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  1. An attempt to revisit the global biogeography of limno-terrestrial Tardigrada
McInnes, S.J.; PUGH, P.J.A.
In: Journal of Limnology, 66, Suppl. 1, 90-96
McInnes, S.J. (Author)595.412ArticleAdd To Basket
  2. Biodiversity and biogeography of Southern Ocean pycnogonids
In: Ecography, 34, No. 4, 616-627
GRIFFITHS, H.J. (Author)595.315.6ArticleAdd To Basket
  3. Biogeography of limno-terrestrial Tardigrada, with particular reference to the Antarctic fauna
McInnes, S.J.; PUGH, P.J.A.
In: Journal of Biogeography, 25, 31-36
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  4. Breeding distribution of the snow petrel Pagodroma nivea
Croxall, J.P.; STEELE, W.K.; McInnes, S.J.; Prince, P.A.
In: Marine Ornithology, 23, No. 2, 69-99
Croxall, J.P. (Author)598.421.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  5. Cryo-preparation of small or lightly attached biological specimens
ROBINSON, K.; PUGH, P.J.A.; McInnes, S.J.; LLEWELLYN, P.J.; Shackley, S.E.
In: Microscopy and Analysis, No. 56, 13
ROBINSON, K. (Author)59.086ArticleAdd To Basket
  6. Echiniscus corrugicaudatus (Heterotardigrada; Echiniscidae) a new species from Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
McInnes, S.J.
In: Polar Biology, 33, No. 1, 59-70
McInnes, S.J. (Author)595.412ArticleAdd To Basket
  7. European bounty for taxonomists
Fontaine, B.; Van Achterberg, K.; Et al; McInnes, S.J.; Et al
In: Nature, 468, No. 7322, 377
Fontaine, B. (Author)592/599ArticleAdd To Basket
  8. Exceptional tardigrade-dominated ecosystems in Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
Convey, P.; McInnes, S.J.
In: Ecology, 86, No. 2, 519-527
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  9. Global diversity of tardigrades (Tardigrada) in freshwater
GAREY, J.R.; McInnes, S.J.; NICHOLS, P.B.
In: Hydrobiologia, 595, 101-106
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  10. Hexapodibius boothi sp. n., a new species of semi-terrestrial tardigrade from the Maritime Antarctic
DASTYCH, H.; McInnes, S.J.
In: Entomologische Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum Hamburg, 11, No. 149, 111-117
DASTYCH, H. (Author)595.412ArticleAdd To Basket
  11. Is it real?
McInnes, S.J.
In: Zoologischer Anzeiger, 240, 467-469
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  12. The limnology and biology of the Dufek Massif, Transantarctic Mountains 82 degrees South
Hodgson, D.A.; Convey, P.; Verleyen, E.; Vyverman, W.; McInnes, S.J.; SANDS, C.J.; FERNANDEZ-CARAZO, R.; WILMOTTE, A.; De WEVER, A.; PEETERS, K.; TAVERNIER, I.; WILLEMS, A.
In: Polar Science, 4, No. 2, 197-214
Hodgson, D.A. (Author)582.232ArticleAdd To Basket
  13. Low life in Low Lake, a freshwater pool at Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica
Dartnall, H.J.G.; SCOTT, F.J.; McInnes, S.J.
In: Quekett Journal of Microscopy, 40, 389-395
Dartnall, H.J.G. (Author)574.5(28)ArticleAdd To Basket
  14. Low temperature SEM: how eggs of a tardigrade respond to humidity changes
McInnes, S.J.; PUGH, P.J.A.; ROBINSON, K.
In: Microscopy and Analysis, No. 59, 38-39
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  15. Micro-invertebrate community structure within a maritime Antarctic lake
McInnes, S.J.; Ellis-Evans, J.C.
In: Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Polar Biology, No. 3, 179-189
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  16. Milnesium cfr. tardigradum (Milnesiidae, Apochela, Tardigrada): a monitor of high altitude meiofauna on sub-Antarctic Marion Island
McInnes, S.J.; Chown, S.L.; Dartnall, H.J.G.; PUGH, P.J.A.
In: Zoologischer Anzeiger, 240, 461-465
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  17. A new species of the genus Diphascon (Tardigrada) from the maritime Antarctic
DASTYCH, H.; McInnes, S.J.
In: Entomologische Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum Hamburg, 12, No. 153, 35-41
DASTYCH, H. (Author)595.412ArticleAdd To Basket
  18. The non-marine Crustacea of Antarctica and the islands of the Southern Ocean: biodiversity and biogeography
PUGH, P.J.A.; Dartnall, H.J.G.; McInnes, S.J.
In: Journal of Natural History (BAS), 36, 1047-1103
PUGH, P.J.A. (Author)595.3ArticleAdd To Basket
  19. The non-marine invertebrate fauna of Deception Island (Maritime Antarctic): a baseline for a comprehensive biodiversity database
Downie, R.H.; Convey, P.; McInnes, S.J.; PUGH, P.J.A.
In: Polar Record, 36, No. 199, 297-304
Downie, R.H. (Author)592ArticleAdd To Basket
  20. Notes on tardigrades from the Pyrenees, including one new species
McInnes, S.J.
In: Pedobiologia, 35, No. 1, 11-26
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