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  1. Analysis of counts from monitoring guillemots in Britain and Ireland
Rothery, P (Peter); Wanless, S.; Harris, M.P.
In: Journal of Animal Ecology, 57, No. 1, 1-19
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  2. Annual variation in diets, feeding locations and foraging behaviour of gannets in the North Sea: flexibility , consistency and constraint
Hamer, K.C.; HUMPHREYS, E.M.; GARTHE, S.; HENNICKE, J.; PETERS, G.; GREMILLET, D.; Phillips, R.A.; Harris, M.P.; Wanless, S.
In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 338, 295-305
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  3. At-sea activity budgets of a pursuit-diving seabird monitored by radiotelemetry (1992)
Wanless, S.; Harris, M.P.
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  4. Behavior of alcids with tail-mounted radio transmitters
Wanless, S.; Harris, M.P.; MORRIS, J.A.
In: Colonial Waterbirds, 12, No. 2, 158-163
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  5. Black-browed albatrosses, international fisheries and the Patagonian Shelf
GREMILLET, D.; Wilson, R.P.; Wanless, S.; CHATER, T.
In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 195, 269-280
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  6. Blood hematocrit measurements of 4 species of North Atlantic seabirds in relation to levels of infestation by the tick Ixodes uriae
Wanless, S.; BARTON, T.R.; Harris, M.P.
In: Colonial Waterbirds, 20, No. 3, 540-544
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  7. Breeding success of British kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla in 1986-1988: evidence for changing conditions in the northern North Sea
Harris, M.P.; Wanless, S.
In: Journal of Animal Ecology, 27, 172-187
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  8. Contrasting foraging strategies of gannets Morus bassanus at two North Atlantic colonies: foraging trip duration and foraging area fidelity
Hamer, K.C.; Phillips, R.A.; HILL, J.K.; Wanless, S.; WOOD, A.G.
In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 224, 283-290
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  9. Detection of annual changes in the numbers of cliff-nesting seabirds in Orkney 1976-80
Wanless, S.; FRENCH, D.D.; Harris, M.P.; LANGSLOW, D.R.
In: Journal of Animal Ecology, 51, 785-795
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  10. The diet of shags Phalacrocorax aristotelis during the chick-rearing period assessed by three methods
Harris, M.P.; Wanless, S.
In: Bird Study, 40, 135-139
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  11. Diving behaviour and diet of the blue-eyed shag at South Georgia
Wanless, S.; Harris, M.P.; MORRIS, J.A.
In: Polar Biology, 12, No. 8, 713-719
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  12. Diving behaviour of guillemot Uria aalge, puffin Fratercula arctica and razorbill Alca torda as shown by radio-telemetry
Wanless, S.; MORRIS, J.A.; Harris, M.P.
In: Journal of Zoology, 216, Pt. 1, 73-81
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  13. Diving depths of shags Phalacrocorax aristotelis breeding on the Isle of May
Wanless, S.; BURGER, A.E.; Harris, M.P.
In: Ibis, 133, No. 1, 37-42
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  14. The effect of radio transmitters on the behavior of common murres and razorbills during chick rearing
Wanless, S.; Harris, M.P.; MORRIS, J.A.
In: Condor, 90, No. 4, 816-823
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  15. Effect of the diel light cycle on the diving behaviour of two bottom feeding marine birds: the blue-eyed shag Phalacrocorax atriceps and the European shag P. aristotelis
Wanless, S.; FINNEY, S.K.; Harris, M.P.; McCAFFERTY, D.J.
In: Marine Ecology Progress Series, 188, 219-224
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  16. The effect of weather conditions on the feeding behaviour of a diving bird, the common guillemot Uria aalge
FINNEY, S.K.; Wanless, S.; Harris, M.P.
In: Journal of Avian Biology, 30, No. 1, 23-30
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  17. The effects of disturbance on survival, age and weight of young guillemots Uria aalge
Harris, M.P.; Wanless, S.
In: Seabird, No. 7, 42-46
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  18. Effects of prey abundance on the foraging behaviour, diving efficiency and time allocation of breeding guillemots Uria aalge
Monaghan, P.; WALTON, P.; Wanless, S.; UTTLEY, J.D.; BURNS, M.D.
In: Ibis, 136, No. 2, 214-222
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  19. Evidence of intra-specific competition for food in a pelagic seabird
Lewis, S.; SHERRATT, T.N.; Hamer, K.C.; Wanless, S.
In: Nature, 412, No. 6849, 816-819
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  20. Extrinsic and intrinsic determinants of winter foraging and breeding phenology in a temperate seabird
DAUNT, F.; AFANASYEV, V.; Silk, J.R.D.; Wanless, S.
In: Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 59, No. 3, 381-388
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