Miocene polar cooling
Thomas, E.; VINCENT, E.
In: Geology, 15, No. 11, 1035-1039
Thomas, E. (Author)563.12ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Glacial northeast Atlantic surface water pCO2: productivity and deep-water formation
Maslin, M.; Thomas, E.; Shackleton, N.J.; Hall, M.A.; SEIDOV, D.
In: Marine Geology, 144, No. 1-3, 177-190
Maslin, M. (Mark) (Author)551.461.8ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. Indian Ocean high-productivity event (10-8 Ma): linked to global cooling or to the initiation of the Indian monsoons?
GUPTA, A.K.; SINGH, R.K.; JOSEPH, S.; Thomas, E.
In: Geology, 32, No. 9, 753-756
GUPTA, A.K. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. Observed 20th century desert dust variability: impact on climate and biogeochemistry
MAHOWALD, N.M.; Kloster, S.; Engelstaedter, S.; MOORE, J.K.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; McConnell, J.R.; Albani, S.; DONEY, S.C.; Bhattacharya, A.; CURRAN, M.A.J.; Flanner, M.G.; Hoffman, F.M.; Lawrence, D.M.; Lindsay, K.; Mayewski, P.A.; Neff, J.; Rothenberg, D.; Thomas, E.; Thornton, P.E.; Zender, C.S.
In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10, No. 22, 10875-10893
MAHOWALD, N.M. (Author)551.510.42ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. Origin, signature and palaeoclimatic influence of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
Barker, P.F.; Thomas, E.
In: Earth-Science Reviews, 66, 143-162
Barker, P.F. (Author)551.465.5ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. Warming the fuel for the fire: evidence for the thermal dissociation of methane hydrate during the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum
THOMAS, D.J.; Zachos, J.C.; Bralower, T.J.; Thomas, E.; Bohaty, S.
In: Geology, 30, No. 12, 1067-1070
THOMAS, D.J. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
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