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  1. Abrupt increase in Greenland snow accumulation at the end of the Younger Dryas event
Alley, R.B.; MEESE, D.A.; SHUMAN, C.A.; and 8 others
In: Nature, 362, No. 6420, 527-529
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.336ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. Changes in the West Antarctic ice sheet
Alley, R.B.; Whillans, I.M.
In: Science, 254, No. 5034, 959-963
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  3. Comparison of deep ice cores
In: Nature, 373, No. 6513, 393-394
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.322ArticleAdd To Basket
  4. Densification and recrystallization of firn at Dome C, East Antarctica
Alley, R.B.
In: Report. Institute of Polar Studies, No. 77, 62pp
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.578.463ArticleAdd To Basket
  5. Dominant influence of atmospheric circulation on snow accumulation in Greenland over the past 18,000 years
KAPSNER, W.R.; Alley, R.B.; SHUMAN, C.A.; Anandakrishnan, S.; GROOTES, P.M.
In: Nature, 373, No. 6509, 52-54
KAPSNER, W.R. (Author)551.324.431ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Electrical conductivity measurements from the GISP2 and GRIP Greenland ice cores
TAYLOR, K.C.; HAMMER, C.U.; Alley, R.B.; Moore, J.C.
In: Nature, 366, No. 6455, 549-552
TAYLOR, K.C. (Author)551.322:537ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. Extensive storage of basal meltwater in the onset region of a major West Antarctic ice stream
PETERS, L.E.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Alley, R.B.; Smith, A.M.
In: Geology, 35, No. 3, 251-254
PETERS, L.E. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. Fabrics in polar ice sheets: development and prediction
Alley, R.B.
In: Science, 240, No. 4851, 493-495
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.324.24ArticleAdd To Basket
  9. History of sea ice in the Arctic
Polyak, L.; Alley, R.B.; Andrews, J.T.; BRIGHAM-GRETTE, J.; Cronin, T.M.; DARBY, D.A.; DYKE, A.; FITZPATRICK, J.J.; FUNDER, S.; Holland, M.; JENNINGS, A.E.; MILLER, G.H.; O'Regan, M.; SAVELLE, J.; SERREZE, M.; St John, K.; WHITE, J.W.C.; Wolff, E.W.
In: Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, No. 15-16, 1757-1778
Polyak, L. (Author)551.326.7ArticleAdd To Basket
  10. The Holocene-Younger Dryas transition recorded at Summit, Greenland
TAYLOR, K.C.; Mayewski, P.A.; Alley, R.B.
In: Science, 278, No. 5339, 825-827
TAYLOR, K.C. (Author)551.322:54ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Ice core records of atmospheric N2O covering the last 106,000 years
In: Science, 301, No. 5635, 945-948
SOWERS, T. (Author)551.324.82ArticleAdd To Basket
  12. Ice-sheet and sea-level changes
Alley, R.B.; Clark, P.U.; HUYBRECHTS, P.; JOUGHIN, I.
In: Science, 310, No. 5747, 456-460
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.324.43ArticleAdd To Basket
  13. Influence of subglacial geology on the position of a West Antarctic ice stream from seismic observations
Anandakrishnan, S.; BLANKENSHIP, D.D.; Alley, R.B.; Stoffa, P.L.
In: Nature, 394, No. 6688, 62-65
Anandakrishnan, S. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  14. Long-term climate changes from crystal growth
Alley, R.B.; PEREPEZKO, J.H.; Bentley, C.R.; Petit, J.R.; DUVAL, P.; LORIUS, C.
In: Nature, 332, No. 6165, 592-593
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.322ArticleAdd To Basket
  15. A non-steady ice-sheet model incorporating longitudinal stresses
Alley, R.B.
In: Report. Institute of Polar Studies, No. 84, 100pp
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  16. Paleoclimatic evidence for future ice-sheet instability and rapid sea-level rise
Overpeck, J.T.; OTTO-BLIESNER, B.L.; MILLER, G.H.; MUHS, D.R.; Alley, R.B.; KIEHL, J.T.
In: Science, 311, No. 5768, 1747-1750
Overpeck, J.T. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
  17. Rheology of glacier ice
JEZEK, K.C.; Alley, R.B.; Thomas, R.H.
In: Science, 227, No. 4692, 1335-1337
JEZEK, K.C. (Author)551.324.51ArticleAdd To Basket
  18. Stabilizing feedbacks in glacier-bed erosion
Alley, R.B.; Lawson, D.E.; LARSON, G.J.; Evenson, E.B.; BAKER, G.S.
In: Nature, 424, No. 6950, 758-760
Alley, R.B. (Richard B.) (Author)551.331ArticleAdd To Basket
  19. Subglacial sediments as a control on the onset and location of two Siple Coast ice streams, West Antarctica
PETERS, L.E.; Anandakrishnan, S.; Alley, R.B.; WINBERRY, J.P.; VOIGT, D.E.; Smith, A.M.; MORSE, D.L.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, No. B1, B01302, doi:10.1029/2005JB003766, 14pp
PETERS, L.E. (Author)551.324.29ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. Temperature and precipitation history of the Arctic
MILLER, G.H.; BRIGHAM-GRETTE, J.; Alley, R.B.; ANDERSON, L.; BAUCH, H.A.; DOUGLAS, M.S.V.; EDWARDS, M.E.; Elias, S.A.; FINNEY, B.P.; FITZPATRICK, J.J.; FUNDER, S.V.; HERBERT, T.D.; HINZMAN, L.D.; KAUFMAN, D.S.; Macdonald, G.M.; Polyak, L.; ROBOCK, A.; Serreze, M.C.; SMOL, J.P.; SPIELHAGEN, R.; WHITE, J.W.C.; Wolfe, A.P.; Wolff, E.W.
In: Quaternary Science Reviews, 29, No. 15-16, 1679-1715
MILLER, G.H. (Author)551.583.7ArticleAdd To Basket
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