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  1. (Obituary of John Hamilton)
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Polar Record, 30, No. 173, 155-156
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  2. Aerobic endospore-forming bacteria from geothermal environments in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, and Candlemas Island, South Sandwich archipelago, with the proposal of Bacillus fumarioli sp. nov
LOGAN, N.A.; LEBBE, L.; HOSTE, B.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 50, 1741-1753
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  3. Aerobiological samplers currently in use (1992)
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
Copies: 1
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  4. Aerobiology and colonization in Antarctica - the BIOTAS Programme
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Grana, 30, 380-393
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  5. Ambient air levels and atmospheric long-range transport of persistent organochlorines to Signy Island, Antarctica
Kallenborn, R.; OEHME, M.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; SCHLABACH, M.; Harris, J.
In: Science of the total environment, 220, 167-180
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  6. Antarctic analogues for Mars exploration: a Raman spectroscopic study of biogeological signatures (2004)
Edwards, H.G.M.; Moody, C.D.; Villar, S.E.J.; Dickensheets, D.L.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
Copies: 1
Edwards, H.G.M. (Author)57.086ChapterAdd To Basket
  7. Antarctic ecosystems as models for extraterrestrial surface habitats
Wynn-Williams, D.D.; Edwards, H.G.M.
In: Planetary and Space Science, 48, 1065-1075
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Reserve a copy 8. Antarctic microbial diversity. A special issue of Biodiversity and Conservation (1996)
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
Copies: 3
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  9. Antarctic microbial diversity: the basis of polar ecosystem processes
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Biodiversity and Conservation, 5, No. 11, 1271-1293
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  10. Antarctic soil nematode response to artificial climate amelioration
Convey, P.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: European Journal of Soil Biology, 38, 255-259
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  11. Antarctica as a model for ancient Mars (1999)
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
Copies: 1
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  12. The application of image analysis to natural terrestrial ecosystems
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Binary, 2, 15-20
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  13. Attachment and growth of Antarctic soil cyanobacteria and algae on natural and artificial substrata
DAVEY, M.C.; DAVIDSON, H.P.B.; RICHARD, K.J.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 23, No. 2, 185-191
DAVEY, M.C. (Author)582.232ArticleAdd To Basket
  14. BAS. Greater international involvement in BAS programme
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: Antarctic, 11, No. 8, 332-337
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  15. Biological experiments on the EXPOSE facility of the International Space Station (1999)
HORNECK, G.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; MANCINELLI, R.L.
Copies: 1
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  16. Biological modification of haematite in Antarctic cryptoendolithic communities
Edwards, H.G.M.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.; Villar, S.E.J.
In: Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 35, 470-474
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  17. The biota of a lateral moraine and hinterland of the Blue Glacier,south Victoria Land, Antarctica
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: British Antarctic Survey Bulletin, No. 66, 1-5
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Reserve a copy 18. BIOTAS manual of methods for Antarctic terrestrial and freshwater research (1992)
Wynn-Williams, D.D.
ISBN: 0948277130
Copies: 1
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  19. Biotex 1 at Terra Nova Bay, 1995/96. The first BIOTAS international expedition comes to fruition
Smith, R.I.L.; Wynn-Williams, D.D.
In: BIOTAS Newsletter, No. 10, 5-7
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  20. Brines in seepage channels as eluants for subsurface relict biomolecules on Mars?
Wynn-Williams, D.D.; CABROL, N.A.; GRIN, E.A.; HABERLE, R.M.; Stoker, C.R.
In: Astrobiology, 1, No. 2, 165-184
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