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  1. Animals as exploratory underwater vehicles (2008)
BOEHME, L.; BIUW, M.; FEDAK, M.A.; Nicholls, K.W.; Thorpe, S.E.; Meredith, M.P.
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  2. Antarctic Circumpolar Current frontal system in the South Atlantic: monitoring using merged Argo and animal-borne sensor data
BOEHME, L.; Meredith, M.P.; Thorpe, S.E.; BIUW, M.; FEDAK, M.A.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 113, No. C9, C09012, doi:10.1029/2007JC004647, 19p
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  3. Assessment of Argos location accuracy from satellite tags deployed on captive gray seals
Vincent, C.; McConnell, B.J.; RIDOUX, V.; FEDAK, M.A.
In: Marine Mammal Science, 18, No. 1, 156-166
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  4. Attachment of a radio tag to the fur of seals
In: Notes from the Mammal Society, No. 46, 298-300
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  5. Biomass and energy consumption of the South Georgia population of southern elephant seals (1994)
Boyd, I.L.; Arnbom, T.; FEDAK, M.A.
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  6. Cephalopod prey of the southern elephant seal, Mirounga leonina L.
Rodhouse, P.G.; Arnbom, T.; FEDAK, M.A.; YEATMAN, J.; MURRAY, A.W.A.
In: Canadian Journal of Zoology - 70, 1007-1015
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  7. Consequences of maternal size for reproductive expenditure and pupping success of grey seals at North Rona, Scotland
POMEROY, P.P.; FEDAK, M.A.; Rothery, P (Peter); ANDERSON, S.S.
In: Journal of Animal Ecology, 68, No. 1, 235-253
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  8. Diurnal and seasonal variations in the duration and depth of the longest dives in southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina): possible physiological and behavioural constraints
BENNETT, K.A.; McConnell, B.J.; FEDAK, M.A.
In: Journal of Experimental Biology, 204, No. 4, 649-662
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  9. The energetics of lactation in southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina in relation to the mother's size (1989)
FEDAK, M.A.; Boyd, I.L.; Arnbom, T.; McCann, T.S.
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  10. Energy expenditure for thermoregulation and locomotion in emperor penguins
In: American Journal of Physiology, 231, No. 3, 903-912
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  11. Environmental and physiological determinants of successful foraging by naive southern elephant seal pups during their first trip to sea
HINDELL, M.A.; McConnell, B.J.; FEDAK, M.A.; SLIP, D.J.; Burton, H.R.; REIJNDERS, P.J.H.; McMAHON, C.R.
HINDELL, M.A. (Author)599.745.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. Expenditure, investment, and acquisition of energy in southern elephant seals (1994)
FEDAK, M.A.; Arnbom, T.; McConnell, B.J.; CHAMBERS, C.; Boyd, I.L.; HARWOOD, J.; McCann, T.S.
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  13. Factors affecting maternal expenditure in southern elephant seals during lactation
Arnbom, T.; FEDAK, M.A.; Boyd, I.L.
In: Ecology, 78, No. 2, 471-483
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  14. Foraging ecology of southern elephant seals in relation to the bathymetry and productivity of the Southern Ocean
McConnell, B.J.; CHAMBERS, C.; FEDAK, M.A.
In: Antarctic Science, 4, No. 4, 393-398
McConnell, B.J. (Author)599.745.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  15. Gas exchange of captive freely diving grey seals (Halichoerus grypus)
In: Journal of Experimental Biology, 191
REED, J.Z. (Author)599.745.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  16. Grey seal, Halichoerus grypus, energetics: females invest more in male offspring
In: Journal of Zoology, 211, Pt. 4, 667-679
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  17. Measurement of the body composition of living gray seals by hydrogen isotope dilution
In: Journal of Applied Physiology, 69, No. 3, 885-891
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  18. Monitoring Drake Passage with elephant seals: frontal structures and snapshots of transport
BOEHME, L.; Thorpe, S.E.; BIUW, M.; FEDAK, M.A.; Meredith, M.P.
In: Limnology and Oceanography, 53, No. 5, Pt. 2, 2350-2360
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  19. Movements and foraging areas of naive, recently weaned southern elephant seal pups
McConnell, B.J.; FEDAK, M.A.; Burton, H.R.; ENGELHARD, G.H.; REIJNDERS, P.J.H.
In: Journal of Animal Ecology, 71, 65-78
McConnell, B.J. (Author)599.745.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. Movements of southern elephant seals
McConnell, B.J.; FEDAK, M.A.
McConnell, B.J. (Author)599.745.3ArticleAdd To Basket
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